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Team Voltron with an Artist s/o HCs

Requested by @jxsontxdds: “JULES how about a headcanon for Team Voltron when they find out you can paint or do art? love ya girl and congrats <3"

A/n: Hope you love it Lina!!!


  • When he first finds out he doesn’t pressure you to show him your art.
  • He will wait until you want him to see it.
  • When he does get to see it, he finds it so amazing.
  • “Whoa, [F/n]! You’ve got a real talent here.”
  • He’s so very supportive.
  • If you make your own paints he will pick up alien plants with cool colors on missions for you to make paints out of.
  • Always on the look out for anything he think you may like for your art.
  • If you’re up for it, he loves to watch you.
  • You often end up sketching him as he’s working on things.


  • He learns about your art when you present something to him.
  • Showing him a sketch or painting you had made and were on the fence about.
  • “Wait, I didn’t know you were an artist.”
  • “It’s just a hobby really.”
  • Insists to see what else you’ve done.
  • He loves all your works and likes to have them where he can see them all the time.
  • If he catches you sketching or painting he will end up watching over your shoulder.
  • Loves to catch you sketching him.


  • He’s an oblivious boy.
  • Had exactly zero idea you were an artist.
  • When he finds out he’s so shocked.
  • “HOLD ON! You’re an artist?”
  • “Lance, my paintings are literally all over my room.”
  • When he hears that he wants to see all of the stuff you’ve done.
  • If you make something for him he puts it on display in his room.
  • He loves it and wishes he had your talent, so he wants to help.
  • WILL model for you.
  • Really supportive little bean.


  • He had suspicions.
  • He’d always see you washing paint off things in the kitchen.
  • When he finally asks about it you show him your art.
  • Finding it absolutely stunning.
  • “[F/n]! Why didn’t you tell me about this sooner?”
  • Type of guy to help you with inspiration.
  • Sketching or painting any specifically interesting looking dishes he makes.
  • You have a sketchbook dedicated to his culinary masterpieces.


  • She’s kinda oblivious like Lance.
  • Never really noticed the multiple items in your room until you pointed it out.
  • All around she’s impressed.
  • Appreciates the time you put into them because she feels that with her being an engineer.
  • Will help you make anything you need for your art.
  • “You need more paints? I’ll make them.”
  • She loves to help you out and make it easy for you.


  • Learning about your art intrigues her.
  • She wants to know about what art on Earth is like.
  • You explain to her different styles as she watches you.
  • “So this type of art is called modernism.”
  • Eventually she will show you some Altean style art and will show you how to do it.
  • Everyone is confused because all of a sudden art is everywhere in the castle.


  • So very enthralled with your art.
  • He loves learning about new things and Earth art styles are definitely new.
  • He will tell you so many facts about art on Altea.
  • “I once saw the most realistic painting of a Duflax”
  • Will look up old altean art and show it to you.
  • You try and recreate some for him.
  • He treasures it.

1,200 Milestone - Headcanons: OPEN

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6x03 “The Third Man” / Shirtless!Soulless!Sam

Colts and Quills Family gifsets ~ Conductor

Things we have to look forward to in season 7 of New Girl

Nick and Jess doing laundry together…him hugging her tightly, sniffing her neck thinking she smells like several babies in a damn meadow.

Nick and Jess ironing together - Nick in his new pink t-shirt Schmidt gave him for his birthday (yes, that’s a storyline in one of the episodes), Jess hugging him from behind squeezing his biscuit…I mean BICEPS…

Nick and Jess doing grocery shopping together - Nick playfully pushing his singing fiancée (YEP, they got engaged) in the shopping cart looking for milk, a new nut wrench, crackers, lube for drill shaft, cucumbers, popcorn, quick-hardening caulk, and last but not least a box of gummy sharks.

Nick and Jess cooking dinner together at their new house, (which they named Edgar Town after Jess’ student who inspired Nick to write the Pepperwood Chronicles which is the reason they could afford to buy the house).

Nick and Jess doing dishes together, Jess giving Nick long meaningful glances between the washups - if he’s a good boy and dries everything she’s washed, he might get a treat afterwards. A kitchen treat AND a bedroom treat.

So this is basically how season 7 of New Girl will play out Ness-wise. No drama, no intrigues, CERTAINLY no more fights and breakups, just everyday life together with Nick and Jess :-). A big shout-out to my very talented Photoshop girl @zooeyslaychanell who made this whole post possible. Love ya <3.


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Should’ve taken the A1

a ‘we’re both stuck in stand still traffic and i’m bored as all hell, please entertain me’ au 

for @letthepeoplesay-oh love ya, girl <3 
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She should have taken the bloody A1.

“There’s not much traffic this weekend, it’ll be fine if I just take the M6!” Jyn practically growled at the traffic around her. “When are you going to learn, Jyn, never trust the bloody M6!”

Of course, the M6 was currently failing her. Only a few miles out of Birmingham, the northbound traffic had naturally come to a complete and utter standstill. Unfortunately, there weren’t any of the slow stops and starts of usual traffic congestion, which meant it was probably an event that was causing this particular jam. Sure enough, a quick Google search was able to tell her that there had apparently been an accident and that traffic was currently backed up for miles. 


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ok the poses people are making for pets are so fkin cute n also i got s&s a pet so those posts are supposed to start coming out on saturday :~D neatneatneat