Fassy’s Birthday

So today is a special day, it is Michael Fassbender’s birthday. He is not just an actor to me, he is way more than that. Even if I have never met him and probably never will (though I might get lucky one day! who knows?), I love him, I know it can sounds a little bit weird but I don’t care and I am happy this way. When I first saw him it was in X-men First Class, which is by the way my favourite movie ever. I fell in love with this man, there is something special about him which I can’t quite explain, you know that thing when you just know well its that. Of course he is one of the most talented actor of his generation, when you listen to his voice you can almost faint even when he is singing or simply breathing. He has proved us he could play anything whether he is a true bastard in 12 years a slave, a sweet Frank, a robot in Prometheus or just Erik which he plays perfectly. His friendship with James is just adorable and you can’t resist him when he is wearing a tuxedo or even with his leather jacket. Anyway there are thousands of reasons to love Michael, you can never get tired of looking at him he is the beauty itself. Almost forgot THE smile… the smile, it is a endless source of inspiration, you just can’t do otherwise but to drawn into his beautiful eyes. So thank you Michael, thank you for making my life better even if you don’t know it, thank you for doing all those wonderful films, thank you for making me dream because I really need it and thank you for simply existing. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Michael Fassbender, wish you all the best in the world and hope you have a wonderful day, love you!

Imagine for Bailey <3

As you’re waiting for Louis to pick you up, you’re a little nervous because today could go either very well or really terrible. You think to yourself, “why am I the way that I am…Why do I get so nervous…Why am I so shy?” There’s nothing that you can do about that at the moment because you’re on your way to meet the other guys that are a part of the world’s biggest band at the moment. Lately, Louis’s been keeping you up late on the phone to vent about the whole Zayn situation and even though you’re exhausted, you’ve agree to finally meet these guys because you’re a huge part of Louis’s life and so are Harry, Liam, and Niall…So it’s beyond time for you to meet them. When you’re not with Louis, you’ve been getting Snapchats and such from him from the guys and they’re al expressing how excited they are to meet you because Louis always talks about how so much fun that you two have. Your phone buzzes and it’s a text from Louis saying, “In the driveway…Let’s roll.” You take a deep breath, check yourself out in the mirror, and lock the door behind you. 

Louis: “you’re looking awfully pretty today. What’s the occasion?” 

You: “Hmm, I don’t know. You tell me.” 

Louis: “Oh that’s right… You’re trying to get me to kiss you.”

You: “Yeah, that’s totally it Louis.” 

Louis: “What’s wrong, dear? Something the matter?” 

You: “I’m really scared, okay? What if they don’t like me? What if they perceive me as a weird girl? What if they actually despise me?” 

Louis: “Oh you’ve lost your bloody mind, dear. These are the boys that I’ve spent nearly five years of my life with and it’ll take a lot for them to not like you. Lighten up, dear… You’re over thinking this. They’ll love you.” 

You: “Yeah, no pressure. I’m just meeting the most famous band in the world. That’s all.”

Louis: “Really, there’s no pressure my dear. I’m sorry you’re not getting to meet Zayn, though.” 

You: “Trust me when I say that I could care less about meeting him. He royally screwed you all over and if I were to meet him, I’d tell him how much of an ass I really think he is.” 

Louis: “He’s not as bad as people think but he’s not our favorite person at the moment.” 

Louis: “Lighten up, dear. They’re very excited to meet you.” 

As you continue down the road, you grow closer to the destination and your heart just begins to pound and you turn to Louis and say, “I don’t think I can do this.” 

Louis: “It’s too late, dear. We’re here.” 

Once again, you take a deep breath and get out of the car. You look up to the building to see that of course… You’re at a hotel. Louis hugs you and says, “darling, relax. It’s fine.” You shrug and say, “sure it will be.” You’re a little tense as you begin to walk toward the building. The elevator takes you all the way up to the top floor and Louis tries to lighten the mood by tickling you. “Louis, cut it out. I know it’ll be alright.” 

Louis: “Ah there’s that laugh. That’s what I wanted to see.” 

As you grown near to the top floor, you take another deep breath and say to yourself, “no pressure. How bad could it be?” 

*DING* Oh crap… the top floor. Here goes nothing. 

Louis: “Niall? Liam? Harry? Anybody here?” 

Harry: “Daddy’s home! Daddy’s home!” 

You think… Daddy? Seriously?! 

Out of nowhere, Harry runs toward you and stops directly in front of you and says, “greetings, beautiful. I’m Harry,” and he grabs your hand and kisses the top of it. WHAT DID HE JUST DO?! “Hi Harry, nice to meet you,” as you say holding back yourself from blushing. 

Harry: “The pleasure’s all mine. Walk with me.” 

Niall (yelling loudly): “Which one of you lads has my underwear because this isn’t funny anymore.” 

Louis (yelling): “Niall. Don’t walk out here naked, she’s here.” 

Niall (yelling): “Oh, sorry lad. Let me just grab yours and be out.” 

Way to break the ice, Niall. Thank you for not coming out here naked, you’re thinking to yourself…Although it would have been quite hysterical. You see Niall approaching the sofa and he bends down and says, “Louis’s pictures did you no justice. It’s lovely to finally meet you.” You shrug and say, “same to you.” You don’t really think he appreciated that because he looks at you funny and walks away. 

Louis (to you): “What was that about? You gave Harry a proper hello.”

You: “I told you I’m bad at this. Don’t interrogate me.” 

Louis (to you): “The least you can do is give him a proper introduction.” 

You slide away from him to the end of the couch and just give him a look that says, “you stay the hell away from me.” Wait, aren’t we missing someone?! Liam comes around the corner and says, “well hello, Louis’s ‘best friend,’ how are you?” You nod and say, “I’m well, thanks.” 

Liam: “You’re a woman of few words, I see.”

You: “I guess you’re right.” 

Liam: “we won’t bite your head off, dear. You can speak and be yourself.” 

You: “Ok.” 

Liam walks away in disgust and meets Niall in the kitchen. You overhear Niall say, “are we sure that’s the same girl he talks about?” Liam replies with a, “I have no idea. It doesn’t seem like it.” You see that Louis is getting a bit peeved toward you and you say, “Do you just want to take me home, Louis? I told you that meeting people wasn’t exactly easy for me.” 

Louis: “No, you’re not going home. We just got here.” 

Louis gets up and walks away, leaving you in the room by yourself. You turn on the TV and sit there quietly when Harry decides to make himself known. He walks in the room to discover that you’re alone and he looks toward the kitchen and says, “this is how you treat a guest? By leaving her alone?” Louis replies with, “She’s not alone. We’re right here.”

Harry (toward Louis): “You don’t have to be a proper prude, Louis. You’re acting a bit ridiculous.” 

Harry sits down by you and cuddles up next to you. Clearly, it’s making you uncomfortable but you’re trying to keep that secret because you need to make a concerted effort to be friends with these guys. You can’t deny the fact that he’s charming and he smells amazing. 

Harry: “Darling, don’t be shy. Talk to me.”

You’re thinking…TALK TO YOU?! What the hell am I supposed to say.

You: “About what?” 

Harry (in a joking manner): “Ooh, let’s talk about boys.” 

You: “Let’s do.”

Harry: “Aren’t the Hemsworth brothers total babes?” 

You begin to laugh and reply with, “As if. They’re totally overrated.” 

Harry: “GASP! What is wrong with you, girlfriend?” 

You seriously can’t contain your laughter and you completely lose it. 

Harry: “Ah hah. I’m making you laugh. We’re getting somewhere.” 

You: “Sure.” 

Harry: “Do you want a drink, love? Some crisps?” 

You: “That’d be great. Surprise me.” 

You’re slowly warming up to him and seeing how great Harry really is. You’re thinking, “maybe this isn’t so bad after all.” 

Harry walks in the kitchen with a grin on his face and he walks toward the refrigerator, completely bypassing the guys. 

Liam: “Harry, what’s wrong with you?” 

Harry: “Do what? 

Niall: “Do you possess some kind of magical power?”

Harry: “What the devil are you talking about?”

Louis: “She’s really shy but she’s seeming to gravitate toward you, sir.” 

As Louis makes that comment, Harry becomes a bit angry and says, “you’ve got to joking, Louis.” 

Louis (to Harry): “Why does she like you so much? Did you promise to take her on a date or something?” 

Harry (to Louis): “No, but would it be so wrong if I did? You’re not seeming to care much for her presence right now.” 

Louis: “Yes, Harry. It would be wrong. She’s mine.” 

Harry: “Yours? She’s not a piece of property, Lou. She’s her own person. You’re not dating her, you know.”

Louis: “Do whatever the hell you please.” 

Liam: “Lads, what’s the problem?” 

Harry and Louis begin to argue back and forth and Niall yells, “ENOUGH. That’s enough, you two. Chill out.” Louis picks up his drink and walks toward the living room and sits on the sofa next to you. 

Louis (to you): “What’s so great about him, eh? You in love now?” 

You: “Excuse me, Louis. I’m not your property. And no, he’s just being really nice and I’m enjoying it. He’s making me feel welcome.” 

Louis: “Then go hang out with him, then.” 

You: “I came with you, though. I thought we were all supposed to hang out.”

Louis: “You’re not making it easy for everyone to be around. If you’d stop showing favoritism toward Harry, this might be fun.” 

You: “At least he’s not off in the kitchen talking about me not realizing that I can hear every word he’s saying.”

Louis: “Oh… You heard me? I’m sor-”

You: “Save it. I’ll be on the porch.”

You’re really angry that Louis would say such things about you. I mean, he’s supposed to be your best friend, right? Why would best friends talk about you while they’re in front of you?! You grab your phone, jump up, and make your way to the porch. Niall makes his way into the living room and plops down on the recliner and Liam slowly follows. 

Niall: “Lou, why would you do that? What’d she do to you, man?”

Louis: “You’re making it sound like I’m a proper asshole, Niall. I’m not.”

Liam: “You’re sure acting like it, Lou. She looks quite angry.” 

Louis: “Liam, it’s not my problem. I brought her here like you all wanted and now she’s acting like she doesn’t want to be here.” 

Liam: “Louis, how long did it take for her to warm up to you? Everyone’s different, lad. She’ll warm up to us soon but in good time, let Harry be the one to get her close to us.”

Louis: “Whatever.” 

Niall: “You know he’s the charming one, Lou. Let it happen.” 

You’re sitting on the porch just looking out at the beautiful view of the water. You’d go swimming but it’s obviously a little bit chilly. You’re wondering why Louis hasn’t come out to you to apologize yet but you just sit there patiently hoping that he’ll admit that he’s wrong. 

Harry (to Louis): “Where’d she go?” 

Liam points out to the porch and when Harry discovers you’re out there alone, he looks at Louis and says, “Why is she alone?!” Louis replies with, “she’s waiting for her knight in shining armor to save her.” Harry rolls his eyes and makes his way to the porch. He opens the door and closes it behind him. He sits down next to you and offers you a drink. 

Harry (to you): “What happened, love?” 

You: “Louis pitched a fit because he thinks you’re better than him.” 

Harry: “Do what? Are you serious?” 

Harry turns around and makes eye contact through the door with Louis and throws his hands in the air and mouths, “seriously, Lou?” Louis ignores him and Harry turns to look at you.

Harry: “We literally just met an hour ago. Why he would think such a thought is beyond me.” 

You: “Yeah, well I guess he’s angry because apparently I’m his property.” 

Harry: “Darling, you’re nobody’s property. If it’s making you uncomfortable, then I won’t bother you.”

You: “No, Harry. I’m enjoying talking to you.”

Harry: “Where were we, darling? What were we speaking of?”

You: “Apparently we were speaking of how I think the Hemsworth brothers are overrated.” 

Harry: “Ah, you’re right my darling. What’s your take on the Kardashians?”

You: “Don’t get me started because you will never hear the end of it.” 

Harry giggles and says, “try dating one.” 

You look at him sternly and say, “I think I’ll pass. They’re pathetic.” 

Harry: “Be sweet, you. Don’t be ugly about it.”

You put on a fake smile and say, “oh em geeeeeee I love the Kardashians!” 

Harry: “Your sarcasm is enlightening, darling. You speak my language.” 

You and Harry begin to talk more and more and the more you talk, the more anxious Louis becomes. Back inside the room, you can tell that he’s uncomfortable and you check your phone to discover a text from him. You’re still a bit peeved with him so you obviously ignore it. 

You: “Harry, may I ask you a question?”

Harry: “Of course, what is it?”

You: “Does Louis grow jealous easily?”

Harry: “Actually, he does. He’s plainly showing that he is right now. I tried to explain to him that I’m just trying to make a new friend. He’s taking it as a threat and quite honestly, I don’t want to speak to him at the moment because he’s acting pathetic.” 

You: “Well, alright then.”

Harry: “What makes you so shy, darling?”

You: “I just always have been. It took a lot for me to become close to Louis. It finally happened, though and I thought we were happy but apparently not.” 

Harry: “Enjoy the moment, love.”

He takes out his phone and says, “Let’s take a selfie. I need a picture for your name in my phone.” You oblige and say, “I’m not in your phone, though Harry.” He says, “oh, well you should be. You will be.” A rush of excitement swam through your face and you lean in to take a picture with him. He gets near your hair and says, “oh my. You smell amazing.” 

You: “Well thanks, Harry. You don’t smell so bad yourself.” 

Harry laughs and you two continue to take pictures on HIS phone. You think to yourself, “why does he want pictures of me in his phone?!” You trade phone numbers and before you know it, three hours have gone by and you’re still on the porch hanging out with pretty much the coolest person in the world. 

You: “I really think we should make our way back in. We’ve been out here for really long time.” 

Harry: “Oh, yes we have. Are you hungry?”

You: “I’m getting there.”

Both of you walk back into the room to discover that everyone had left. Harry calls Louis and asks him where everyone went. “Well, they all went to eat without us. And didn’t tell either of us. Did you get a message from Lou?” You check your phone to see that you in fact, did not receive a message. “No, no messages from him at least.” 

Harry looks like he’s bit uneasy and calls Louis back. “Lou, you realize that you left your company here, right?” Harry puts the phone on speaker and you hear Louis say, “apparently she’s your company. It’s not my problem anymore.” 

Harry (to Louis on the phone): “Seriously, lad? Why would you leave her here?” 

Louis: “Can’t you take her to eat? We’ll be back soon.” 

Harry: “I was already planning on whether you were here or not.” 

As Louis begins to speak, Harry hangs up the phone and says, “I’m sorry, darling. I don’t know what his problem is. Where would you like to go?” 

You: “It’s alright, I guess. I really don’t care! Why don’t you decide?” 

Harry grabs his coat as well as yours and kindly helps you into yours. You’re really warming up to him now because you’ve really never been in someone’s presence where he’s been so sweet so soon. You grab your purse and he grabs his keys. When you make it to his car, he opens the door for you to get in and makes sure you’re in before he closes it. All you can do is grin from ear to ear because you’re with the sweetest guy in the world. 

Harry: “You up for some Italian food?” 

You: “Sure. That sounds absolutely amazing.” 

Your phone rings and of course it’s Louis. You answer it and before he can even say anything, you say, “Lou, you’re acting repulsive and you need to calm down.” 

Louis: “I need to calm down? Who’s the one in the car with another guy?”

You: “Louis! Would you settle down? At least he didn’t leave me alone. I heard you wanted me to apologize to you. Well guess what, I’m not. You wanted me to get to know your best friends and if it takes one at a time, then so be it. Isn’t this what you wanted?” 

Louis: “Yeah. I’m sorry for leaving you.”

You: “I’m really pissed at you, ya know. You didn’t have to act like I was a piece of property to own. I warned you that I have to go at my own pace.” 

Louis: “I know, I know. I’ll let you enjoy your lunch with Harry. I’ll see you later.”

You: “Later, Lou.”

You hang up the phone and you’re relieved that he apologized because clearly he was out of line. You put your phone away and just glance at Harry in the corner of your eye. You’re thinking, “what did I do to deserve this? How’d I wind up in Harry’s car? How did I make it this far?” You dismiss the wayward thoughts and enjoy the ride because this truly is a happy moment. You arrive at the restaurant and Harry retrieves you from the passenger’s side and walks with his arm around you. 

You: “You’re the nicest person I’ve ever met.” 

Harry: “You know, you’re not so bad yourself.” 

You both enjoy lunch and as you’re making your way back to the hotel, you’re taking in the moment because it’s truly one of the greatest moments of your life. You make it back up to the room and sit down next to Louis. Louis wraps his arm around you and says, “I told you that you’d warm up to Harry. He’s a cheeky guy who knows his way with the ladies.” You laugh and reply with, “I don’t fall for the cheekiness. I fell for the friendliness. You’re right when you say that he’s a wonderful person.” Harry looks at you from across the room and winks while cracking that irresistible half-smile. 

Harry: “Lou, you’ve got to bring her around more often. She’s wonderful.” 

When Liam and Niall come back into the room, you apologize for the way you acted when you were first introduced to them. 

Liam: “It’s okay, darling. It’s understandable. We’re not scary, I promise.” 

Niall: “We’re scary sometimes. But we enjoy the presence of good people.” 

Harry plops down on the couch next to you and you all begin to talk and laugh. Overall, it was a great day. And you’re looking forward to the next. :)