love yoouuu

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Every time I see Louis I start singing These Words by Natasha Bedingfield in my head. "I love you, I love you, I love you, I love yoouuu."

the daily harry declaration

OutOfWine: --eerie voice- I'm baaaack~

No meeting today, just a bunch of paperwork and my favorite work in the office: Making price list.

And I’m not talking about typing them only: I get to choose the font, the border, the design, getting all hyped up on photoshop and finally make a pwetteh price list. Almost like making a brochure, but better.

I just love doing it. XD

btw themidgardiansongstress , it took me months but I finally able to type Ani’s full name. MUHAHA. :D

Oh, and I think codotvu messed up or something, so I revert back to my old URL. :3

NOW, UNTO REPLIES. Memes first tho. -winks-

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All of the "introduce myself" questions! ;)

Well then, let me introduce myself! :) 

1. the meaning behind my url: none. what so ever. i don’t even like tea, so there’s that. but shoutout to backtoattack for coming up with it…i think? 
2. a picture of me: 

(fun fact, this was taken today) 
3. tattoos i have: uno. 

4. last time i cried and why: two days ago because uni. :(  
5. piercings i have: 3 on each ear, cartilage, & nose. 
6. favorite band: all time favourite band is hands down Coldplay. (don’t get me wrong, The 1975 are a verry verryy close second) 
7. biggest turn off(s): aghh there are so many, i’m sure, but the ones that come to mind now are when someone is arrogant, close minded, and/or uptight. 
8. top 5 (insert subject): YOU GOTTA INSERT THE SUBJECT KENZIE! ;) 
9. tattoos i want: there are so many, i can’t possibly list them all. 
10. biggest turn on(s): easy; gingers & musicians. 
11. age: 17..18 in december!! woo legality! 
12. ideas of a perfect date: something chill. 
13. life goal(s): to be happy and travel the world (as cliche as that sounds). 
14. piercings i want: how ever many it takes to fill up the rest of my left ear? 
15. relationship status: S-I-N-G-L-E. 
16. favorite movie: devil wears prada, probs. 
17. a fact about my life: i was dropped on my head twice as a i guess that explains a lot? 
18. phobia: bugs. 
19. middle name: maria. 
20. anything you want to ask: idk there anything you wanna know?