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saturday mornings + jimin

a/n: thank u for sending in!!

Sunlight danced across the carpeted floor, the entire room cast in a gentle, warm haze that brightened it up. Clothes from the night before were scattered across the ground, your shirt and his pants, his shirt and your bra, and everything else in between laid, sleeping peacefully on the floor. The blankets over the bed laid messily, tangled between bodies that were tangled together. Soft hair tickled your bare chest, his head resting on your chest as he snored. Breath tickled your skin and you smiled softly in your sleepy mood, moving a hand up to play with the silky locks that brushed against your skin. It felt like the two of you stayed like that for years, and it was perfect. His skin was warm against your own, reminding you of the hot, passionate Friday night preceding the soft, gentle Saturday morning. It was a contrast you not only enjoyed, but thrived in. He didn’t get weekends off often, so this was a sweet treat that you savoured every time.

“Morning, babe,” a gravelly voice whispered, pulling you from your reveries. Jimin moved his head to look up at you, hair sticking up in all directions and a sleepy smile on his face. You laughed to yourself, cupping his soft cheeks and leaning in to kiss the pink, plump lips. He smiled into the kiss as your eyelashes tickled his cheeks. When you pulled back he followed, but you pushed him away with a laugh. Afterglow warmed the room, and he leaned down to peck your chest.

“Hungry?” He asked when he lifted his head, sliding his hand down to your waist, wrapping his arm around it to pull you closer. His touch tickled, and you found yourself giggling quietly.
“No, but you seem pretty thirsty,” you hummed, and he snickered before kissing you gently.
“Maybe. Is that okay?” He asked, and you couldn’t say that you didn’t want to do it again.


Happy Birthday sweetheart!!♥
I wish you the best on your special day, my dear @glitterypeachy. Have fun and eat a lots of cake.*+°˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

I love you, WE love yoouuu!! *hugs tight*
Happy birthday and hope you fulfill many more~ ♬ (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚♥


DID YALL THINK CHUNKY WAS MY ONLY THICKKY BABBY??? AHAHHAHA. Welllll no, I have made others for my favorite fanfics and no they’re not maids(tf) but the fics they belong to are 

@tyranttortoise (kinda @jolie-in-the-underground bc skeleton ex machina??? but ehh) @battlemaiden13

I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOVVVVEEE YOUR FANFICS AND THEY ARE IN MY TOP LIKE 3 SO HERE YOU GO BC UGGGGGHHHH I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!! <3333 The first three are of my interpretations of (Y/N) in each of your stories and the pictures on the right are the perspective skeleton that I like best from each of your stories (Black or Underfell!Papyrus for 6S1M Y/n, Blackberry and Crooks for the Lady, and Syrup from House Next Door for HND! Y/n) and my favorite out comes with them and their part of the chapter I FELL IN LOVE WITH THEM IN(some more of course<3)

But fr fr I really do love their fan fictions and I cannot get enough of them and instantly mini scream when you guys update because your all so amazing! I know I might sound really corny but I really appreciate what you guys do and I know it gets irritating and tiring when you want to take time away from writing but you can’t and i’m extremely grateful for it. Thanks again for all your work and I hope you like the drawings!<33

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It’s my head-cannon that Papyrus’ nightmare comes after Sans’ and you can’t fucking stop me. I’m forcing this to be fluffy. ಠ_ಠ (Thank you for drawing the comics btw. You're doing amazing and I love you.)


There’s already an alternate way to read that nightmare comic that I like to taunt about on stream xD.. but I like your idea! It’s fluffy! (TOO FLUFFY FOR ME)

Basically: Read Red’s nightmare first, and stop when the nightmare cuts out.

Go back and read the first page.


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say smth nice abt your fav mutuals make the happy happen

omg I feel like all my mutuals are my fave tho, this post is gonna go on forever~~ okay, lets go off the top of my head (but it got long so I had to add read more lmao):

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#342: 'If I Say I Need You'

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[Robin]'s future son. An 
upbeat boy who remembers little 
about the future—not even which 
future he came from. He wants to 
be a tactician like his mother. 
The most shamelessly self-driven. Born on May 5th.