love will lead you home


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four-word sentences.
  • “we are not friends.”
  • “will it all go wrong?”
  • “you should love me.”
  • “keep your secrets safe.”
  • “lead me back home.”
  • “this is your warning.”
  • “i honestly don’t care.”
  • “i couldn’t care less.”
  • “let me help you.”
  • “lose your fucking mind.”
  • “please just stop talking.”
  • “you are distracting me.”
  • “you don’t make sense.”
  • “you’ll never be enough.”
  • “i’ll wait for you.”
  • “i’m not leaving you.”
  • “i’ll always be here.”
  • “don’t move. you’re hurt.”
  • “don’t let me go.”
Lead Me Home [Part Three]

summary: As a young girl, you sat next to Bucky Barnes every single day on the bus, claiming your rightful spot as his best friend. But as the two of you grow older, Bucky and you seem to grow closer together in a way that neither of you expected.

word count: 2,303 words

warning(s): brief language, FRESHMAN YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL

pairing: bucky x reader

note: Hi, my lovelies! I hope you love part three of Lead Me Home as much as you’ve loved the last two parts! I honestly want a Bucky Barnes so bad it’s RIDICULOUS! [The tag list is OPEN!]



Bucky didn’t question the boxes you put in his car, or why the hell you wanted to take those boxes to the mall. He was observing your every move, but not judging it. It was almost if he knew how unhappy you were with yourself. He was the only one who you knew would understand your decision to get rid of everything.

Deep down, you were slightly jealous that he didn’t have to scrap every inch of his identity to be perfect.You slumped down in the passenger seat of his car after you had finished putting your boxes in the back. Bucky’s loud electronic music pulsed through the speakers causing your seat to shake. Most people thought of his music taste as annoying but you loved it; the beat of the music made you feel emotion. The music didn’t need powerful lyrics to make a statement, and you adored it.

“Hey Y/N,” Bucky looked at his watch and you had to stifle giggles that threatened to ooze out your lips. He was so old fashioned, looking at an analog clock watch even though he had a perfectly good electric one right in front of him. His friends said he started doing it ironically but then it had become a habit and he couldn’t help himself.“I’m sorry I’m late. Apparently, the light on Wayland Street is out of service so they had the police regulating it and somebody pulled me over because they thought I only had my permit and was driving without adult supervision.” He rolled his eyes and then flashed you a grin. “Anyways, how are you? What do you want to do?”

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Plugged In: This World or Any Other, The Playlist: Volumes I & II
Now curated for mood and arranged to fit the plot arcs of Clean and Marked

Genghis Khan / Miike Snow
I hate u, I love u / gnash ft. Olivia O’Brien
Sweater Weather / The Neighbourhood
Scene Three: Stomach Tied in Knots / Sleeping With Sirens
A Rush of Blood / Coasts
Bloodsport / Raleigh Ritchie
Stay / Rihanna ft. Mikky Ekko
Coffee / Miguel ft. Wale
Strange Love / Halsey
Weapons / Hudson Taylor
You and I / Pvris
Monster Lead Me Home / Sarah Hartman
As You Are / The Weeknd
Fallingforyou / The 1975
Inside Out / The Chainsmokers ft. Charlee
Clarity / Zedd ft. Foxes
Chasing Cars / Snow Patrol
Jet Black Heart / 5 Seconds of Summer
Love Like This / Kodaline
Follow You / Bring Me the Horizon
Like a Funeral / Erik Jonasson
Blue Ocean Floor / Justin Timberlake
A Drop in the Ocean / Ron Pope
All I Want / Kodaline
I’ll Follow You Into the Dark / Death Cab for Cutie
Muscle Memory / Lights
St. Patrick / Pvris
The Unforgettable / Colours
No One’s Gonna Love You / Band of Horses
Same Sea / Lights
Wherever I Go / OneRepublic
Lucky Ones / Lana Del Rey
Pompeii / Bastille
Timeless / The Airborne Toxic Event
Lanterns / Birds of Tokyo

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He laughed grasping his hand and leading him to their car.  “God I love you.” He drove them home and carried him to his room throwing hi on the bed.  “Strip.”

Leaving the fact that he was way too horny for his own good, Kurt let that comment slide for the time being and followed Harland into the car. He giggled when he was carried upstairs and to the man’s penthouse, then gasped when he was thrown onto the bed. “Yes, sir” he said with a lustful voice and took his clothes off without leaving the bed, for his lover’s visual pleasure.

Love Will Lead You Home

Isobel stirred at the shrill sound of her telephone ringing in the hallway. Groggy with sleep, she noted the fire had died out in the hearth and her book lay sprawled on her lap. The chill in the room told her it was well past midnight and she has fallen asleep in her sitting room again. The phones persistent ringing willed her to move from her chair though her old bones felt stiff. “Hello?” Isobel answered. “Ah yes, Mrs. Carwley. This is Virginia Wesson from the porter house…” The work house of York, Isobel noticed. “I hate to bother you so late but Doctor Clarkson isn’t Avaliable and we’ve a young woman who is in the midst of labor and requires assistance.” Her heart went out to that poor woman, no one should have to have a child in that place, Isobel had delivered too many. “Yes, I’ll be right there.” Isobel hurried and dressed, taking up her bag and setting off towards the work house in the cool Autum air. Arriving about half and hour later she quickly entered. “Hello, I’m Isobel Crawley I’m here to help the young lady, could you show me to her?”


Fast and Furious 7 captured everything. Paul’s legacy will forever be remembered. You’ll understand when I say that the film couldn’t have been made more beautiful. The heart, the soul and the passion towards the end, was an emotional ride. Just remember, you will always have family, no matter what.

“So let the light guide your way hold every memory, as you go and every road you take will always lead you home”

I will forever and always love the Fast Family. Paul, we love and miss you ~