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Hmm so since we’re sharing Kuroko headcanons I just wanted to throw mine out there!

Kuroko loves cooking, and has dreams of becoming a chef. Of course he can’t personally taste test all this food, so he ropes Aomine and Kagami into eating the food he prepares, and of course because it’s them, they turn it into a competition. Every time he invites them over, they gorge themselves, and whoever eats more gets to spend the night with Tetsu (and he can’t complain; they’re doing him a favor after all). They’re both very different types of victors though.

Kagami becomes more sated, stuffed to the point where all he can manage is planting himself on the couch. He’s vaguely aware of Kuroko gently and reverently rubbing his swollen belly and trying to ease his digestion. Occasionally he’ll let off soft burps and hiccups, and when Kuroko notices his pressing becomes a bit more forceful as he tries to ease the pressure in Kagami’s belly. They just spend hours like that, Kagami dozing and enjoying his pampering and Kuroko eventually nodding off against his side, curled around his belly.

Aomine is a totally different story. Aomine’s victory just serves to pump up his ego, wrapping his small friend up in his arms and pulling a blushing Tetsu flush against him. He forces Tetsu against his belly, showing off his new girth and grinning wide as Tetsu struggles before hesitantly stroking Aomine’s massive gut. Occasionally, when he’s feeling extra obnoxious, he’ll plant himself in Tetsu’s lap, laughing as his tiny friend squirms and struggles under his massive weight. Aomine also has a tendency to lean back and practically smother the smaller man, all the while unleashing wet, boisterous belches. Tetsu resigning himself to his fate and struggling to wrap his arms around Aomine’s belly, already knowing he’ll never be able to shove the massive man off of him. He’ll never admit to liking nearly being crushed by Aomine’s weight.

The only thing similar about them is that they usually wake up sometime in the middle of the night, their stomachs rumbling for a midnight snack, but all they can find is the delicious vanilla flavored morsel pressed up against them.

aaaaAAAAAHAHAAAA– *and then DumDum screamed for a hundred years*

HOLY WOW this is a great bellycanon! Goodgosh thank you for sharing, I really like this idea <3 The dichotomy between how Kagami and Aomine enjoy their time is particularly wonderful aaaa

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say smth nice abt your fav mutuals make the happy happen

omg I feel like all my mutuals are my fave tho, this post is gonna go on forever~~ okay, lets go off the top of my head (but it got long so I had to add read more lmao):

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“Knock Knock” (Naevia)

22. Your character walking in on mine crying

Agron felt utterly useless. Powerless. He felt as though his soul had been ripped from fucking body. He would never forget that final look cast his way from Ceasar’s face. The smug expression, knowing what he was doing to him. Knowing, that even if he survived all odds against his own crucifixion … that Ceasar would still be taking Agron’s life. He may breathe, his heart may beat in chest … but his life was taken from him. Absent any knowledge of a life without battle. Without fighting. Without his identity as a warrior

It was why he was sitting here now, on the edge of the bed of his shared tent with Nasir. His partner had gone with the group of rebels, just like so many others had, tor aid villas and spread Spartacus’ name to them all. And Agron … was not a part of it. He could not go with the man he loved. Every second that he was gone, he feared for him. Terrified of him not returning, for he of all people knew just how drastically the tides could turn in this war. He couldn’t protect Nasir. He could not stand by his side. He supposed this was in some small measure how Nasir had felt when Agron left him. 

But … still. The fact that he had no other choice; that this was not the only battle he could not fight in, but rather, he could not fight in any battle. And he tried. Tried gripping the hilt of the sword, but watching it clatter to the softened ground each and every time. Eventually, he could not hold it in any longer. He felt the sting of tears in his eyes, feeling them slowly make their way down his still swollen eyes and cheeks. He sniffed, his lip slightly trembling as he just stared at the fallen sword, losing count of how many times he had tried; and thus, how many times he had failed in a simple fucking gesture as holding it. 

He almost didn’t hear the approaching footsteps, nor the sound of another entering. He sniffed again, attempting to wipe the tears from his cheeks as he moved to a stand, turning to face who it was. Naevia. And Agron suddenly felt as if he had no fucking right to cry; knowing what she had lost … who she had lost. If nothing else, Agron still had the one he loved. But Naevia, had to watch as he was taken from this world. Even still, Agron could not stop that fucking stubborn tear that escaped his duct. “Any news of the others return?” He asked, hoping that she was not here to deliver word that Nasir had fallen. That, was not news Agron would ever recover from


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โญ๏ธ *wondering if all my reasons will fit in this ask* Your writing is heartbreakingly great. Your facial expressions are always on point. You're honest and not afraid to be so. I don't think I've gone a day without laughing since I added you on snapchat. You tell things how they are and don't try to sugarcoat everything. You friggin love Jensen and I love hearing your stories. One day I will get you drunk and hug you. Love yoouuu! (I also need to come up with a nickname for you)

I’m legit scared of the nickname thing like…one day Imma check my snapchat and you’re gonna call me something and Imma just be like AHHHHHHHh

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#342: 'If I Say I Need You'

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