love wilts

Life and Liberty are threatened everywhere. We need a Watchword and a Banner for the battle. We need a Principle on which to reconstruct. And so: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

A propaganda flyer created by Blazing Star O.T.O.

Frater 440.’.
93 93/93


Touring lil bean @pigeoncoffee‘s town of Wilt 🌱 

Close up of last night’s photo of Mac and Bozer 😊
Actually Lucas Till in the photo(unsure if that’s actually Justin Hires? There’s a few year age gap, so that part is unlikely)
Lucas Till was such a cutie!

Edit: Thanks to a lovely anon informing me the actual photo could be found on Google(THANK YOU ANON!), I found this

Original photo, which is actually of Lucas Till and Tony Oller, an actual childhood friend of his.
Still cute.

love how in the 18th century mens courted chicks by going like “mine lovely lady thou are the most beauteous vision I wilt love thou for all time mine lily of the valley whose fair bosoms I worship my heart it will perish in your name only” and now they r like on tinder and instagram comment sections like “boons;; i like u hav very big. i will fuk i like very much” at least now they r direct about being ugly perverts only wanting to use u for sox before some second rate Lord Byron would say some gay poetrys u would fall for then ruin u then ur famigilia would send u to a convent now we just know. that 45 year old Bob from Alabama in the youtube comment section of Dust in the Wind by Kansas wants to plow u after u posted a comment about how ur 20 but still appreciate old rock music


Cauterized through catharsis
New eyes knew the garden
Grew flowers for the broken hearted
No, we won’t wilt here
Love is built here
We’ll finish what we started
With hands that are sincere
We reach for the sun
Shed this veneer
Once promises rust
I was thinking of finding God again
Lost faith without a guardian
I suppose we don’t amount to much
One way or another
Found myself in a gutter
Counting stars but losing myself amongst the constellations
Far from done
This universe is constantly oscillating
And we were dust
But the day will come again when we’ll meet
Just off the edge of Ganymede
And our galaxies will finally touch

the white rose may be symbolised in the video as a love that maintains purity and reverence, whereby the male character decides at one point that “there’s no point hoping at all”, believing that the love affair has wilted, as the female character begins to pick off the petals, however both characters soon realise that they can’t stop “calling each other’s names until they come back home”, and so there becomes a bright, burning desire to rekindle the love they’re pining for, and to begin again, just like the blossoming of a white rose.

I love him so hard that I forget to hate myself. I even began to get out of bed early, instead of not at all, just to see his lovely face. I’m so busy loving him that I didn’t even notice that all the wilted flowers inside of me are starting to grow back. I am always trying so hard to impress him that I finally cleaned up my mess of a life and maybe it’s not spotless, but I hope it’s still enough. I stopped slumping my shoulders and I started looking people in the eye. He made me want to get better and I did, God, I got a whole lot better. His touch makes me feel things that I haven’t felt in a long time. I love him so much that I’m starting to fall in love with myself again.
—  11:07 thoughts about him. (via music-n-drugs)

You’ll always be my sunshine even on a rainy day, so I bought these sunflowers that were wilting away to remind me that even in our weakest days, with enough sunlight we’ll push through the haze.

anonymous asked:

You said you like long ass fantasy series can you name some I finished WoT and I am in need of a new series!

Oh man of course. I am always happy to recommend books, seriously, it makes me feel powerful. 

(I’m kidding. Sort of.)

There aren’t a lot of series to match the sheer length of Wheel of Time, and some of the ones that do I haven’t gotten around to reading. But the ones I can think of off the top of my head:

  • Kushiel’s Legacy by Jacqueline Carey: This series is very NSFW and has a lot of BDSM in it, but if you’re a fan of A Song of Ice and Fire I do recommend trying this series - there’s a lot of espionage and intrigue and politics, a female protagonist, canonical queer relationships. Taking place on a near-Earth world where the religion dictates “love as thou wilt”, it follows Phedre, who is basically…designated masochist from birth, and her training to become a political tool and eventually master. The main series is three sizable books, and there’s a following trilogy as well (starting with Kushiel’s Scion) that I can’t vouch for but I know people have read and liked. The first book is Kushiel’s Dart.
  • The Elderlings serieses by Robin Hobb: There are I think…twelve books in this set? All set in the same world, but they come in trilogies that tell complete stories. The first one begins with Assassin’s Apprentice, and that and two other trilogies directly follow FitzChivalry Farseer, the bastard son of a prince who is raised to be a secret assassin for the royal family. These books were very #formative for me, and I legit love Fitz even though (or perhaps because) he’s such a fuckup. 
  • Coldfire Trilogy by C.S. Friedman: This one is only a trilogy, but it’s three thick books and it’s a really good trilogy that more people should read. It’s sort of - dark fantasy and epic fantasy mashup, on a really interesting world and with some fascinating world building, and also one of my favorite morally dubious semi-antagonists that I’ve read. 
  • Belgariad/Malloreon by David Eddings: I feel like objectively the writing quality is not that great, and a lot of this series does follow cliches of fantasy as a genre - but Eddings is really self aware about it, his writing has a very light and humorous touch that is a pleasure to read, and his side characters are all delightful. Also I just…really like Zakath. A lot. 

I haven’t read (yet!) but have heard that the Earthsea Cycle is great. It doesn’t have the huge page count but don’t let that be a drawback, Ursula K. LeGuin is great.

Those are the ones that pop up off the top of my head, though I am certain I’m missing a bunch. Shorter but also worth reading (small fandoms of my heart) is the Rai-Kirah trilogy by Carol Berg. 

Now I feel like I need to go to a bookstore and browse the shelves to remind myself of all the epic fantasy I have read and am forgetting.