love will write the words

If you’ll just hear
all the stories
I’ve said to the moon,
you can never
count those times
I’ve mentioned
how much
I adore you.
—  ma.c.a // Words I Can’t Tell You

Don’t let a person’s title or status colour your judgment. The Harvey Weinstein scandal (like many examples in history) proves that a person’s title has no bearing of their moral character!


Right now you’re hungry for love, and maybe even a little desperate.

Hoping someone will barge in and make life better, just be patient,

the person you were born to be with wants to be with you too, and when the times right, they’ll come into your life

—  excerpt form a book I’ll never write

I just want someone that will understand me. I’m so tired of explaining myself.

-I’m tired of being misunderstood.


I have a problem admitting when I’m hurting. I’m always trying to stay happy and content that when I fail in doing that, I feel like I lost, like I made a mistake. And let me tell you something, there wouldn’t be a rainbow without the rain.
—  giulswrites

He says that he likes me because I have a pretty mouth, and sometimes he makes me feel like I have a pretty mouth
because he kisses me like he’s never known anything better.
and I think I’m supposed to be happy,
but my tummy still hangs heavy on my body and my thighs still look huge next to his.
And I wonder if he finds my flabby upper arms pretty,
or my bulging cheeks and my wide forehead pretty.

I know he doesn’t think of me as pretty.
He only ever looks at my eyes when we’re laid together. He only ever touches me where I am hardest.
Where I am most comfortable.
And it still surprises me when he asks me if he’s pretty. I mean, sure, he’s beautiful.
There’s no question about that. It’s clear to see.
But I’ve never paid attention to his looks as a whole. Only ever his collarbones,
only ever his fingers, where he is prettiest.
Never his face, never his whole body.

I don’t think I will ever be comfortable with my whole body. But I have learned how to love my lips the way he loves them,
and I’ve learned how to love my fingers and my nonexistent collarbones the way I love his.
And I remember the times I slipped stars
under my skin, hoping that I glow as bright as they do,
and the day I realized that no light will be
brighter than the one I shine on myself.

—  oscarsins

have you ever felt like all these tiny pieces of you are falling apart bit by bit but there is this one person in your life who is the adhesive. they are literally holding it all together while you struggle to do it yourself. i am all for self love and care but some days all you need is someone to hold you together when the world seems like a unfair place and life seems like a cocky bitch. somedays all you need is another person to keep you together in one joint piece when you are tearing apart miserably.

a d h e s i v e//nikitagupta

I don’t know what love is supposed to feel like.

Is it grappling for air, because any second could be the moment they take your breath away and never give it back?

Is it a battlefield of words, who can hurt the other most without leaving a mark?

Is it crying into the pillow, the phone, trying to figure out where it all went wrong?

Is it a strangers arms at 2am, liquor on the breath, anything to forget?

I don’t know what love is supposed to feel like, because I’ve never felt love.

What happened between us
Felt world ending
But the sun still rises
And falls,
—  K.N.B.