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Okay, so I really love to draw and paint, art is my passion. But I'm so reluctant to pursue it, because I'm not sure if I'm good enough to be successful, or if I'll be able to make enough of a living on it. But I really love it. Your art is such an inspiration, and I really love your style. Any tips, or advice you could give me to feel confident in pursuing art. Is it difficult at all to live off the money you make off your art? Thank you so much, and I really love you, -Amina x

I believe it really depends. Sometimes you’re lucky and received alot of audience, sometimes you need to work a little harder. I’m somewhere between the two haha!

As for me i need various sources of income (eg: online store, commissions, patreon, zines, etc) and its not really consistent. Its more than enough to treat yourself or invest in merch-making but definitely not stuff like paying rent/bills/household stuff yet.

Though like i said it really depends. Sometimes you hit a jackpot of loyal audiences. sometimes you dont, but that doesnt mean its impossible. If you feel like you’re in the latter, here are some stuffs you can take note of and i hope its useful for you:

  • Draw something that is relevant and popular: thats how you get audiences and followers. From there you can also introduce your personal arts
  • Engage with your followers: Its important to stay close and interact with your followers in order to gain a strong community. Ask for feedbacks and what they’ll like to see frm you in the future. Twitter is a great platform to stay connected.
  • Avoid dramas: seriously. a number 1 rule. You dont need enemies. Be friendly and nice. Avoid ranting and oversharing too much. There are times keeping your opinions to yourself is much wiser.
  • Work hard: i think its my personal opinion but i never felt satisfied with my art? I always felt the need to learn and improve alot and honestly its a good sign bcos you’re constantly upgrading. Though dont overwork yourself and always take care of your body.
  • Befriending artists: This may sound like taking advantage but really i believe its important among artists. Though its not as easy as saying “hey can we be friends?” & “followback pls?” (honestly never say that, they’ll instantly never follow back and be your friend). Artists tend to be choosy with who they’re mutuals with and you need to earn their attention & trust by working hard on your art. Though when you do, the benefits are alot. (eg: recognition among more artists, inspirations & tips, new opportunities and projects, promoting arts, etc)
  • Boothing in Cons: artists gets their biggest income frm events like these. make sure you have a good portfolio and make good quality merchs. Always prepare namecards, thats how you gain exposure
  • Always have plans: multiple of them. While earning income frm selling merch/commissions seems great. I think its important to widen up your perspectives and try to get into the professional industry. Getting some skills on Animation, Design and Gameart might land you on a bigger adventure and cool projects!

It may sound a little difficult but if you’re starting frm the bottom, its expected to be a slow start. Its important to gain a solid fanbase before expecting to earn income frm your art, and sometimes it takes awhile. You need to be patient and not get disheartened by risks and failures.