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Watch out, 2017. This year, closer and closer dreams will become. Goals will be smashed. Lives will be changed. Ideas will become reality, and love will overcome all darkness.
gym tip for those who feel self-conscious at the gym -

countdown from 4, & once you hit 0 then don’t allow yourself to think about that. block the negative out- or even better sweat it out!

take control of your fears & insecurities. work towards conquering them. your time at the gym is for YOU! allow yourself to focus on where you are at, not where others are.

you are beautiful. no matter where you are at in your journey, you are beautiful.


These two pictures were taken just a little over a year apart. After looking at these you might think that a change like that would have made me super happy and satisfied with myself. But the night I took the second picture, I was not very happy at all. See, for that year my only goal was to loose the weight for other people. I never focused on what I wanted. I focused on how certain people would feel about me. Therefore the year was a complete rollercoaster. Back and forth, and that picture was taken at my lowest point weight wise, and self esteem wise. I was not accepting myself for the right reasons. I was looking at myself as only this lump thinking people actually cared about that.

Even though I had lost the weight I wanted, I was not satisfied with myself because I was always my biggest critic. I always wanted to be more fit. Until I realized that no one but me really cared that much about the way I looked. I started looking past my body and past my self esteem issues and started looking deeper.

The second picture is still me today. I am working now to maintain a good weight. But doing it the healthy way. I find my worth not in my outer appearance, But in ways I can be an encouragement to others, or some sort of motivation. Not a weight loss motivator. But a motivator to become the best person you can be in every way.


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Today was cardio day- did 45 minutes of a Beachbody Turbofire video. FELT AMAZING! I love the Beachbody at-home workouts for my cardio days. My favourites are Turbofire and Insanity. Have any of you tried any of the Beachbody programs?

—Leaving for Peru in 3 days :)