love will lead you home

I got tired of the submissions from people who are on good terms with the Crows, and appear to think that this is an easy thing to be. The Crows are just as frightening as the Gentry, in many ways. If you start to think of them as safe, or trivialise their regard by assuming you can buy it with minor things - scraps of food and respectful nods that cost you little to nothing - then you are going to have a very bad time.

Thus, as a public service; a trilogy of anecdotes:

The first thing they tell you about the Crows is this: Some say that if they love you they will lead you home, no matter how far you have wandered. But the crows do not love many.

Once, there was a student who paid faithful tribute to the Court of Crows. She offered food and trinkets at noon each day, and sang to them when the moon was full. She presumed herself safe, that she had bought the shade of their sheltering wings.

Then she watched as her roommate, her dearest friend, was Taken out from under one of the Crows trees. In her furious grief she swore revenge, but with summer break just around the corner, her friends thought she’d get over it. That she’d cool her head.

She came back with a shotgun, and a box full of neatly-stacked shells, and her friends and fellow students paid the price for it. Those were a bad few days. People lost friends.

No-one ever saw her again, or a body. But Jim from down the hall swears up and down the janitor came away with a bucket full of red water.

Do not anger the Crows. Do not presume their favour. It is theirs alone to grant, and they owe you nothing.

Once there was a student who took heed of the stories of the Crows. He left them offerings and read them poems, and this they tolerated, though they never showed him special favour.

He grew resentful of this lack, and stepped up his efforts. He bought them lavish gifts; outcompeting those who left them food or trinkets. He praised them during his breaks, striving to outdo those who simply nodded with respect. Every time they fluttered and shifted on their branches without gracing him with affection, his ugly fury grew.

Iron and salt stop only the Gentry. He found a feather on his pillow one morning, jet black and ragged-edged and stained with blood. Rather than taking this as a warning and a caution, he showed it to all who would look; let words boil out of his mouth that put form to what he felt he deserved. The next night, he dreamed of harsh croaks and cold air, and sharp beaks pecking out his eyes and tongue.

He woke up blind and mute, never to covet them again.

Do not insult the Crows. Do not try to buy their favour. It is not a thing to be sold, and you are entitled to nothing.

Once there was a student who was Taken by the Gentry. He laboured under Their affections until they released him into Elsewhere; uncaring as to his fate. Knowing what would befall him if he lingered, he searched desperately for a route that would lead him home.

A black shape took wing from the trees above him, and thinking himself safe, he sobbed in relief. He had always paid his respects to the Crows, and now he wept with joy and promised them much if they would lead him back to safer lands. More came, and he followed the ever-growing flock deeper and deeper down forest paths.

Eventually, he reached a clearing where the bare earth was dyed crimson. Human bones lay scattered on the ground, pecked clean of flesh. The flock settled all about him, and at last he remembered.

Not for nothing is a group of crows named a murder.

Do not rely on the Crows. Do not ask for their favour. They are neither safe nor tame, and they are bound by nothing.


four-word sentences.
  • “we are not friends.”
  • “will it all go wrong?”
  • “you should love me.”
  • “keep your secrets safe.”
  • “lead me back home.”
  • “this is your warning.”
  • “i honestly don’t care.”
  • “i couldn’t care less.”
  • “let me help you.”
  • “lose your fucking mind.”
  • “please just stop talking.”
  • “you are distracting me.”
  • “you don’t make sense.”
  • “you’ll never be enough.”
  • “i’ll wait for you.”
  • “i’m not leaving you.”
  • “i’ll always be here.”
  • “don’t move. you’re hurt.”
  • “don’t let me go.”

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I bet if you befriend the crows your stay at Elsewhere U can go a little smoother, or at least some people think that and give them bits of shiny things (like dollar store trinkets) and trail mix in addition to the poetry.

Some people say that if the crows love you they will lead you home, no matter how far you have wandered. But the crows do not love many people.

Concept: We go stargazing together on our anniversary, but I can’t help but stare at you the whole time. You have always been my night sky. Your eyes twinkle like the north star, and your soul moves my heart like the tide, you’re my moon. You’re my everything and my always, my expansion and my endless love. Your constellations lead me home to you.

Welcome Home

Summary: A short drabble about Dean cheering you up from a long day.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 484

Warnings: None! Fluffy fluff.

A/N: This is for @cyrilconnelly. She was having a bad day and wanted some Dean fluff, so I threw this together. I hope it helps, girl!

You sighed as you walked in the door, throwing your purse and keys down on the entryway table. Another wasted day at work. And to make it worse, you were pretty sure you could feel a migraine coming on. “What an awful day….” You groaned, rubbing your temples in exhaustion.

“Think I could make it better?”

You gasped and spun around, your eyes widening at the familiar voice, your eyes frantically seeking out its owner.  And, then, you found him: Dean. He was standing in the archway of the kitchen, smirking at you with amusement in his eyes. He laughed as your eyes drank him in. “Miss me?”

“God, yes,” you muttered under your breath before you raced toward him and leaped into his arms. He caught you and spun you around before placing you on the ground and pulling you into a long kiss.

When you finally pulled back, he chuckled again. “Well, if I’m going to a get a greeting like that after I leave, I think I might have to travel more often.”

“Don’t you dare,” you laughed, playfully swatting him on the arm. “I missed you, you dork.”

Dean pulled you back into his arms, placing his head on top of yours. “I missed you too, Y/N. I’m sorry we were gone so long. The nest was bigger than we thought.”

You nodded against his chest. While Dean wouldn’t put you in danger by bringing you on any of his hunts, he told you about all of his cases, sharing his world completely with you. You loved that he trusted you enough to tell you, to open his heart. And, you hoped you were able to ease some of the burden he carried by listening and supporting him without fail.

“It’s ok,” you said, pulling back to look into his eyes. “I’m just glad you’re back.”

“Rough day?” he asked with a hint of concern in his voice.

“The usual….”

Dean smiled again, instantly lifting your spirits. “Well, I think I know a way to help you feel better….”

“Oh yeah?” you whispered, your hand resting suggestively on his chest. “And what would that be?”

Dean’s smile widened before he turned around to the kitchen table, pulling a very familiar desert out of a plastic bag. “Pie!”

You doubled over laughing, shaking your head at your boyfriend’s gift. “You really are a dork.”

“Yeah, but you love me.”

“I sure do,” you said, with happiness in your voice. You walked over and pulled the pie from his hands. “And, I think I know the perfect place to enjoy this pie: the bedroom.”

Dean’s eyes widened, a goofy grin gracing his face. “Man, do I love coming home.”

You laughed again, leading Dean at a run down the hall for a night you were sure would take your day from blah to AMAZING. And, you wouldn’t want it any other way.

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Between Earth and Hades

Originally posted by driffftttt

Pairing: (Teacher) Erik, (Student) Reader

Word Count: 2000

Warnings: Tiny bit of bullying in the beginning

-Part 1- -Part 2- -Part 3- -Part 4-

Nearly old enough to be leaving high school, your mutant abilities have yet to manifest. In a school rebuilt and starting anew, filled with battered mutants, some are very prejudice against humans the way humans are prejudice against them, bagging a relief for their frustrations on you, the most human of them all. Professor Erik Lehnsherr spots the bullying and decided it’s time you found yourself.

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The path has been dark for so long now,
I was beginning to lose all hope.
Searching for something from someone that I used to call home.
I didn’t notice it at first-
The light, so dim and fragile.
Like a lightning bug.
Soon it got closer and stronger,
I felt a strange familiarity as it approached,
As if I’d seen it before.
This light lead me to safety.
Away from the danger that I had charged into head on.
This light lead me to a new home, one that was safe and far away from the challenges I had faced.
This light made me feel safe and not alone.
Oh yeah I forgot to mention,
The light was you.
—  You Lead Me Home;L.L.

anonymous asked:

I feel such a failure, I don't have anyone besides my family and 4/5 friends but I don't know who I am in this world What should I do My life is so stagnant and I feel empty lost not knowing who sould I be where should I go what is my purpose. I keep feeling the need to run away and become me and find me with all its strength

Sit. Breathe. What you seek is there. You don’t need to go anywhere or be anything to find strength and your self. You simply have to be with yourself. You have to be with your feelings and your thoughts. You have to learn to love them as they are only trying to lead you home.

This can be tough and you can find a lot of unease inside you, this can be why you want to run and find a perfect place to find yourself. But you are here, you have always been here, you have the strength to feel what is is within you and there is nowhere you need to go to realize this.

Just simply sit and be with your self, breathe and feel your chest and all the things there, feel your belly and all the things there. Don’t fight what you find. Let what you find just be there and bring your attention to it. Find your soft warm whole self within your chest and let your failure dissolve there, feel that you truly cannot fail. And feel the fact that you’re exactly where you should be, here and now. And feel that this is all there is and that that is truly ok and you can handle this right now.

Take care and I hope this helps,



PixieCraft, welcome to the land of wisps, faries, spirits, and pixies!

Sky- Light Pixie, one that is quite the nuisance and mischievous. He can be found in caves most of the time. He can lead you through the longest ways to the exit of a cave, drop you into lava, and more. However, in the exchange of butter, Sky will perform his duty without any trouble.

Jason- Air Spirit, one that’s not often seen, due to their near transparent bodies. Jason likes to rest in the clouds, and if on a lucky chance, you can find him playing with pigs and bats. Look out for calls of names of “Jeffery” and “Dillion.”

Ty- Ghost Wisp, one that should be taken seriously. Ghost Wisps take their job seriously, protecting the graves from grave robbers. Ty is mostly found lingering over a family’s grave, floating back and forth. Never ask him who’s grave he’s protecting. A curse is coming if you anger him.

Jerome- Elf, but not the ones from Santa or shoot bows. Jerome is found resting in trees, sometimes equipped with a bow but mostly with a diamond axe. Quite small, but very mischievous and troublesome. He likes to play a lot, so look out for whoops of joy and yells.

Mitch- Fire Wisp, and perhaps the most feisty of them all. He can range from a little ember to a full-fledged fire, best in your interest to keep on his good side. Nothing’s worse than having lava suddenly come out of nowehere. Nobody knows why, but Jerome and Mitch often play together, despite having the chance to kill each other during play.

Ssundee- Plant Fairy, but doesn’t have wings. Ssundee is typically found at sugar canes or wheat, helping them grow. He’s attracted to cake, so careful when you let a piece of cake cool off at the window. A slice or two may be taken! If you find a little white light near plants, either that’s just the sun, or Ssundee jumping around.

Quentin- Water Spirit, less playful at times. One known fact is that once you anger them, there’s no turning back. Had you ever seen a faint blue glimmer on the water that quickly fades? That might be Quentin, as he can liquidfy in and out of the water. Stay on his good side? Have water whenever you need it.

Seto- Willow wisp, one that is found deep in the forests. They hold long-term grudges, serious like the ghost wisps. However, sometimes Seto likes to play, and if you see a purple light dancing in the air, do NOT attempt to follow it, unless you have glowstone dust. Seto loves the dust, and will lead you home with the code word, “Glowy”.

Brice- Animal Fairy, one that doesn’t support wings as well. But why need wings when you have all the animals on your side? Brice is often hanging around turtles, so check there. Playful and quite the athletic jumper, if you anger him expect to find a snapper turtle’s face up to yours in the morning.

Plugged In: This World or Any Other, The Playlist: Volumes I & II
Now curated for mood and arranged to fit the plot arcs of Clean and Marked

Genghis Khan / Miike Snow
I hate u, I love u / gnash ft. Olivia O’Brien
Sweater Weather / The Neighbourhood
Scene Three: Stomach Tied in Knots / Sleeping With Sirens
A Rush of Blood / Coasts
Bloodsport / Raleigh Ritchie
Stay / Rihanna ft. Mikky Ekko
Coffee / Miguel ft. Wale
Strange Love / Halsey
Weapons / Hudson Taylor
You and I / Pvris
Monster Lead Me Home / Sarah Hartman
As You Are / The Weeknd
Fallingforyou / The 1975
Inside Out / The Chainsmokers ft. Charlee
Clarity / Zedd ft. Foxes
Chasing Cars / Snow Patrol
Jet Black Heart / 5 Seconds of Summer
Love Like This / Kodaline
Follow You / Bring Me the Horizon
Like a Funeral / Erik Jonasson
Blue Ocean Floor / Justin Timberlake
A Drop in the Ocean / Ron Pope
All I Want / Kodaline
I’ll Follow You Into the Dark / Death Cab for Cutie
Muscle Memory / Lights
St. Patrick / Pvris
The Unforgettable / Colours
No One’s Gonna Love You / Band of Horses
Same Sea / Lights
Wherever I Go / OneRepublic
Lucky Ones / Lana Del Rey
Pompeii / Bastille
Timeless / The Airborne Toxic Event
Lanterns / Birds of Tokyo

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Do you know of any longer fics where Clarke and Bellamy absolutely hate each other at first but then they realize the other isn't that bad and fall in love? Thank you!

anon said: Any new enemies to friends to lovers fics? i feel like i read every one



+ enemies (to friends) to lovers tag!

Boys X Reader

Request: Hi, I really love all your writing! This summer I’ve been working at a chemistry company where there is a lab section and reactor area. When I found your blog I was read it all day so I already had Supernatural on the brain. I was closing up the lab and shut off the lights, but a tank was lighting the room so I could see and I swear something through the glass out by one of the big reactors moved. Could you write these as actual events in Supernatural, & the teen chemist getting mixed up in it?

Request: Could you write a dean x reader one involving time travel (and maybe invisibility?) Anything at all. Love your writing! :D

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Lead Me Home [Part Three]

summary: As a young girl, you sat next to Bucky Barnes every single day on the bus, claiming your rightful spot as his best friend. But as the two of you grow older, Bucky and you seem to grow closer together in a way that neither of you expected.

word count: 2,303 words

warning(s): brief language, FRESHMAN YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL

pairing: bucky x reader

note: Hi, my lovelies! I hope you love part three of Lead Me Home as much as you’ve loved the last two parts! I honestly want a Bucky Barnes so bad it’s RIDICULOUS! [The tag list is OPEN!]



Bucky didn’t question the boxes you put in his car, or why the hell you wanted to take those boxes to the mall. He was observing your every move, but not judging it. It was almost if he knew how unhappy you were with yourself. He was the only one who you knew would understand your decision to get rid of everything.

Deep down, you were slightly jealous that he didn’t have to scrap every inch of his identity to be perfect.You slumped down in the passenger seat of his car after you had finished putting your boxes in the back. Bucky’s loud electronic music pulsed through the speakers causing your seat to shake. Most people thought of his music taste as annoying but you loved it; the beat of the music made you feel emotion. The music didn’t need powerful lyrics to make a statement, and you adored it.

“Hey Y/N,” Bucky looked at his watch and you had to stifle giggles that threatened to ooze out your lips. He was so old fashioned, looking at an analog clock watch even though he had a perfectly good electric one right in front of him. His friends said he started doing it ironically but then it had become a habit and he couldn’t help himself.“I’m sorry I’m late. Apparently, the light on Wayland Street is out of service so they had the police regulating it and somebody pulled me over because they thought I only had my permit and was driving without adult supervision.” He rolled his eyes and then flashed you a grin. “Anyways, how are you? What do you want to do?”

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The Enemy’s Child *Part 4*


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Originally posted by obrienoder

“I don’t like this plan,” you stressed. As you stood in the parking lot of Beacon Hills High with the pack.

“It’s a genius plan it’s gonna work,” he argued, “It’s to late to back out of it Y/N.”

“Stiles is right Y/N,” Scott sighed, “We have to go with the plan. We don’t have time for another one.”

You looked at the school then back at Scott. Stiles plan was crazy.(Stiles Plan) Theo and his pack are waiting for us in the library. Stiles wanted me to go in first to try and stop him but, I don’t think Stiles understands Theo Raeken. Theo doesn’t care about anyone. He cares about power.

Theo Raeken has no Humanity whatsoever. He doesn’t care about you, his “parents”, or his pack. He will hurt anyone who tries to stop him. He’s Barely even Human.  So you don’t even know why you agreed to trying this.

“Y/N please,” Liam begged.

“If you’re in any trouble we’ll be listening the entire time. So we’ll come save you,” Scott assured. You sighed and looked at your car, in the backseat was your sleeping baby. 

“If anything happens to me please take care of Cody,” you sighed.

“We will,” Kira softly smiled at you. You thanked her then turned around and walked into the school.

The hallways of Beacon Hills High School was eerily quiet and dark. Although it is midnight, and know one else is in the school besides you and Theo’s Pack. 

You stood outside the doors of the library debating whether you should go in or not. You took a deep breath and swiped your card so the door unlocked. You opened the door, and walked in.

But there was no one there. You walked to the middle of the library, and looked around.

“Well, I’ll admit it i was not expecting you Y/N,” Theo’s voice rang out, as he stepped out of the shadows. You swallowed the lump in your throat and examined him. You had to admit it, he was still very good looking.

He chuckled and continued to approached you, “What’s wrong Y/N. Your heart is beating like crazy and I can smell your fear.”

Soon you and Theo were face to face, and all you could do was stare. Your body didn’t want to talk it wanted to run.

“It’s been awhile,” he began and started walking around you. He seemed to be observing you.

“Yeah,” you squeaked. 

“And I see that you’re not pregnant anymore,” he growled slightly.

“How can you tell?” you asked.

“You don’t smell pregnant,” he replied.

“Oh,” you mumbled.

“Where’s our child Y/N?” Theo asked, well it was more of a demand.

“He’s safe,” you replied.

“Safe?” he questioned.

“Yes safe,” You sassed, gaining some confidence.

“From what?” he growled.

“From you,” you replied coldly. Hurt flashed across Theo’s face, which confused you. 

“From me?” he whispered.

“Yes from you,” you breathed, “You’re dangerous Theo. You only want him for power, and you’ll hurt him.”

“Him?” he whispered, “W-We have a son?”

Theo’s face softened, which left you more confused then you already were. He must be acting. Theo doesn’t care.

“I have a son,” you replied.

Originally posted by inter-somniac

“Y/N don’t be like that,” he sighed.

“Why not. All you want is power Theo,” You raged, and poked his chest, “You don’t care about anyone but yourself!”

“That’s not true,” he yelled.

“Yes it is Theo. You’d kill anyone to bet the top of the food chain,” you argued.

“That’s not true,” he yelled again.

“Theo you don’t care about anyon-” he cut you off.

“I CARE ABOUT YOU!” He boomed. You were stunned by his words, and you stayed silent. “I lost my mind when you left,” he breathed, “I tried to track you but you’re clever, and covered your trail.”

He pulled you close, and looked you in the eye.

“I’ll admit yes I’m dangerous, and I lie a lot,” he spoke honestly,”But believe me when I say that I Love You Y/N. What do I have to do to be with you?”

It was something in his eyes that told you to trust him. To be honest you missed Theo, he maybe evil but he is one great cuddler.

“Okay Theo,” you began, “If you want to be with me and see your son, you have to do what I say.”

“Okay I can do that,” he replied.

“First you have to fix Lydia, whatever you did to her Fix it,” you demanded.

“Alright I can do that,” he nodded.

“Second, free Hayden and Corey from your pack, and turn Donovan into the police,” you scolded.

“Okay I can do that too,” he sighed.

“And Finally,” you began, “Leave Scott’s Pack alone. Try to be good for once in your life. Help us defeat the Dread Doctors.”

“Okay,” Theo agreed, “I’ll be good, and I’ll help you defeat the Dread doctors.”

“Good,” you smiled, “I think we can make this work now.”

He smiled and kissed you. You both pulled away, and you lead him out of the library, and to the parking lot. 

When you two got into the parking lot Scott’s pack was fighting Theo’s old pack, Stiles and Mason were protecting your baby.

“Chimeras!” Theo yelled. All of the Chimeras stopped and looked at Theo. “Stop fighting them.” he demanded.

“Why?” Donovan growled, glaring at Stiles.

“Because,” Theo growled back, “Have new priorities.” Theo walked up to Donovan and knocked him out. “Hayden, Corey, you guys are free of my control, you’re not in my pack anymore.” he announced. Everyone looked stunned, but you just smiled. 

Theo walked up to Scott, and patted his shoulder. “You’re the True Alpha here. I’m sorry I tried to take everything from you. And, because I’m trying to be good, I’m gonna help you defeat the Dread doctors.”

“W-Wow,” Scott breathed, “Thanks Theo.” Theo smiled, and apologized for everything he had done.

You walked over to Mason, and he handed you Cody who was wide awake. You walked up behind Theo and smiled.

“Theo I think someone would like to meet you,” you smiled, as Theo turned around. His eyes automatically went to the baby in your arms. You motioned for Theo to take the baby, and he did. 

For the first time in your life, you saw tears roll down Theo’s cheeks.

“He’s perfect,” he smiled, “What’s his name?”

“Cody,” you smiled.

“I love him already,” he smiled and kissed Cody’s forehead. “Hi Cody I’m your daddy,” Theo cooed. Cody smiled at Theo then chewed on his fist. It was then that you realized that You and Cody brought out the last shred of Humanity Theo had left. Maybe he is Human.

“I think he likes you,” you smiled. Theo wrapped his arm around you and kissed you on the forehead.

“I Love You Y/N,” he smiled.

“I Love You Too Theo,” you smiled back, “Now lets go home.”

“Lead the way,” he smirked. 

THE END. I know the ending was pretty crappy, but it is what it is. 

THANK YOU for reading The Enemy’s Child series. There will be more Imagines soon. 

But I need all of your opinions. Which Teen Wolf Guy should I write an Imagine about next?

Please message me your answer, and some suggestions on what it should be about.

(The reason this video is here is because it inspired this imagine. And I think this is a song that represents Theo…..So Yeah.)