love yoouuu

[Robin]'s future son. An 
upbeat boy who remembers little 
about the future—not even which 
future he came from. He wants to 
be a tactician like his mother. 
The most shamelessly self-driven. Born on May 5th.
OutOfWine: --eerie voice- I'm baaaack~

No meeting today, just a bunch of paperwork and my favorite work in the office: Making price list.

And I’m not talking about typing them only: I get to choose the font, the border, the design, getting all hyped up on photoshop and finally make a pwetteh price list. Almost like making a brochure, but better.

I just love doing it. XD

btw themidgardiansongstress , it took me months but I finally able to type Ani’s full name. MUHAHA. :D

Oh, and I think codotvu messed up or something, so I revert back to my old URL. :3

NOW, UNTO REPLIES. Memes first tho. -winks-

3A: Hook got a kiss for saving Charming’s life in Neverland; Regina gave Emma a happy ending with Henry, everything she ever wanted

3B: Regina saved Charming’s life after the casting of the second curse; Hook got a kiss for giving up his masculine-identity-reinforcing object for Emma. 

it’s not, like, a parallel. more like a chiasmus.