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so there seems to be a bunch of confusion about who troth is so lemme just clear that up: the taz guys did an extra bonus ep for maxfundrive, which is available to donors even at the lowest level, where travis is the dm in an entirely different world to that of taz. justin plays a tiefling monk woman named troth who is very good at punching and is scared of magic. griffin plays a half elf warlock bartender who convinces everyone he’s a wizard named tom collins. clint plays a human bard who wields a steampunk keytar. justin rolls like eight nat 20s. clint and griffin continuously roll very very low. it’s a fun time. please consider donating. if you super are unable to and very much want to listen to taz nights, hit me up! I can give you access to that good good content :)


*when I see mutuals liking/reblogging my shit posts*

90’s 🥀

I hope you meet your idols
I hope you meet your internet friends
I hope you meet your soulmate
I hope you fall in love and never fall out of it
I hope you find someone who accepts you
I hope you find happiness in this world
I hope you follow your dreams
I hope you get your dream job
I hope you never have to worry about food
I hope you never have to worry about a job
I hope you never have to worry about money
I hope you get out of whatever bad situation you’re in right now
I hope you live to see another day
I hope you fight your demons
I hope you never let go of your best friend
I hope your family accepts you
I hope your friends accept you
I hope you’re safe right now
I hope you’re warm right now
I hope you’re healthy
I hope you take this as a sign to live
I hope you know you’re worth it
I hope you know you’re amazing
I hope you know your favorite shirt fits perfectly on you
I hope you know that your body doesn’t define you as a person
I hope you know how much I care about you

McCree says it, but I’ll say it again too.. Hello everyone!

I wanted to announce you through this quick sketch that the next update on the comic will be most probably during the upcoming weekend. I have lots to finish this week and I don’t think I’ll be able to update it any sooner, thing for which I am sorry.. T.T 

Speaking of the McHanzo comic.. It’s close to the end! End of this part/chapter at least! I am planning on doing more, but first I must finish the one I started AND also post the short fan fiction I wrote, that stands at the base of the comic. 

Thank you all for the support and sorry to let you wait more for the next update! *hugs* Also thanks for all the McHanzo fanfiction suggestions! 

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Don’t tell me I talk about my illness too much. Every movement. Every breath. Is a reminder that I’m not ok. That I may never succeed.That I can’t do things that normal people do. That everyday is a struggle. Never ever tell me I talk about it too much.

If you’re a Stucky fan looking for fluff today, there’s a very nice selection of it HERE, from the Soft Stucky Week.  Includes lovely fluffy things from wearing_tearing and leveragehunters (Monkeygreen) and awesome writers who are new to me.

I was going to try to make a list of underappreciated fics, but I’m seeking comfort in familiar places today, so I’m reccing:

Every Tree That is Pleasant by spitandvinegar, which is not fluff, but it’s engaging and I love it

Welcome to Oblivious, Population: Two by leveragehunters (Monkeygreen), which is sweet and fun

only one my arms will ever hold by wearing_tearing, with werewolf!Bucky, also not fluff, and I adore it

Crumbs of Affection by machine_dove, with tiny angry celiac Steve, one of my all time faves

Upgrade: Advanced Happiness Skills by owlet, makes my heart feel light even at the worst of times