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Valentine’s as a holiday is garbage, but Jim and Spock hanging out to watch the sun rise on a farm is not.



─I want to say yes, but I don’t want to be with a boy whose heart belongs to somebody else. Just once, I want to be somebody else’s first choice.


Ross Butler my asian leading-man as Peter Kavinsky

Hansol - ToppDogg ( UPDATE )

Hello K-Pop fam, I’ve come to bring you another announcement.

Hansol had another Instagram live today and he looked so much better. His hair was all fluffy and cute and he smiled a few times. He apologized to the fans for making us worry and that’s he’s doing better.

He also said in E n g l i s h
“Please do not take screenshots and post them.” So if any of you have done that, PLEASE delete them. He was so kind to talk to the fans today, so please respect his wishes.

He told us that he’ll explain everything in a few years, so let us all hope and pray that he heals and things will go better for the group.

Thank you to all the fandoms that helped and supported ToppDogg and their fandom, ToppKlass, during this time. Please continue to show support if you can. Much love to all of you.

K-Family is the best <3


In which Harry takes it a bit too far. 

Warnings: smut

Y/N knew she was in trouble from the moment she started flirting with that guy, Matt or Matty she thinks his name is, she really couldn’t remember but he was hella fine she must admit.

Y/N couldn’t help the flirting, it was all Harry’s fault this had happened. He was the one who allowed a group of skanky girls to get all touchy with him.Y/N’s stomach burned with fury at this sight and jealousy overcame her which lead her to Matt, a guy who had his eyes on her most of the night.

Harry obviously wasn’t pleased to look over to find his girl chatting up some bloke, he knew he really wasn’t in any place to judge he deserved it, but he didn’t care. It was his all about his ego, as usual

And that’s how Y/N and Harry ended up here, with Y/N’s arms crossed and she sat in the passenger’s seat and stared out the window, trying to avoid Harry’s gaze with a pout evident on her lips.

Harry however tightly gripped the steering wheel causing them to turn white. His jaw was clenched and his usual emerald eyes turned dark as his eyes conveyed anger. Y/N could feel Harry’s lethal stare on the back of her neck, she felt in piercing through her body.

“Y’know pet, daddy’s g’nna punish yeh fo’ misbehaving” Harry rasped causing a loud huff to leave Y/N’s lips.

“Are yeh givin’ me attitude there pet?” Harry questioned his voice laced with amusement.

“Well what do you think?” Y/N fired back.

A loud growl was emitted from Harry’s throat. “Jus’ wait till we get home, yeh g’nna get it” Harry spoke as he accelerated while gripping the steering wheel even tighter, if that was even possible.

“Alright, y’know what to do” Harry spoke as he walked into their shared flat with Y/N trailing behind him “Strip down t’ y’ knickers and wait fo’ meh on the bed” he continued.

“Yes daddy” Y/N muttered as she trudged up the stairs.

Once Harry entered their shared bedroom he was greeted with the most delightful sight, there was his girl in only a pair of baby pink laced panties. She sat on her knees in the middle of their king sized bed with her hands rested in her lap as she stared at Harry with doe eyes.

“Aren’t yeh a precious little thing?” Harry cooed as he ambled towards her. Harry seated himself at the foot of the bed and signaled for Y/N to come over. 

Y/N situated herself on Harry’s lap. “Daddy” Y/N whined as she rubbed her heated core against Harry’s growing bulge.

“S’that what yeh want princess?” Harry questioned. “Daddy’s cock?” He continued. A loud moan left Y/N’s lips in response.

“C’mon babygirl, use yeh words f’ daddy” Harry demanded as he peppered kisses down Y/N’s neck and to her breasts.

“Daddy please”

“Please what princess?”

“Please fuck me” Y/N whined as she reached down to touch the bulge in Harry’s pants, which Harry was then quick to swat her hand away.

“Nuh uh, bad girls don’t get daddy’s cock now do they?” Harry questioned. Y/N shook ‘no’ her head in response. “And wha’ do bad girls get?” 

“Punished” Y/N mumbled.

“Right, now over daddy’s lap like the good girl I know yeh are” Harry spoke. “Yeh deserve a spanking fo’ what yeh pulled earlier pet” He continued

Harry adjusted Y/N on his lap to his liking. “Well well well” Harry started as he ran his finger over the wet patch on Y/N’s undies “Are yeh wet fo’ daddy or tha’ bloke princess?” Harry questioned.

“You daddy” Y/N whimpered out.

“Yeh didn’ sound too sure there baby” Harry rasped as his hand collided with the cheek of Y/N’s ass, a loud smacking sound echoing through the air as he did so, leaving Y/N’s cheek a burning sensation aching for more.

“Count fo’ me baby” Harry demanded.

“One” Y/N mewled out

Harry’s hand struck Y/N’s ass once again, his rings increasing the pain causing the burning sensation to become even stronger.

By the tenth and final spank Y/N was a moaning and sobbing mess with tears dribbling down her flushed face.

“Y’alright pet?” Harry softly questioned as her gently rubbed his hand over the crimson skin of Y/N’s ass. Y/N hummed in response as Harry pressed a chaste kiss to her temple.

“Yeh not done yet baby” Harry growled as he slid off Y/N’s knickers. “Well look at tha’ is yeh sweet cunt dripping for daddy?” Harry questioned. A soft whimper left Y/N’s lips in response.

“Use yeh words pet” Harry demanded as he ran his finger along Y/N’s folds, some of her juices being collected on his finger.

“Yes daddy, all for you” 

“Good girl” Harry hummed as he sucked on Y/N’s juices which now lay on his finger.

Harry dragged his fingers from Y/N’s folds and to her slits trying his best to avoid her swollen aching clit which was dying to be touched.

“Now tell me baby, can that bloke make you feel this good?” Harry questioned as her sucked on Y/N’s collar bones.


“No who?” Harry asked as her pinched Y/N’s clit causing a loud gasp to escape her lips,

“N-no daddy” Y/N stuttered out.

“Good girl” Harry spoke as he pressed his fingers to Y/N’s clit and harshly rubbing them in figure eights causing an audible gasp to escape Y/N’s lips.

“Y’gonna come for daddy baby girl” Harry asked her as he continued to rub over Y/N’s already swollen and sensitive clit, edging her to her end.

“Daddy I’m so close” Y/N whimpered out as she gripped onto Harry’s forearms, clawing and scratching her nails along them which will surely leave a few marks.

“C’mon princess, be a good girl and come for daddy” Harry demanded as he applied more pressure onto Y/N’s clit from his fingers.

“I-I oh God” Y/N let out between moans as her back arched and she gripped onto their pastel coloured sheets.Y/N could feel her orgasm building up in the pit of her stomach causing her legs to slightly tremble . Harry continued to coax Y/N through her orgasms as her peppered kisses along her jawline.

“Okay, Alrigh’ I’ve gotcha pet” Harry whispered into Y/N’s ear. “That’s it babygirl, cum for daddy” Harry continued as Y/N withered beneath his touch. Harry continued to rub on Y/N’s clit till she became oversensitive and was pushing his hand away.

“Y’alrigh’ there princess?” Harry questioned as he placed a kiss to Y/N’s forehead causing Y/N to hum in response.

“Don’t think yeh done yet pet” Harry spoke as he removed his clothes causing Y/N to let out a soft whimper. She really couldn’t get the image of Harry flirting with all those girls out of her head.

Y/N knew Harry only did it to spite her and hurt her, it was a game he played but she couldn’t take it, The whispers between them, the touching, the giggles. It was all too much for her. She should know better than to let her thoughts get to her, she should be used to this.

But what if?

What if he got tired of her, what if he found someone better than her, skinnier than her, prettier than her. Y/N knew she was nothing special but Harry made her think otherwise, she couldn’t help but doubt his love for her.

“Ready princess?” Harry questioned but he didn’t as so wait for a response from Y/N as he rammed his cock into Y/N and began trusting in and out of her. 

Y/N couldn’t hold it together again, a loud sob ripped through Y/N’s body but Harry thought nothing of it.

“B-butter Butternut” Y/N let out between sobs. Harry’s actions immediately halted and he pulled out of Y/N, surely he hadn’t heard correct, he never expected Y/N to have to use their safe word.

Harry felt hurt, guilty, penitent.

Harry never expected to push his girlfriend this far, he had no idea what he done to push her this far for her to use thier safe word. “Baby” Harry whispered his voice laced with guilt.

“M’ sorry petal wha’ is it?” Harry cooed as he threaded his fingers through Y/N’s hair.

“I-I’m sorry H, I really am” Y/N stuttered out between sobs

“ No no baby, yeh’ve got nothin’ t’ be sorry fo’ my love”

“ It’s just I couldn’t stand to see you with those girls, it hurts and I’m afraid you’re gonna leave me for one of them cause their much-”

Y/N’s rambling was suddenly cut off with Harry pressing his lips to hers.

“Tha’s what yeh all riled up about pet?” Harry questioned as Y/N gave a small nod embarrassment washing over her features.

A soft chuckle escaped Harry’s lips “ Oh Y/N my love, yeh know I’d never trade yeh for the world, yeh’re my princess and I love yeh to bits no one else, just you, yeh’re all mine” Harry spoke as he connected his lips with Y/N’s.

“I love you too” Y/N replied as she pulled away with a smile etched onto her face.


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This is why Franky, and Franky alone, is the ‘father’ of the Straw Hat Pirates.

When he was only a small child, he was abandoned on the Grand Line by his parents for being a 'nuisance’. Franky knows what it’s like to be abandoned. Not orphaned–his parents are very likely still out there somewhere–but abandoned, not because his parents died, but because they freaking didn’t want him. Franky knows all too well the loneliness that results, of being small and scared in the big wide world, with no one to turn to.

But he also knows what it’s like to be accepted, to be taken in by someone who became more like 'family’ than those he was actually related to. He knows what it’s like to be given a new sense of hope, to be given direction, to discover that he is not a nuisance at all, that he is actually worth something.

But then he knows what it’s like to lose that all over again, and by actions he perceives as his own fault, just as he viewed the abandonment by his blood father as his own fault. Losing Tom totally shattered him, so much so that he was willing to forego his lifelong dream of creating ships, the thing that basically defined who he was.

But one thing remained. Foremost to being a shipwright, he wanted to be like Tom. Franky wants to be the father-figure to others that Tom was to him. He wants others to know that they are not hopeless. That they are not a 'nuisance’, that they actually deserve to take up space in the world.

So when he returns to Water 7, he gathers up all the misfits and outcasts, all the 'nuisances’, and gives them a family. He gives them a home, and a purpose to live, so much so that they want the same for him. They want him to revive his dream of being the shipwright aboard the dreamship.

And once he does this, he is every bit the father figure he wanted to be. In Dressrosa, when Luffy hears about Ace’s fruit, Franky is the voice of reason. To Usopp, who’s come from a similar-yet-different situation of parental abandonment, he is the first present father figure in that kid’s life, and helps guide him in their similar areas of interest, in which he is more experienced. He knows when to be serious and when to be silly and can switch between the two without a moments warning, entertaining them with his inventions, not because it makes him happy, but because it makes them happy, and that’s what makes him happy.

Because he doesn’t want others to feel the loneliness he felt as a child. He doesn’t want others to feel as though they’re a waste of space or a nuisance. Because he has lived and breathed with a fully human body and with a cyborg one and knows regardless that just existing is never a crime, and while he’s around, no one is going to feel unwanted or worthless.

While he’s around, no one is going to feel fatherless.

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This is for @rynnaminttea !!!! I felt like drawing her something so, here you go! Don’t die like you said pls, thanks.

170504 Kyoong Party - 1
  • Baekhyun: I will keep bringing you happiness. Thank you.
  • Fans: I love you
  • Baekhyun: You love me? Tell me that again.
  • Fans: I love you.
  • Baekhyun: Me too.