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I really liked this request so have some sketchbook doodlins? :)

I super love Rosy Higgins’ Spidey redesign, and I think an iteration of it would fit nicely with CA:CW’s Spidey: a Peter who’s already established, already fighting crime, but maybe doesn’t have all the high-tech resources to make an MCU-worthy suit. So he bounces around in tons of layers and whatever the heck he thinks makes him look cool, like a typical high-schooler would do. And then once he gets picked up by Cap and the team he gets a proper suit. Said proper suit would be a bear to design though…the Spidey suit is so iconic, it’d be hard to change it without losing that authenticity. So I just added a little Avengers logo and some additional paneling, ‘cause you can’t mess with a Spidey suit :)

OMG thank you guys so much for sending me so many asks regarding the meme I posted last night! I am especially delighted about the two Barbara Kean x Fem Reader and the one Edward Nygma x Male Reader asks I got <3 

I also decided to add the limousine scene with Oswald x Reader in the request I am currently writing on (I am sorry, the weather outside was soooooo beautiful outside, I really wanted to go out and enjoy the sun, so I had no time for writing today, forgive me ;___;)

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Hi I really love your gay robot

Hi he really loves you too

He still loves Elias the most tho

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*banging nearest object against nearest surface* Your!!! Fics!!! Are so!!! 💙❤💙❤!!! ...!!!!! *squealing* I've been reading them no stop for a while and... they're just... so good!!! And klance isn't even my main ship!!! I should be sleeping!!! Thank you so much for writing these!!! I love you!!! Thanks again!!! 💙❤💙❤ *goes back to reading and squealing*


I am glad you approve of them!!! :D I am always so honored when people read through them all? Like, wow. What a concept. Wild. 

I’m super especially honored though that you like them despite klance not being your main ship????? That’s. Damn. Pretty incredible. How did you even find my stuff, I wrote nothing but them? :’D I mean, I’m glad you did, but how?! ??!?!!?!!

Go to sleep though!!!!! Sleep is important!!! Very important!!!! Please don’t skip out of sleep!!!! The fics will still be there afterward, promise!!!!! 💙❤

im laying in bed, the light that comes from the cracks of my blinds are tinted blue and I can hear the rain pitter patter across my roof and sound into the air - i feel sleepy and that if I were to get out of bed, that would be a sin

but even now, i must sin and finally wake up and get ready for the day

/I hope that everyone else will be ready for their day and if not, they will have the strength and motivation to be able to get through it - I believe in you all. <3/

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what's your favourite thing about shirabu? just wondering, since there's a lot of him on your blog ^_^


(I could rant for 3 hours probably, but you asked for The Favourite Thing so I gave that some thought..)

I think the reason why he stood out to me when I first read the manga: his design combined with his tough and salty attitude.

But what really really gets me is that he is sorta… scary.

He is one of those people who are driven by a spark, have a clear aim in their head, and do everything they can to achieve it. (Just look at those eyes they give me chills all over) He has this obsessive personality that speaks to me, without being corrupt or sly.

He has a pure, real fascination with Ushijima and Volleyball. He doesn’t pride himself as being the most important, he doesn’t strive for attention or praise (he’s seems confident and practical like that; knowing when his plays are good, knowing when he fucked up Big Time) - He plays to see that sort of power happening in front of him, because of him.

And he has a mental strength and discipline that my past self can relate to (that’s a story for Another Time) which leaves a very bittersweet feeling.


Another thing that just won’t let me go: his inner conflict and doubt which was never clearly answered.

“Faced with such amazing raw potential, wouldn’t the setter’s will be superfluous and wholly unnecessary?”

It is a way of showing that he gave up part of himself to get what he wanted. It is a conflict, it is hard, he seems like he is suffering and out of place or nothing special- amongst The Big Guys, the Miracle Boys- where his actual flashy skill is not required.

But he tries to keep up and pushes himself harder, and he is not less important than the others on the team. It is something he wanted, he decided that for himself and did it, and I think there are people who don’t think it is worth it or a good idea. But the reasons for why he chose this could be so multifarious! It makes me want to explore his personality, past and future. This right here is something that fascinates me!

tl;dr Shirabu is complex! And completely underrated~

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I !!!! Would love!!!! OMGCP fairy tale fics!!!

Haha y'all have been super excited about this, so I’m working on it!

Right now I have three in the works:
Holsom Snow White, Zimbits Beauty and the Beast, Charmer The Little Mermaid

On backlog:
Trans!Dex as Merida, Zimbits Cinderella, Zimbits The Golden Goose, and Holsom Little Mermaid. (and there was a request for Zimbits Mulan which I’m not sure I’ll do because the story is so China-centric and I don’t want to steal it, but I’m trying to think of ways it might work)

Things I’m interested in but don’t have a ship in mind for:
Sleeping Beauty, The Princess and the Pea, Aladdin, Rapunzel, The Frog Prince, Spindle Shuttle and Needle, and honestly any regional or uncommon fairy tales. I’m also open to most ships, so send me a pairing and we’ll see how it goes!

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Oh, you remember me! ☺ Since I loved your tags in my previous ask, I'll come to your ask everyday to make you smile.(hopefully) ❤ -s

Awww would you really!?! That would be amazing! A highlight of my day tbh. I will love you forever if you continued to stop by!

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Could I possibly request Kuroo's girlfriend seeing him with hair down for the first time (he was caught in the rain or something) and it's hot af? Love your work!

Thank you, Anon!

I seriously had to debate if I wanted this to start angsty or fluffy.

It seemed like it had happened in slow motion and his heart seemed to stop at the sight. His golden eyes widened and his lips parted to let out a cry, but it didn’t come in time as the spray of water hit him square in the face. Kuroo turned away, feeling the water soaking into every part of his body. He called for her to stop, but it kept coming. His feet carried him forward, hoping that the created distance would stop the liquid assault from the gardening hose.

Her laughter filled Kuroo’s ears as the spray disappeared from his body, dozens of droplets falling from his slouched body, hyper aware of the now wet fabric sticking to his skin. He turned then, looking much like a startled cat, which just sent her deeper into her hysterics.

“Oh, you think you’re funny, huh?” he called, voice higher than he was anticipating. His sopping form turned and rushed towards her, arms reaching to pull her against him. He laughed as she squealed, pushing against his chest in an attempt to keep him away. “Is it still funny?” he questioned, leaning his head to smear his wet hair across her cheeks.

Hands pressed to his wet cheeks, pulling him away from his attack on her as she turned to better inspect the damage she inflicted upon him. Her giggling died away when she met with those eyes as they stared back at her with more than just the small amount of fringe that hung across his forehead. Black hair hung all around his face, framing his strong jaw and causing his bright eyes to shine with the contrast. With parted lips, her concern was no longer her wet boyfriend transferring his misfortune, but why she hadn’t seen him like this before.

Kuroo’s brow furrowed at the look on her face, his mouth parting to question what was wrong, but the words never left his mouth when her lips collided with his own. Quickly following along, his arms pulled her close, giving a small hum of satisfaction as their mouths slide against one another, paying no mind to the bumping of noses or the clicking of their teeth. Neither of them cared that they were in the front yard, on full display to the world, for them they were completely alone, the only two people on that planet.

When they parted, Kuroo grinned widely at her, amusement all over his expression, “Whatever I did, I’ll have to do it again sometime.”

She laughed, fingers embedding into his dripping black hair, “Shut up and kiss me, you dork.”


Holy shit y'all this blog is brand new, barely a month old, and things have gotten crazy lol. Last week I was happy to have 300 followers, this weekend 500, and after the second ep aired I didn’t even see 501-799 it just skipped straight to the 800s like holy hell?? Anyway, it’s a super huge honor and so much fun to produce content for our resurrected fandom and again I love you all!!! Seriously, I don’t bite, send me anons, messages, asks, submissions, strike up a convo, lmao I just I never thought I’d get this far and I would love to hear from y'all!!

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HEYY! omg i totally loved your recent 2jae analysis about the 5 secs interview and the subtle moments between 2jae. When i watched it i kept replaying the part where jb watches yj advance towards jackson after jackson implied that he was annoying and I KEPT NOTICING AND LOVING the way that jb subtly-not-so-subtly checks yj out?? like look where jb's gaze went to, he did like a half-body scan on yj and i just cant stop squealing SORRY I AM SUCH 2JAE TRASH

My lovely anon,

I AM FINALLY UP TO THIS ASK! (Not that I mean to sound as if I’m not excited and thrilled about all of the other ones! I love all my asks and get so excited about them!) I was just truly hoping someone would bring this up after I replied about the 5 Second Interview!!! I almost went on a whole tangent about this very thing in the original post, but then I decided that maybe I shouldn’t be such an uncalled for trash can because my thoughts on this moment are based much more on my own interpretation than on actual reality… but now you have called for it, so BLESS YOU, MY LOVELY ANON!! And I apologize for the ridiculously trashy theorizing found below!

Now yes, to address the moment that happened here:

As you pointed out, my lovely anon, there is certainly something going on with Jaebum during this exchange between JackJae! But let’s take a closer and slower look to better see what that something is…

Ahh! Just look at this complete lack of subtlety! It’s really quite difficult to explain this moment as anything other than checking him out! I mean, first of all, Jaebum’s gaze is already on Youngjae’s nicely dressed chest when the camera first cuts to him, but he manages to drag his eyes up when he opens his mouth like he’s going to speak… only to basically give him once over subtly??? what is that??? when Youngjae makes his own move. This is all very squeal worthy and not at all subtle, and I think we should just take a moment to appreciate Jaebum’s very valid and relateable appreciation for Youngjae’s beauty!

But we are not done, my lovely anon, and we need to go a little closer still…

Because take a very close look at this boy’s ridiculously blurry face during all of this!!! He starts off looking he’s about to say something to Jackson about offending Youngjae (like I talked about in my last post), but then look at the way his face changes when Youngjae turns and pushes Jackson away… My lovely anon. Please tell me. Am I the only one seeing the way he goes just a little blank for a fraction of a second, and almost seems to hold his breath?? And it’s after that when his gaze trails over Youngjae again before he catches himself and pulls his gaze away!? And can someone please explain to me the smile he has when he does so?? I mean, he starts fully grinning a moment later, but WHY DOES HIS SMILE LOOK SO SHY WHEN HE FIRST GLANCES AWAY, HMMM??? What are you thinking about, Im Jaebum?? You’re not fooling anyone!! 

I’ve actually been screaming about this moment for a lot of reasons because Jaebum getting caught on camera checking Youngjae out again is so important to me, and it’s absolutely precious and maybe a little ridiculous how impossible it is for him to keep from staring at and checking out his Sunshine! But also… Jaebum getting flustered by Youngjae pushing people around raises a lot of questions and thoughts in my mind that I think should be recognized… Because this fandom is all about tough and aggressive Jaebum and soft and fluffy Youngjae, but Jaebum’s face is suggesting an interesting twist to the story… Tough!Youngjae and flustered!Jaebum fic, anyone???