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Headcanons and Scenarios:


Appreciation Post


Cuddling with Taeil

Friends to Lovers with Taeil

Song Writing w/ Taeil that Leads to Confession 

Duets w/ Taeil 



Cuddling with Johnny

Friends to Lovers with Johnny 

Enemies to lovers with Johnny


Playing Piano w/ Johnny 

Fashion Evaluation w/ Johnny

Prom w/ Johnny


Are you ashamed of me?

First Kiss


Sleeping Pills


Appreciation Post


Cuddling with Taeyong

Friends to Lovers with Taeyong 

Boyfriend does my makeup with Taeyong

Getting into an argument with Taeyong

Lazy dates w/ Taeyong

Beach date w/ Taeyong

Midnight confessions w/ Taeyong

Everything is Going to be Alright 

Never Leave My Side

Secret Love Song



Yuta Appreciation Post


Cuddling with Yuta

Friends to Lovers with Yuta 


Boyfriend does my makeup with Yuta


Carnival date w/ Yuta

Aquarium date w/ Yuta

Soccer w/ Yuta

I love you too much

Swimming Fool

Something more than friends



Friends to Lovers with Kun

Languages Lessons w/ Kun 


Goodbye message



Cuddling with Doyoung

Friends to Lovers with Doyoung 

Lazy dates w/ Doyoung

Vroom Vroom Talk Show w/ Doyoung

Prom w/ Doyoung

Ferris Wheel




Cuddling with Ten

Friends to Lovers with Ten (1)

Friends to Lovers with Ten (2) 

Boyfriend does my makeup w/ Ten

Getting ears pierced w/ Ten

Dancing w/ Ten

Language lessons w/ Ten

Lazy Mornings



Cuddling with Jaehyun

Friends to Lovers with Jaehyun 

Boyfriend does my makeup with Jaehyun

Basketball w/ Jaehyun

Duets w/ Jaehyun 

Good morning, little one

Something Just Like This

Starry Night

We just need to wait a little longer


Appreciation Post


Cuddling with Winwin

Friends to Lovers with Winwin 

Dancing w/ Winwin

Languages Lessons w/ Winwin 



Appreciation Post


Cuddling with Mark

Friends to Lovers with Mark 


Arcade date w/ Mark

Mall date w/ Mark

Song Writing w/ Mark that Leads to Confession 

Mark inviting you to his hometown

Pumpkin carving w/ Mark


Between The Shelves

How long have you been dating?

I don’t deserve you 


My other half

Please, wait for me

Second Nature

I would never: one, two, three



Cuddling with Renjun

Enemies to lovers with Renjun

Sleepovers with Renjun

Little Brother!Renjun

Lazy dates w/ Renjun

Portrait Drawings w/ Renjun 





Appreciation post


Cuddling with Jeno

Friends to Lovers with Jeno 

Sleepovers with Jeno

Little Brother!Jeno

Song Writing w/ Jeno that Leads to Confession

Soccer w/ Jeno

Summer Love

Walk You Home

Please, don’t leave: one, two


Appreciation Post


Cuddling with Haechan

Friends to lovers with Haechan

Boyfriend does my makeup with Haechan

Sleepovers with Haechan (1)

Sleepovers with Haechan (2)

Arcade date w/ Haechan

Song Writing w/ Haechan that Leads to Confession

Duets w/ Haechan 

Hyung line trying to get you and Haechan together 

AM 1:27


I promise


My precious girl

Stressed Out

There’s Always A First Time

They Don’t Know About Us


Appreciation Post


Cuddling with Jaemin

Boyfriend does my makeup with Jaemin 

Sleepovers with Jaemin (1)

Sleepovers with Jaemin (2)

Mall date w/ Jaemin

Volleyball w/ Jaemin



Appreciation Post


Cuddling with Chenle

Friends to Lovers with Chenle

Little Brother!Chenle

Water park date w/ Chenle

Going Trick or Treating w/ Chenle

Midnight confessions w/ Chenle

High note competition w/ Chenle 

I’m so thankful for having you



Cuddling with Jisung

Sleepovers with Jisung

Little Brother!Jisung


Dancing w/ Jisung

Prom w/ Jisung

Play Date


NCT’s reaction when they hear you speaking your mother language

NCT’s reaction to you confessing first

NCT’s reaction to you writing/performing a song for them

NCT’s reaction to you surprising them on tour/at a concert

NCT’s reaction to your relationship being revealed publicly

NCT’s reaction to you having a strong British accent

NCT’s reaction to other members walking into you guys kissing/ making out

NCT’s reaction to you saying “I love you” first

NCT’s reaction to you confessing to them but they reject you so you play it off as a joke

NCT’s reaction to you kissing them for the first time

NCT’s reaction to you going on a diet 

NCT’s reaction when they surprise you with a kiss but when they pull back you’re crying because you can’t believe that you’re in such a good relationship

NCT’s reaction to you surprising them at practice

NCT’s reaction to having a ‘01 liner s/o that’s 1.55 cm

NCT’s reaction to your pictures from photoshoots

NCT’s reaction to you cooking for them

NCT’s reaction to you calling them when crying

NCT’s reaction to you fangirling over EXO

NCT’s reaction to you getting scared at a fear of them

NCT’s reaction to you describing your ideal type but it’s far from how they are

NCT’s reaction to you describing your ideal type and it’s exactly how they are

NCT’s reaction to you being a Potterhead

NCT’s reaction to you falling asleep in their lap

NCT’s reaction to you asking them for an autograph

NCT’s reaction to you being really tall and being insecure about it

NCT’s reaction to you being very clumsy

NCT’s reaction to your friend yelling “Hey! She thinks you’re cute!“ at them

NCT’s reaction to you finding out that the reason they dated you was because of a bet

NCT U’s reaction to you cheating on them with another member

NCT U’s reaction to you reading fanfics about them because you miss them

NCT 127’s reaction to you having depression

NCT 127′s reaction to you passing your audition to entering SM Entertainment

NCT 127′s reaction to you getting scared at a horror movie

NCT 127′s reaction to you finding out that they’ve been cheating on you (1)

NCT 127′s reaction to see you again after the betrayal (2)

NCT 127’s reaction to you falling of the stairs and getting hurt

NCT 127′s reaction to one of their habits stick on you

NCT 127′s reaction to you debuting in a girl group of SM

NCT 127′s reaction to you telling them that you’re pregnant

NCT 127’s reaction to you looking tough but actually being really shy and sweet

NCT 127′s reaction to you inviting them to your house for the first time

NCT 127′s reaction to you co-hosting Weekly Idol while they’re guests

NCT 127’s reaction to their s/o loving skinship with them

NCT 127’s reaction to you having arachnophobia

NCT Dream’s reaction to you telling them that you want to break up with them as prank

NCT Dream’s reaction to you being shipped with them

NCT U + 127’s reaction to you switching languages all the time

NCT U + 127’s reaction to you saying “I love you” accidentally for the first time

Hyung line’s reaction to you swearing at them in an argument

Hyung line’s reaction to meeting your parents who don’t like them because they’re asian

Hyung’s line reaction to you kicking them in your sleep

Hyung line’s reaction to you refusing to sit on their lap because you think you’re too heavy

Foreign line’s reaction to you surprising them with tickets to their home country

Johnny, Yuta, Kun, Ten, Winwin, Mark’s reactions to you meeting their parents but you aren’t confident to talk to them in their native language 


Couple items with NCT

Couple nicknames with NCT

First dates with NCT

NCT dating a short girl

NCT dating a tall girl

Little touches of love with NCT

NCT liking a insecure chubby girl

NCT liking a girl NCT member

NCT meeting your family

Being the only girl in NCT U would include

Being the only girl in NCT 127 would include

Being the only girl in NCT Dream would include

NCT 127 being guardian angels and falling in love with their human

Truth or Dare with NCT 127 would include 

Going to the beach with NCT DREAM

Going to an ice cream shop with Jisung and Chenle

You, Chenle and Renjun being triplets

You, Jeno and Jaemin being triplets

I also do ships, but if you want to request one please do it without being in anon, it’s less messy for me in that way. Thanks!

My To-Do List!

I got tired of the submissions from people who are on good terms with the Crows, and appear to think that this is an easy thing to be. The Crows are just as frightening as the Gentry, in many ways. If you start to think of them as safe, or trivialise their regard by assuming you can buy it with minor things - scraps of food and respectful nods that cost you little to nothing - then you are going to have a very bad time.

Thus, as a public service; a trilogy of anecdotes:

The first thing they tell you about the Crows is this: Some say that if they love you they will lead you home, no matter how far you have wandered. But the crows do not love many.

Once, there was a student who paid faithful tribute to the Court of Crows. She offered food and trinkets at noon each day, and sang to them when the moon was full. She presumed herself safe, that she had bought the shade of their sheltering wings.

Then she watched as her roommate, her dearest friend, was Taken out from under one of the Crows trees. In her furious grief she swore revenge, but with summer break just around the corner, her friends thought she’d get over it. That she’d cool her head.

She came back with a shotgun, and a box full of neatly-stacked shells, and her friends and fellow students paid the price for it. Those were a bad few days. People lost friends.

No-one ever saw her again, or a body. But Jim from down the hall swears up and down the janitor came away with a bucket full of red water.

Do not anger the Crows. Do not presume their favour. It is theirs alone to grant, and they owe you nothing.

Once there was a student who took heed of the stories of the Crows. He left them offerings and read them poems, and this they tolerated, though they never showed him special favour.

He grew resentful of this lack, and stepped up his efforts. He bought them lavish gifts; outcompeting those who left them food or trinkets. He praised them during his breaks, striving to outdo those who simply nodded with respect. Every time they fluttered and shifted on their branches without gracing him with affection, his ugly fury grew.

Iron and salt stop only the Gentry. He found a feather on his pillow one morning, jet black and ragged-edged and stained with blood. Rather than taking this as a warning and a caution, he showed it to all who would look; let words boil out of his mouth that put form to what he felt he deserved. The next night, he dreamed of harsh croaks and cold air, and sharp beaks pecking out his eyes and tongue.

He woke up blind and mute, never to covet them again.

Do not insult the Crows. Do not try to buy their favour. It is not a thing to be sold, and you are entitled to nothing.

Once there was a student who was Taken by the Gentry. He laboured under Their affections until they released him into Elsewhere; uncaring as to his fate. Knowing what would befall him if he lingered, he searched desperately for a route that would lead him home.

A black shape took wing from the trees above him, and thinking himself safe, he sobbed in relief. He had always paid his respects to the Crows, and now he wept with joy and promised them much if they would lead him back to safer lands. More came, and he followed the ever-growing flock deeper and deeper down forest paths.

Eventually, he reached a clearing where the bare earth was dyed crimson. Human bones lay scattered on the ground, pecked clean of flesh. The flock settled all about him, and at last he remembered.

Not for nothing is a group of crows named a murder.

Do not rely on the Crows. Do not ask for their favour. They are neither safe nor tame, and they are bound by nothing.


four-word sentences.
  • “we are not friends.”
  • “will it all go wrong?”
  • “you should love me.”
  • “keep your secrets safe.”
  • “lead me back home.”
  • “this is your warning.”
  • “i honestly don’t care.”
  • “i couldn’t care less.”
  • “let me help you.”
  • “lose your fucking mind.”
  • “please just stop talking.”
  • “you are distracting me.”
  • “you don’t make sense.”
  • “you’ll never be enough.”
  • “i’ll wait for you.”
  • “i’m not leaving you.”
  • “i’ll always be here.”
  • “don’t move. you’re hurt.”
  • “don’t let me go.”
Rude Awakening

Written for: Ash’s 300 W&G Challenge / Michelle’s AU & Things Challenge / SPN HWC – Week 17

Prompt: “Speaking of chairs, you look like a fun place to sit.” / Professor AU / “Tell me something I don’t know about you.” (Quotes are bolded in the story)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Words: 3270

Warnings: Smut, Angst, AU

A/N:  So I found a great way for all of this to be wrapped up in one fic. Well, I sincerely hope it works and it’s enjoyable. Thanks to all the wonderful organizers of Challenges. It’s very hard but a ton of fun. All errors are my own, gifs found on the google, and feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading!

Summary: Upon returning home to finish school and care for your father after an accident sees your best friend Meg taking you out for a night of fun. It leads you into the arms of the man of your dreams. But what’s a dream come true without a nice slap of reality?


     “I’m just so happy you finally transferred here, Y/N,” Meg grinned pushing another shot across the table at you.

    “So you could have someone to drink with on a Thursday night?”

    Meg looked at you for a moment before shrugging, “Either way this year is going to be epic.”

    You’d made the decision to go to a closer college for your last year of college due to your Dad’s accident. Bobby Singer taking to using a wheelchair was an obstacle in and of itself. Thankfully you’d convinced him the nearby college had a better program for your degree and that seemed to appease him for the time being. Meg was your high school best friend and had convinced you to give up daughter duty for a night of drinking before classes started on Monday. However, she had a late shift Friday through Sunday so tonight was your best option.

    “I don’t know about epic but I’ll be glad to put it all behind me. I have that paid internship at the hospital starting next week and as long as I graduate and pass my boards I’ll be an RN in no time,” you held up a shot as she toasted you.

     “Oh damn,” Meg jumps up. “I’m going to go find the restroom, order another round and request some dancing music.”

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greeneryandcoffee  asked:

I bet if you befriend the crows your stay at Elsewhere U can go a little smoother, or at least some people think that and give them bits of shiny things (like dollar store trinkets) and trail mix in addition to the poetry.

Some people say that if the crows love you they will lead you home, no matter how far you have wandered. But the crows do not love many people.

Between Earth and Hades

Originally posted by driffftttt

Pairing: (Teacher) Erik, (Student) Reader

Word Count: 2000

Warnings: Tiny bit of bullying in the beginning

-Part 1- -Part 2- -Part 3- -Part 4- -Part 5- -Part 6-

Nearly old enough to be leaving high school, your mutant abilities have yet to manifest. In a school rebuilt and starting anew, filled with battered mutants, some are very prejudice against humans the way humans are prejudice against them, bagging a relief for their frustrations on you, the most human of them all. Professor Erik Lehnsherr spots the bullying and decided it’s time you found yourself.

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Dating the Joker’s son would include:

Originally posted by thebreakofdawn

Request: How would it be like to date Joker’s son? 💕💕💕

Warning: Language. Mentions of sex. Questionable parenting. 

A/N: I don’t know, I always thought the Jokers and Harleys kids would end up running away from them to lead a new life, so I guess I went with that. But, I featured the Joker and Harley in this. (If someone want’s gangster!son x Reader, then I’m up to it :p) 


  • The first time you meet the Joker’s son at a gas station on your way to visit a college you want to attend, you don’t even know who he or who his infamous parents are. You talk, you laugh and exchange numbers.
  • Lots of texting and calling each other. 
  • Him taking you on very expensive dates and every time you question him about it, he says he inherited the money. 
  • Him being a sweetheart and always telling you how much he’s in love with you, and how pretty and sexy you are. 
    • Leading to incredicle love making.
  • Him never inviting you home or telling you something about his parents.
    • “I don’t understand why you’re not telling me about your past.”
    • “My parents are not exactly the most likeable ones. They’re special and I don’t want to drag you into… this. It’s why I am studying on the other side of the country.” 
    • “Did you even tell them about me? It’s been months.”
    • Him being very nervous. “Yes, they know I’m seeing you…”, him looking at you with fear in his eyes. “They’d like to meet you. Especially my mom. But I told her no.” 
    • “You can’t hide your past forever, sweetheart”.
  • Cuddling on the couch, in pj’s and with ice cream, while watching movies, learning for exams or just chilling.
  • Him loving to touch your hair. 
  • Him loving to be the small spoon.
  • Moving in together rather fast and having the same morning routine, so you both brush your teeth, eat breakfast and go to college together. 
  • Cute nicknames.
    • “Cutie pie.”
    • “Sweetheart.”
    • “Sweet cheeks.”
    • “My love/dear.”
    • “Cute little bean.” 
  • The sex is great. Both of you are dominant and submissive, and you love experimenting with different kinks and fetishes.
  • Being surprised with your boyfriends knife collection and (weird criminal) knowledge.
    • “Do I have to be worried?”
    • “I… My parents… they uhm, they gave them to me. For my birthdays….yeah…” 
    • “I’m just gonna ignore the fact that my boyfriend has over 20 knives under his bed.” 
    • “For safety reasons…”
  • Him having super fast reflexes. He’s also very good at self-defense. 
  • When the news come on tv, he changes the channel, not bothering if you want to watch them. He excuses it with a simple “I don’t like the news. They’re always fucked up and sad.”
  • Him finally opening up. 
    • “I don’t know how to tell you this. I’m afraid you might be scared of me, of my weird family, [Y/N].”
    • “I promise you, I won’t leave you if you’re afraid of that. Your parents are not you.”
    • “Yeah, but they raised me and this should scare the hell outta you. You know I grew up in Gotham, this fucked up city, and my parents are a big thing there. And not in the good way. They are the most infamous criminals, the Joker and Harley Quinn. They’re my parents and because of that, I ran away. I was different, I wanted a normal life.” 
    • “I didn’t expect that…” You being quite shocked.
    • “I did horrible things in my past, [Y/N]. They taught me about all their bussiness, and I just wanted out.”
    • “It’s okay, I guess. It’s freaking me only a bit out.” 
  • His parents pestering him to finally introduce you to the family (since you already introduced him to your family). 
    • “My mom wants to meet you really bad.”
    • “Maybe… maybe we could have dinner together?”
    • “This is not going to end well.” 
    • “They won’t shoot me, right?” 
    • “I will tell them to be nice.” 
  • Him telling some talles about his past.
    • “My dad was once so pissed at mom, that he dyed my hair green and used her make-up on me. Only to annoy her… and because he wanted everyone to know that I was his son.” 
    • “Mom’s bedtime stories were all cute and fluffy, dad’s were about murder.” 
    • “He taught me how kill people. I was 5 years old, and mom was about to shoot him.” 
    • “Because I was homeschooled I never had any real friends until I pleaded with my parents to go to a public school. I had to use a fake name to attend school.” 
    • “Talking with my dad about sex was awkward. He described everything in detail.”
    • “When I was 6 I cried so hard and for a very long time because dad didn’t want to watch Disney movies with me. The next day he watched every single movie with me. He also bought me tons of sweets and candies.”   

Meeting his parents:

  • Meeting his parents and shaking so hard, your boyfriend has to calm you down before getting out of the car. 
    • You realising that he’s both, a mama and a papa kid, when he hugs them both. Even thought he doesn’t want to live a life as a criminal, he still misses his parents everytime he leaves. 
    • Harley being a total sweetheart. She even cooked and hid almost all the weapons lying around the house.
    • The Joker being polite (forced politeness) and questioning you, literally stripping your whole personality down before him.
      • Him having his gun laying on the table but your boyfriend being your ‘saviour’ he’s taking the gun silently and putting it away. His father only grunts.
  • Harley being the one with the ‘normal’ questions.
    • “When will you get married? Do you plan on having kids? How many? How’s college? Any teachers to murder? Where do you want to live after college? You both eat enough?”
  • Everything actually goes well and you really enjoy talking to both of them, even if you’re a bit cautious when it comes to the Joker. You see how he really tries to be nice and accepting of your relationship.  
  • After dinner your boyfriend shows you his old bedroom. It’s almost as big as your apartment. 
    • Your boyfriend has not only a bedroom and his own bathroom but also a single room for his guns, knives and weapons. 
    • You’re not even saying anything about it anymore. You just accepted that his parent’s are criminals. 
The “Princess” and The “Frog”

For @i-dont-know-how-to-write ‘s meet-cute challenge. 



“Oh, my God!” Charlie squealed. “You look so hot!”

You laughed. “Thanks? I wasn’t really sure what to wear, so I just grabbed my old prom dress and, uh, I guess I’m a… princess?”

“Love it!” Charlie pulled you into her home, leading you into the crowd. “And we don’t have one here yet.”

You looked around at the party guests. You saw a lot of typical costumes—skeletons, ghosts, Frankenstein’s monsters, vampires. You saw some ‘pop culture’ costumes—comic book characters, movie and TV characters. You recognized some of the people underneath their costumes, but there were a lot of faces you didn’t know.

You tried to enjoy the party but after a while, you grew overwhelmed. You made sure no one was watching before slipping out the patio door.

You took a few deep breaths, inhaling the crisp autumn air. The air was cool but it felt good on your skin. You looked down at the dress; you’d had to do some altering to make it fit, but you still liked how it looked on you.

“Now if only I had my Prince Charming,” you said with a slight twirl of your skirt.

“Prince Charming, eh?”

You turned back towards the house, expecting to see one of the guests.

You were alone.

“Must be the Halloween spirits,” you said to yourself, sitting on the bench in Charlie’s backyard.

“No spirits,” the voice said again.

You looked around; still alone. “Okay, seriously, Charlie, what’s going on?”

“Name’s Dean, not Charlie.”

You felt something brush against your skirt. Looking down, you saw a green blob rustle against your dress before hopping up to the bench next to you.

A frog.

“Okay, that Jungle Juice must’ve been stronger than I thought,” you said, looking at the frog. “It’s got me thinking frogs can talk.”

“I can, Princess.”

You jumped up in surprise, nearly tripping on your skirt. “What the hell?!”

“Easy, Princess. I can explain.”

“Nope,” you said, gathering your skirt and heading for the door. “Nope, nope, nope.”

“Wait!” The frog hopped over to you, stopping in front of you. “Please, let me explain.”

You looked through the patio door; the party was still in full swing, but you didn’t need someone looking up and seeing you talking to a frog. You headed back to the bench, turning your back to the house.

The frog hopped up on the bench next to you, peering up at you with those weird yellowish eyes. “Okay,” the frog said. “So. My name is Dean.”


“I wasn’t always a frog. I used to be human. An important one, if I do say so myself.”

“Oh, yeah?”

“Yeah. My dad, brother and I own a law firm. Winchester—heard of it?”

“God, of course, you’re a lawyer. Gone from one slimy creature to another.”

“It’s not slime, it’s mucus,” Dean said indignantly.


Dean huffed. “Anyway. I was this high-power lawyer, right? And apparently one of my clients was a witch and she didn’t think we won the case correctly and she…” The frog indicated at its body, a surprisingly human gesture. “Did this to me.”

“So, what you’re saying is that witches exist and one turned you into a frog on Halloween because you didn’t win her a big enough settlement?”


You shook your head; how had you gotten to this point where you were listening to a frog?

“Look, I think we can help each other.”

You peered down at the amphibian. “How?”

“You remember that old fairy tale? The Frog Prince?”

You didn’t like where this was going. “Uh-huh…”

“So… you kiss me, I’ll turn back into a human.”

“What’s in it for me?”

“My brother’s single.”

You rolled your eyes.

“Hey, you’re the one who said you wanted a Prince Charming. He’s the closest you’ll get.” Dean paused. “I can also pay you.”

“I’m not a prostitute.”

“I didn’t…”

You sighed. “This… won’t get out, will it? You won’t tell anyone?”

“Sweetheart, I don’t want to tell anyone about any part of this. It could ruin me.”

You held your hand out, letting the frog hop into it. You took a deep breath, shut your eyes, pursed your lips, and…

Your body felt cold once your lips met the frog’s. It also felt like someone was squeezing you in a giant hug. When you opened your eyes, you found yourself shrouded in darkness.

And… cloth.

You managed to scramble out of whatever was trapping you, finding yourself on the bench. Everything seemed normal.

But Dean the frog still sat in front of you.

“Oh, shit,” he said.

“What?” You looked around.

And then down.

“What the hell?!”

“Calm down,” Dean said, hopping over to you.

“Don’t touch me! You did this to me!” You looked down at your webbed fingers, your green skin. “God, and here I was worried about getting warts. But no, I turned into a fucking frog!”

“It’s okay. We can work this out,” Dean said.


At that moment, the patio door opened. “Y/N?” Charlie called. “You out here?”

“We need to go,” Dean said, hopping off towards the bushes.

“But… what about Charlie?”

“She can’t help us. The fewer people involved, the better.”

You followed after Dean. “But what about my dress? What if she sees it laying there and thinks I was abducted or dragged off and raped?”

“She’ll probably just think you had too much to drink and decided to streak through the neighborhood.”

“Please. She’d never think that about me.”

Dean looked back at you. “No?”

You opened your mouth to argue but closed it. “College was a weird time, okay? And it only happened once or twice.”


“I don’t need any judgment from you, Froggy.” You looked around; Dean was leading you through a residential neighborhood. “Where are we going?”

“I, uh… have a friend who may be able to help us.”

“A friend?”

“Yeah, he’s, uh… well, he’s kind of this voodoo guy.”


“He swears by it.”

“You know a voodoo guy and instead of going to him in the first place, you made me kiss you and turned me into a frog?”

“Can you blame me? Would you go to a friend in frog form? It’s embarrassing. Besides, you…”

“What about me?”

Dean quickly turned away. “Nothing.”


“All right, this is his place.”

The two of you sat on the porch, staring up at the door. It looked like a completely normal house (even though it stuck out by not being decorated for the holiday), not at all what you thought a voodoo… person would live in.

“Okay, I’m gonna hop up and ring the doorbell and then we’ll be fixed.”

You watched as Dean jumped in vain, constantly missing the doorbell.

“What the hell is this?” a scruffy faced man said, opening the door. He peered down at the two of you. “Frogs? Well, I’m not exactly craving frog legs, but how can you deny a meal when it shows up at your doorstep?”

You started to jump away in fear, but Dean stood his ground. “Crowley! It’s me. Dean.”

“Dean? Dean Winchester?”

“Look, man, I need your help.” Dean glanced over at you. “We need your help.”

Crowley crouched down, picking Dean up. “What have you gotten yourself into?”

“It’s a long story. Can you change us back?”

“We can try.” Crowley’s other hand darted out, grabbing you around your midsection. He carried the two of you into his house, setting you on his kitchen table.

“Um… are you sure we can trust this guy?” you asked, looking around at all the weird and slightly dangerous items strewn around Crowley’s kitchen.

“Best voodoo man I know.” Dean paused. “Well, he’s the only voodoo man I know, but still.”

“So,” Crowley said from the stove, throwing unsavory looking (and smelling) ingredients into a pot. “What happened, Winchester?”


“A witch turned him into a frog because he didn’t win her case the way she wanted,” you interjected. “And then this slime-ball said if I kissed him, he’d turn back. But instead, I got roped into this bullshit.”

“Mucus, not slime,” Dean argued.

Crowley turned back, staring at Dean. “Since when did your dad let you back into the firm?”

Dean croaked slightly. “I…”

“What do you mean, let you back in?” you asked. “You said you were a lawyer.”

Dean sighed. “I was. But…”


“I was never in the law game, all right? I never got the thrill of winning a case. My dad did, my brother did. But I… I wanted something different. So I stopped putting in effort and my dad let me leave.”

“More like he fired you,” Crowley said with a smirk.

“Shut up, Crowley.”

“You son of a bitch!” You lunged at him, fingers dying to wrap around his slimy throat.

“Hey, whoa, easy!” Dean hopped backward, nearly falling off the table. “Look, I’m sorry I lied, but if you remember, I told you I’d introduce you to my brother. He’s the high-powered lawyer, not me. I’ll still introduce you, I promise.”

“She’s not mad about the introduction,” Crowley said, stirring the pot. “She’s mad that you lied.”

Dean looked over at you, sheepishly. “Sorry.”

You gave a slight nod. “I just want this to be done with.” You glanced at the man at the stove. “Are you sure this will work?”

“Well, usually I’m doing the opposite, turning people into less than desirable creatures, but I don’t see why it won’t work.”

That was less than comforting but you really had nothing else to cling to. Crowley finished up his potion before bringing two shot glasses over to the table.

“All right, you two. Drink up.”

The smell was unholy but you were already sick and tired of the slime (ahem, mucus) on your skin. You grabbed the glass with both hands and tipped the potion back into your throat.

“Whoa,” Dean said. “You sure you only streaked a few times?”


Crowley bid you two adieu (after rubbing a balm on your backs that would allow you to slip into your homes under the door). He said that the potion should kick in by morning; Crowley would send one of his shadow friends to check in on you. If you weren’t back to normal, he’d swing by and try option B.

You and Dean sat on the sidewalk in front of Crowley’s house. “Well… this is certainly a Halloween I’ll remember.”

“Look, I’m sorry. Really. For… everything.”

“It’s… fine. But you better pray that Crowley knows what he’s doing. If we’re not back to normal in the morning, I will hunt you down and plop you in the fryer myself.”

Dean chuckled. “Deal.”

As you hopped away, he called after you.

“Look, for what it’s worth… you looked really pretty in that dress earlier.”


In the morning, you woke up in your bed and in your human body.

For whatever reason, you felt the need to check in on Dean. You hoped he was back to normal. So you pulled on some clothes and drove to a location you’d never imagined you’d be at.

“Welcome to Winchester Law,” the secretary said when you walked in. “How can I help you?”

“Um, I need to see Dean.”

“Dean? Dean Winchester?”


“He no longer works here.”

“Well, yeah, I’d heard that, but I was hoping you could tell me where he lives?”

The secretary gave you a strange look. “I’m sorry, ma’am. I can’t divulge that information.”

“What information?” A tall man with dark hair stepped up.

“She’s looking for Dean.”

“What do you want with my brother?” the man asked. His tone wasn’t accusatory but you could tell he was wary of what your answer might be.

“I just… need to see him. We had a mishap last night and I–”

“Mishap? What happened?”

“It’s not that big of a deal. But I just want to make sure he’s okay.”

The man studied you for a few moments before nodding. He reached over and grabbed a post-it from the secretary’s desk, scribbling an address and a phone number on it. “If he’s not home, please call me. He’s got a few hideouts; I’ll help you search for him.”

“Thank you, Mr. Winchester.”

“Please. Call me Sam.”


You pulled up in front of the address Sam had given you. It was a decent home, the lawn was well kept. You stepped up to the front door, ringing the bell. You were about to ring it again when the door opened.


“Well, I see the potion worked.”

The man in front of you was… tall, well-built, muscular. His eyes were the same green his skin had been last night. His sandy hair was sleep-tousled, sticking up at odd angles. It was an odd contrast to the well-dressed brother you’d met earlier.

“How’d you find me?”

“I went to your law firm. Well, your family’s law firm. Your brother gave me your address.”

Dean nodded. “So much for my promise to introduce you to your Prince Charming.”

You shook your head. “It’s… he’s not my type.”

The air between the two of you was still, awkward.

“Well,” you said, taking a step back. “I just wanted to see if you were still slimy, and now I see you’re not, so… I’ll be on my way.”

As you stepped down the porch, something occurred to you. Turning, you saw Dean still watching you. “Hey, you never did tell me what exactly happened.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you said a client turned you into a frog because you didn’t get the settlement. But Crowley said you got fired. So how exactly did you get turned into a frog?”

The corner of Dean’s mouth rose slightly, his green eyes sparkling. “Can I tell you over a cup of coffee?”

Your heart fluttered slightly. Was this a date? “So long as it tastes better than whatever it was that Crowley gave us last night.”


A Modest Request

Pairing: Fili x Reader

Summary: After realizing that setting up camp isn’t possible, you go for a walk to clear your head. Fili checks on you and asks a question that’s been haunting him since he first met you.

A/N: Request for @deepestfirefun. I hope you love it! Sorry it took so long :(

Word Count: 793

Originally posted by chuckxavier

You jumped down from your horse and started to build camp for the company. By now, building camp for the night was second nature. You put your hair up. With how thick and long it was, it got in the way with practically everything you did. Thorin and Fili looked over at you, showing looks of disapproval at you putting your hair up. The thick, golden curls seemed to flow effortlessly down to your lower back, and they’d made it very clear how much they loved your hair. You did know it was rather impressive for a human.

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Concept: We go stargazing together on our anniversary, but I can’t help but stare at you the whole time. You have always been my night sky. Your eyes twinkle like the north star, and your soul moves my heart like the tide, you’re my moon. You’re my everything and my always, my expansion and my endless love. Your constellations lead me home to you.

Welcome Home

Summary: A short drabble about Dean cheering you up from a long day.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 484

Warnings: None! Fluffy fluff.

A/N: This is for @cyrilconnelly. She was having a bad day and wanted some Dean fluff, so I threw this together. I hope it helps, girl!

You sighed as you walked in the door, throwing your purse and keys down on the entryway table. Another wasted day at work. And to make it worse, you were pretty sure you could feel a migraine coming on. “What an awful day….” You groaned, rubbing your temples in exhaustion.

“Think I could make it better?”

You gasped and spun around, your eyes widening at the familiar voice, your eyes frantically seeking out its owner.  And, then, you found him: Dean. He was standing in the archway of the kitchen, smirking at you with amusement in his eyes. He laughed as your eyes drank him in. “Miss me?”

“God, yes,” you muttered under your breath before you raced toward him and leaped into his arms. He caught you and spun you around before placing you on the ground and pulling you into a long kiss.

When you finally pulled back, he chuckled again. “Well, if I’m going to a get a greeting like that after I leave, I think I might have to travel more often.”

“Don’t you dare,” you laughed, playfully swatting him on the arm. “I missed you, you dork.”

Dean pulled you back into his arms, placing his head on top of yours. “I missed you too, Y/N. I’m sorry we were gone so long. The nest was bigger than we thought.”

You nodded against his chest. While Dean wouldn’t put you in danger by bringing you on any of his hunts, he told you about all of his cases, sharing his world completely with you. You loved that he trusted you enough to tell you, to open his heart. And, you hoped you were able to ease some of the burden he carried by listening and supporting him without fail.

“It’s ok,” you said, pulling back to look into his eyes. “I’m just glad you’re back.”

“Rough day?” he asked with a hint of concern in his voice.

“The usual….”

Dean smiled again, instantly lifting your spirits. “Well, I think I know a way to help you feel better….”

“Oh yeah?” you whispered, your hand resting suggestively on his chest. “And what would that be?”

Dean’s smile widened before he turned around to the kitchen table, pulling a very familiar desert out of a plastic bag. “Pie!”

You doubled over laughing, shaking your head at your boyfriend’s gift. “You really are a dork.”

“Yeah, but you love me.”

“I sure do,” you said, with happiness in your voice. You walked over and pulled the pie from his hands. “And, I think I know the perfect place to enjoy this pie: the bedroom.”

Dean’s eyes widened, a goofy grin gracing his face. “Man, do I love coming home.”

You laughed again, leading Dean at a run down the hall for a night you were sure would take your day from blah to AMAZING. And, you wouldn’t want it any other way.

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anonymous asked:

I feel such a failure, I don't have anyone besides my family and 4/5 friends but I don't know who I am in this world What should I do My life is so stagnant and I feel empty lost not knowing who sould I be where should I go what is my purpose. I keep feeling the need to run away and become me and find me with all its strength

Sit. Breathe. What you seek is there. You don’t need to go anywhere or be anything to find strength and your self. You simply have to be with yourself. You have to be with your feelings and your thoughts. You have to learn to love them as they are only trying to lead you home.

This can be tough and you can find a lot of unease inside you, this can be why you want to run and find a perfect place to find yourself. But you are here, you have always been here, you have the strength to feel what is is within you and there is nowhere you need to go to realize this.

Just simply sit and be with your self, breathe and feel your chest and all the things there, feel your belly and all the things there. Don’t fight what you find. Let what you find just be there and bring your attention to it. Find your soft warm whole self within your chest and let your failure dissolve there, feel that you truly cannot fail. And feel the fact that you’re exactly where you should be, here and now. And feel that this is all there is and that that is truly ok and you can handle this right now.

Take care and I hope this helps,



“..How deep is your love?
I really mean to learn
‘Cause we’re living in a world of fools
Breaking us down when they all should let us be…”

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You’d been dating Pietro for months now.You never told your parents though, eventually they caught the two of you kissing and demanded to meet the boy who had you wrapped around his finger. He agreed to have dinner with you and them, if it meant getting to be with you.

“Whatever they say, I love you.” You whispered as while leading him inside your home. 

“Everything will be okay iubita.” He said kissing your hand. Your parents were in the kitchen finishing dinner.

“Mum, dad.” You spoke gaining their attention. They looked at the two of you, if looks could kill Pietro would be a goner.

The meal was quiet for the most part, but you felt it coming. Then it happened.

“So Pietro, did you know (Y/N) is top of her class. She has a bright future ahead of her. What about you?” Your mum said giving him a death stare.

“I work with S.H.I.E.L.D, it is a good job-”

“Dangerous is more like it. You must work with those ‘avengers’ if you ask me they don’t protect anyone but themselves. Bet it’s kill or be killed in that mind of yours isn’t-”

“Dad that’s enough. I knew this was a horrible idea, Pietro let’s go please.” You said not letting them finish.

You held your hand out for him, walking out of that house. A part of you was shattered as you thought they would try to be more understanding. Tears filled your eyes.

“Don’t cry, it’s okay.” Pietro said wiping the tears from your cheeks.

“They just don’t want to understand that I love you. And if that’s the case, I don’t wanna be here anymore. I want to be with you, because they’ll do anything and everything to separate me from you. Let’s just leave and never look back.” You said frantically, with more tears spilling.

‘(Y/N)!” You could hear your parents call for you.

“Hold on tight, iubita.” He said giving you a kiss before you took off.