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Once TWtCtN is finished, do you think you'll write more Alex/Elliot stories? I, for one, would love to see Alex grow and learn more about what he likes. And I want to see his reactions as Elliot works his way through that chest lol.

I’d like to anon, but I don’t think I will, and that’s mostly because my sort of mental backlog of stories what I want to work on looks like this:

* Gwyn/Augus porn oneshot collection
* Right now I’m only writing one The Ice Plague chapter a month, I need to clear out at least two stories to up that.
* Possible Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji fic
* Cold Red Light for Dragon Age: Inquisition (Bull/Cullen)
* Gwyn/Vane AU
* Little Star or Hunter’s story, the next book in the Perth Shifters range.
* Bull/Cullen lion pet!play series for Puzzle series.
* The Demon series that will be the official serial follow up to the Fae Tales series.

All up, it represents at least 700,000 words if I ever get there (my yearly output is somewhere around the 350k words per year, so that’s at least two years of solid writing not including other stories I want to write but have temporarily shelved like Sealstorm and the two Thor/Loki fics I’ve always wanted to write), so mostly I’m aware of how time poor I am as a writer. I’m not even going to think about how my health could impact this, heh.

I’m actually really satisfied with The Wind that Cuts the Night too. That story was only ever supposed to be about 1-3 chapters. Instead it developed a small plot, and kind of burst outside of itself, and so I sort of ended up doing way more both for myself (and for the fandom I guess) than I ever planned.

I’m not ruling out oneshots between those two in the future, in the same way I haven’t ruled out oneshots for Stuck on the Puzzle or other things, it’s just…the chance I’ll have the time to get around to it as much as I’d like to is slim.

The problem with writing across multiple fandoms, as well as working on an original serial and writing original novels in the background, I guess. But I like moving from pairing to pairing and project to project. And I’m definitely keeping Alex and Elliott’s character types in mind for an original novel idea I’m thinking about, so you may see longer ‘versions’ of them in the future.

But it might be three years from now when you’re thoroughly bored of my writing. :D

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I just read all of the posts from your Hudgens Legacy and I'm literally in love. Btw what is the lot where Jasper and Holly got married, I've been looking and haven't been able to find it.

Hi! Thank you for reading it all, I’m glad you like it :) it is at the back of the Von Windenberg Estate so I hope this helps

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How about that Ut/Uf/Mafiatale Sans and Sf Papyrus with a ballet dancer s/o? They have a big performance coming up; Swan Lake. They are nervous for they have a major role in the play. The skellies have seen them do practice sessions but never seen them in a play. How do they react seeing their love, all dressed up for the role, dancing with such passion?




Sans was there when you got the call about getting the lead role. He was there when you came home late after practices, he was there through the meltdowns and through the pain (literally). Now he’s here, front and centre for your first major role with a bouquet of flowers in his arms. He’s in awe of you, every step you make looks like you’re floating on air. He’s so proud of your talents and boasts about them to everyone he knows. After the show, he tells you just how proud he is of you and promises to watch every show you do. 


Sans (Red)

Red doesn’t know anything about ballet but he loves watching you move your body. He’s there for you when buying countless pairs of new pointe shoes and he’s there to heal your feet when they bleed. He even watched the Black Swan movie to prepare for your show but that just made him super anxious and weirded out. During the performance, he can’t help but be so incredibly proud of his sweetheart. You look so graceful and amazing on that stage, floating across it and performing like it’s the easiest thing in the world. He can’t believe that you’re with a guy like him when you can do things like this. 


Sans (Ace)

Ace is there through everything. He takes time off ‘work’ to help you practice. He buys you everything you need, shoes, costumes, makeup - you name it. He boasts about you to everyone he knows, even inviting his closest friends to come and see his love perform. As he watches you on the stage, he can’t help but feel his soul pound in his chest for you. You’re so incredibly beautiful and talented - he can’t get enough. 


Papyrus (Rus)

Rus never really found dancing interesting until he met you. After watching you practice and perform year round just to land the role, he can’t help but be in absolute awe of you. When you get the leading role he’s just as ecstatic as you are and tells the most important people in his life about it (just sans). Watching you after months of practices and ups and downs, he sits in complete silence just watching your every move. He loves that you’re so passionate about dance.

have a cute gif of jaebum bc you’ll never see these on the dash again bc woojin is the worst! first and foremost, i want to thank u all for applyin’ like omg my heart is gonna burst with all this love ur all so cute and i can’t wait to rp with u? anyways, hola hola (stan kard pls and ty, support their debut) i’m ur least fav admin tina and i’m here with this hot mess, thirsty, greasy piece of sh*t woojin who will literally screw anything that moves ok. under the cut are a few points about my sad boi, bad boi, fuccboi so smash the mf like button and i’ll slide into ur ims for some dank plots ok i love u guys bye! tw: depression, substance abuse, abuse, attempted murder

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having unresolved asks/drafts can be a HUGE burden. that feeling when you want to show love to whoever wrote them, want to show that you really do care, those unanswered ones that you just don't have the energy or inspiration to answer yet, can all make moving your character forward seem like a figurative and literal drag. while it does suck to drop it all and clear up all those backlogs, sometimes it's what we need to get a better perspective on what we need to do to do better ourselves.

besides, if the question is really important and the other party is still interested, they can always come back and ask again. I hope you feel better soon! please take good care of yourself because you deserve it!!!!

thank you kind anon


just…. all this is so true

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I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your writing and i am a die-hard JuZen shipped, and i feel like ive read all the fanfics and seen all the fanart, so i was wondering if you could write LITERALLY ANYTHING IM FINE WITH EVERYTHING !!! maybe some angst (ik im trash) but yeah anything JuZen related would be greatly appreciated!!

Aaaaaah nonny thank youuuuu I feel so warm with your kind words!! And I love writing JuZen, just like you I ship them to kingdom come 8D I have been juggling some angsty ideas but I never really know which one to go for - if you have something more specific in mind let me know <3 Requests are technically closed now but I plan to open them soon, I can cheat and tack this on the list. xD

general li mulan

okay so i LOVE mulan okay. as far as i’m concerned it’s a Perfect Movie and doesn’t need any fixing. but i was thinking today and -

- what if mulan didn’t go to war to save her father?

say her father is dead, okay, killed by the previous war. so she’s raised by her mother and grandmother, women who’s complacency and softness has been worn away by necessity. she needs to marry well, for her family’s sake, because her mother has refused the hand of every man who offered. but mulan is even more rough around the edges than before, is educated not only in books (her mother said men wouldn’t find smarts attractive and grandmother pointed out that men aren’t always around and off to school mulan went) but in the sword too, taught to her by her classmate, ping.

mulan is considered in the lower end of the upper class, coming from a family of military men and scholars and successful merchants. ping is near the top, the son or nephew of an advisor to the emperor. his family is very rich and very important, and the reason they become friends is because mulan manages to notice something about him that he’s been hiding from everyone else - he’s going blind.

not totally blind, enough to get around, but blind enough that reading is difficult and swordplay is even worse, although once he has it down he has it. ping is no fool, he’s not weak or bumbling. his eyes just don’t work. so mulan notices and confronts him about it. she promises to keep it a secret, and hey, she’ll even help him with his assignments by reading the books out loud and helping him study. but in return he must teach her the sword, must teach her about military and tactics. he agrees.

ping and mulan become very good friends and there’s some raised eyebrows about it but they are TOO far away in class for it to be inappropriate, so they make tutting sounds and disapproving faces and let it go.

then the draft happens. ping can’t go to war, he won’t survive it. not with his eyesight like it is. so mulan offers him a deal - she’ll go to war for him, in his place. in return, if she survives, he must marry her. if she dies he must take care of her family.

ping can’t make this kind of family decision on his own, so he goes to his mother and tells her everything, about the eyesight and how he’ll die if he goes and mulan’s offer. his mother says he must keep it a secret from his father, but agrees - if mulan fights in her son’s place and survives, a wedding will be arranged. either way, mulan’s family will be taken care of. ping will be sent to live with some cousins in the meanwhile.

“you’re not in love with me, are you?” ping asks, helping mulan saddle her horse in the middle of the night. she scoffs and rolls her eyes, “not even a little. but marrying you will make my family happy, and besides, you’re my best friend,” she says, smiling, “better you than some grabby old man.” he smiles and hugs her and says, “i’m not in love with you either. but don’t die out there. we have a wedding to plan.”

so mulan goes to the camp, pretending to be ping, and she’s a little bit less lost but things still go as they go. she’s educated and trained, so it’s not hard for her to pass as ping. shang is keeping a special eye on her, thinking that she’s the son of an advisor, one of his father’s friends. and he sees how easily she excels, how quick thinking and smart she is, and starts giving her more and more responsibilities. by the time they’re called out, shang considers ping ie mulan to be his right hand man, and possibly his best friend.

he’s also a little bit in love with ping, and he’s long known he’s attracted to both genders, so he watches ping laugh and smile and the crease between his eyes when he frowns and does his best to let his feelings chase away the best soldier he has. every time shang looks at ping his heart clenches and he things to himself: i wish i could have you, i wish this was a time and a place where one man could have another, i wish you were a girl, is wish i was a girl - i wish we could be together. he’s literally a step away from doodling ‘li ping’ with little hearts over his battle plans. 

so the battles happen. shang and ping lead their men together, respected and loved. they each get promoted, and promoted, and promoted. it’s been years, and it comes to a point where they’re both generals in their own right. they trust each other, care for each other. and are both secretly in love with the other.

mulan is so conflicted. because she wants this war to end and to go home and settle back into life and become ping’s wife, so she can have an easy life spent studying and learning with her family taken care of. that’s what she’d wanted. but now what she wants is shang, her best friend, her brother in arms, her fellow general. she wishes to be everything to him, aches to be the woman on his arm and in his bed, but knows it’s the one thing she can never be.

then that final battle happens. mulan’s quick thinking saves them all and ends the war - but she’s injured.

shang finds out the ping has been a girl all along. he demands explanations - so she tells him everything, that she traded places with ping to save him, to become his wife.

and the lies should sting the sharpest, but they don’t. she’s still the same person, after all. it’s that she’s promised to another man, for one second he’d thought he might have her, but no. so he agrees not to reveal her but he’s furious and furious at himself for being furious and they’re not the same now, broken and splintered and neither of them know what to do.

the war is over. they leave. mulan returns home, and thanks to her ping is now known as a respected general. she’s done her part and survived, and now she gets her reward - ping’s hand in marriage.

but she sees ping for the first time and flings herself into his arms and starts crying. she tells him everything, because he’s still her friend, her very best friend besides shang, the man whom she lied to and betrayed and loves. and ping listens and takes her by the shoulders and says - i’ll uphold our bargain, if that’s what you want. you can be my pampered wife, you’ve more than earned it. but if you want to go to shang, i won’t blame you. you deserve your happiness.

and mulan goes back and forth, but ultimately she decides she has to try. if shang rejects her she’ll return and marry ping and uphold her family honor. but if shang wants her - he’s not as high up as ping, but he’s high up enough to satisfy her family, and also she would love him and want him if he was no more than a farming peasant so it doesn’t matter much anyway.

she rides to the capitol. she finally meets ping’s father, running into him while looking for shang. “ah mulan,” says this man who was never supposed to know of her until she became his daughter-in-law, “i didn’t expect to see you here. how fortuitous. walk with me.” she does, wary, and that’s how she discovers - he and the emperor had discovered her deception a year in, but at that point she’d already proven herself too skilled and valuable to lose. he tells her that he will uphold his son and wife’s deal and gladly welcome her to his household - but that she’s earned her rank as general, and that he and the emperor have no problem with letting her keep it.

she says thank you, shocked and joyful, but that she has to talk to someone first. “ah, yes, young general li,” he says, eyes twinkling, “i do believe he’s around here somewhere.”

she has no idea how he seems to know everything, but she finally tracks down shang who’s ecstatic to see her and hates himself for it. she confesses - says she loves him, that she’s engaged to ping but willing and able to break this engagement for shang. who is dumbfounded and elated and says yes, of course, finally and forever.

and mulan accepts her rank and marries shang, and they become the literal power battle couple of the general li mulan and general li shang. ping becomes a scholar and marries a very nice young woman who loves reading and is happy to read aloud to her husband with his failing eyes.

and they all live happily ever after.

Draco before the First Task
  • Lucius: That Potter boy won't last five minutes against a dragon
  • Draco: What are you saying Father? He's amazing. He'll definitely make it to ten. And then it'll be over only because he'll end it spectacularly with some daring stunt <3<3<3
  • Lucius: Oh Draco, you're so young and stupid and W R O N G
  • Draco: *glares*
  • Draco: *muttering* My Potter will hear about this

Daishou scribbles cause he was there for, like, half a panel and I got excite

Things my friends have said about Hamilton

“You know you can’t rap guns and ships, why are you-aaand she’s doing it.”

“Can we just listen to say no to this again, I love Maria’s voice.”


“Why are you crying? Oh my god, I swear if you’re crying over Philip Hamilton again-”

*unintelligible noise upon hearing opening for It’s Quiet Uptown*

“Honestly, Eliza deserved so much better.”


“And I’m never gonna stop until I ahgjhgskawkfdhsdlhsdj. Crap. Uh. I’m no Daveed Diggs.”

“Alexander Hamilton did not die for this shit.”

“I relate to Alex so much, because I never shut up either.”

“I wanna be an Eliza. But I think I’m just a Peggy. Oh my god, am I a Peggy?”

“What do you mean I can’t sing Burr’s part and Peggy’s part?”

“Okay, but am I more Eliza or Angelica?”

“Okay, so if you usually sing Alex, Angelica, and Burr, and I usually sing Eliza, Maria, and Philip…I’m your son, but I’m also married to you, and you cheated on me with myself. You’re also my sister. Uh, let’s not read too much into that?”

“Wow, Alex, that’s pretty gay.”

can we start practicing self love that doesn’t focus so much on looks? like sure feeling beautiful is nice but you know what? you got a kickass personality too! you know that little quirk that you’re sure is annoying? it’s endearing as hell and when you laugh you literally embody sunshine like you don’t have to constantly tell yourself you’re pretty if you can’t believe it because in the end that’s not the most special thing about you. learning to love your insides is just as hard as the outside. vanity isn’t the be all and end all of self love you can be a lil ugly and still love yourself

From a person who idolises and stans Hobi as their bias, this makes me mad. It makes me mad that my out hobi, our sunshine, our beautiful beam of light has to say ‘who like me.’ There is so many things that j-hope does for BTS, they all contribute into their group and people just put down the members like it means nothing. How can you call yourself a ‘lover of BTS’ when all you do is criticise the one member that is never down, who is always smiling, who is literally a fucking god? I’m not saying you have to stan hobi and praise him like I and millions of other people do but don’t put someone down just because you feel like it. If you love BTS, then you LOVE BTS. You love each member with all your heart, you love their music, their dancing, their voice, their choices, their flaws. Everyone says that ‘j-hope is ugly without make up.’ Um excuse you, j-hope if fucking beautiful, with or without make up. Just because he doesn’t cake his face like you do everyday doesn’t mean he’s not pretty. He’s my hope, he’s your hope. He’s our angel. And we will protect him and love him for who he is and the decisions he make.

Thank you all for loving and supporting BTS, may we forever accept them and love them for who they are and who they become in the future.

Edit: to everyone saying that this was translated wrong I get you boo, but I’m still bringing this to everyone’s attention that Hobi still deals with stuff like this. There are still people in OUR fandom, OUR ARMY that makes him feel this way. So please, understand that I’m just bringing something important to the table and dishing it out to everyone who reads it. I didn’t think this would get big but it did and I’m glad to see so many Hoseok stans and even just other people part of BTS ARMY sharing love and kindness. Thank you all so much for the love and support you show BTS. I’m sure if they saw how much you all cared and stood up for each member they would be proud. Love you all and spread the love 💕💕🤗🤗
My dream last night
  • Jumin: "I don't have a girlfriend for various reasons. I can go through them if you'd like. First, there's the- Hailey? Are you listening?"
  • Me: "Yeah."
  • Jumin: "What did I say?"
  • Me: *Stupid voice* "My NaMe'S jUmIn HaN aNd I dOn'T hAvE a GiRlFrIenD bEcAuSe I lIkE dUdEs"
  • Jumin: "You better run."

This just in, local teenage boys on a date after successfully defeating a coven of vampires

Jikook Fic Rec!

Here you go @jimincentric and the other anon who asked for the long, mpreg Jikook fanfics! I tried my best to find my favourites, so I apologise if you’ve already read them? (Almost all of mine are bottom Jimin, too, so I’m sorry if you wanted something more diverse.)

Pregnant Jimin. 

(I had a hard time finding ones that were long, so please bare with me.)

Hold Tight; Hold Me Down by leegaae. (This is one of my favourites! It’s very angsty and emotional, so, be aware.)

War of Hormones by staycute1234. (Very cute and my very first mpreg fic. So, thanks for popping my mpreg cherry, haha.)

Milk and Honey by fatal (cumrich). (First off, I love this author so, so much. And second off, this fic is absolutely filthy.)

I like how desperate you seem (in the way you look at me) also by fatal (cumrich). (This one has no mpreg in it yet, but it is so well written that I think you’ll like it all the same!)


(This is going to be so, so long. I literally have like, 400 bookmarks that I went through and found my favourites from. And also, I’m sorry if I don’t mention you! I didn’t want this to take me all night.)

Before I start listing off fics, make sure you check out these authors for their Jikook fics. (Also it’s more convenient so that I don’t have to keep listing off multiple fics from the same author.)

Levetrate (Ahhhh. I can’t.)

fatal (cumrich) (Cries.)

empressium (Cries times 2.)

gangbang (Cries times 3.)

cocksluts (Sobs.)

wordcouture (Sobs times 2.)

goog (I love them.)

subjimin (Yes.) 

snarcsics (Please?)

Polkari Seuta (VeritasEtVita) (A legend.)

Staycute1234 (Jikook Queen.)      

And, also, check out these Tumblrs that also have really good Jikook headcanons and even drabbles! 




(Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry! I have such a bad memory. I can’t think of anymore recently. If I didn’t mention you, please remind me? I forget things so easily.)


Payback Bitch ;)) by dreamciclejimin. (An older fic, but a good one, nonetheless.)

You’re My Achilles Heel by miskeen. (My innocence was officially gone with this one.)

Phase One by TheHalesNyx. (I love hybrid Kookie so much.)

Alphas Office by Vanill4candy(?) (Typically I don’t read anything on AFF, but, I really love this story so.)

Glass Diamonds by GinForInk. (We know I don’t do angst. But this story was still really good.)

two sides; same story by namjoone. (I actually haven’t finished this yet, but from what I have read so far, it’s so good.)

listen to my heartbeat (it’s calling for you at its own will) by poplolli. (Haven’t read this in sooo long. One of my first Jikook fics.)

8 ball by suga_trash_queen. (This one is really cute, too.)

For_Yoongi.avi by strangedesires. (Technically it’s Yoonminkook.)

a boy like that by jikookah. (Honestly. This probably is one of my absolute favorites.)

Follow Me by novilunar. (Jinminkook.)

Baby Relax by write_the_impossible. (OT7 with Jimin as the centric. So. Still Jikook, haha. I’m sorry.)

Who Let His Boyfriend Be so Fucking Hot? by Halottie. (Ahahaha. Filth. And one of my only Top Jimin exceptions.)

Swamp Magic by GinForInk. (READ THIS!)

Stupid Batteries by Zelupsi. (Ahh, the A/B/O.)

Starstruck by SugaTheTurtle. (Okay, but I recently re-read this one and it is gold.)

White by KookieChim. (Accurate, to be honest.)

Beautiful by nerdybrofian_to_the_rescue. (Fuck. This one.)

Painfully good by JikookTrash. (My innocence is pretty much gone by now, haha.)

Play Fair by lunamaia. (Okay, but tease!)

Beaded by fancypinkdick.  (I can’t anymore.)

Play house (put my favorite record on) by rapsucka (sonyeondanbiased). (This is Minjoonkook.)

(Alrighty! That wraps up the smut! Not too much, but enough, right? I hope you all enjoy and please, I apologise once again if I didn’t mention anyone.)


(Not as much as should be. I’m sure I have more somewhere, haha.)

Scribbles and Drawings by evil_pandabear. (Cute.)

E[Love] by yuuami. (Cute times 2.)

Flower Talk by soranosuzu. (Soooo utterly adorable.)

(Okay. That’s it. And wow, can I just say that this took me so long! I really, really hope you all enjoyed this and found some new readings to keep you busy! I love you all so, so much! And also, thank you for being such amazing friends and actually making it this far?)

  • The first time you read The Thief: A penniless thief is let out of prison in order to be forced on a road trip and he really just wants to go home.
  • The second time you read The Thief: In the most ingenious move of political intrigue of the millennium, a penniless thief is let out of prison in order to be forced on a road trip and he really just wants to go home.