love when the boys get together

I hope Rap Monster finds someone who

  • can talk about music with him, your favorite songs and etc.
  • can go out with him for a night
  • goes on coffee shop dates
  • gets along with the other boys
  • gets along with his family
  • doesn’t listen to rumors
  • has a sense of humor
  • makes a playlist of all your favorite songs for him to listen too when he misses you
  • doesn’t mind when he’s always touching you in some way, like arm around your waist/holding hands
  • is there for him when hes feeling down
  • is a tea/coffee lover
  • loves alone time as much as being together
  • doesnt mind sharing him with fans
  • supports him because you know he supports you
  • night !! beach !!! walks !!
  • loves to go out and also be lazy
  • shows him new music
  • listens to his playlists even though they might not be your taste in music
  • remembers the little things about him
  • lets him have his alone time
  • lets him talk on and on about deep philosophical shit and dumb conversations
  • or even better, someone he can match up with these thoughts
  • listens to him when he talks
  • would hold him at night when he can’t sleep
  • can handle his dirty jokes
  • who has dreams and ambitions as big as his
  • who will be okay on their own when he’s on tour
  • but will also have their down days without him
  • reminds him how much you love him
  • can be loud and quiet
  • join his #KimDaily OOTD or be his photographer once in a while
  • talks him into going out more (even if it’s just to the store for food)
Ten years from now I don’t want to tell the story of how I lost the boy of my dreams because I was too afraid to try. No, that’s not my story. This is my story.

I love you. Or at least I like you a lot. I don’t know how it works because I’ve never felt anything this strong before. That might sound crazy but it’s true. You are constantly in my head, like this annoying song stuck on repeat and you try to get it out of there but you can’t. And when we’re together I am insanely happy. And I say insanely because it’s just so much happiness that it almost drives me insane thinking about it. You are goofy and handsome and smart and incredible and so beautiful. Just all of you, in every way, is beautiful.

So maybe my story won’t end with you and me being together. Maybe we won’t ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after. But now I know I’ve tried. My story may not be perfect but at least I know that I wrote it, I didn’t let it write me.
—  Story time.

I have been a childcare professional for almost six years and been a parent for ten.

Whenever someone says that children are too young to learn about ‘gay’ stuff, I practically die laughing because, ladies and gents:

I have seen small children do WAY more stereotypically ‘gay’ stuff than straight without a care in the bloody world.

I have seen little boys happily put on dresses, kiss each other, hug, take care of babies, expertly put a nappy on a doll and be completely unafraid to cry when they’re hurt.

I saw two little boys being Dads and when one of them asked me ‘Can you ask one of the girls to be the Mummy?’ I replied ‘Well, some houses have two Dads, why don’t you guys have two Dads?’ and THEY SHRUGGED, NODDED AND WENT OFF TO PLAY TWO DADS.

I have seen little girls declare loudly they will marry their best friend, marry two dollies together, play house with two mums, build aeroplanes out of lego, get angry and love dinosaurs.

Why? Because they don’t give a shit what you think and they haven’t been told any of this is ‘wrong’. Maybe none of these children are gay, but the fact that they think- KNOW- that this stuff is just stuff and any basis in gender or sexual preference is completely arbitrary, is so important and it gives me so much hope.

Also, I asked my daughter if she wanted to marry a boy or a girl, she said girl.

Because it’s an option. So there.

anonymous asked:

What are your favorite Auston and Mitch moments?

good question, anon. let’s begin:

I’ll add more as we go along with their adventures

AU where everything’s the same, except Leo is constantly eating a bag of Doritos. 

okay jack zimmermann is a nerd but you cannot tell me that he is not a TRADITIONAL nerd like you know that for their first real date he showed up at the front door with flowers for bitty (“i know it’ll look a little weird but you can say you bought them to spruce up the haus”) and that when they ride in cars together he insists on doing the whole open-your-date’s-door thing (except this poor boy is determined to do it before bitty can get there so he fcuking SPRINTS around the car and almost dies like 3 times trying to get around to the other side as fast as humanly possible) and when they go get coffee at annie’s bitty has not pulled out a chair for himself in like 2 years okay jack is cheesy and awkward and old fashioned and i love him

The boy with the brown eyes
loved the girl with the grey eyes
but she didn’t always have grey eyes

Sometimes she had green eyes
that reminded him of the picnic they
went on for their second date
where the grass was so soft but
nothing compared to the softness
of her lips when they kissed

Sometimes she had brown eyes
that reminded him of getting lost in the forest
where they planned their
whole lives together between the
trunks of two trees

Sometimes she had blue eyes
that reminded him of swimming at the beach
watching her transform into
the most beautiful sea creature and
wondering how he was lucky enough
to catch her

The boy with the brown eyes
loved the girl with the grey eyes
or green or brown or blue
the girl made of water and earth
who took the air from his lungs
and lit a fire in his heart

He loved a world that lived only
inside of her

I like to imagine that Scorpius will continue to mock Albus about the ‘new smokey eyed potions professor’ until the end of time (possibly even once he and Albus are dating). Every time Albus gets a good mark in a potions test, or wins some points from her for Slytherin, Scorpius leans across and grins and nudges him in the ribs.

‘You’re winning her round, Albus.’ ‘Did you see that smile?’ ‘True love is blossoming before my very eyes.’ 

One time he even hums a bit of ‘love is in the air’ in Albus’s ear, and Albus elbows him so hard he falls off his stool. 

Then, one day in sixth year, when the boys have been together for a few months, the following exchange happens:

‘Albus, she smiled at you. Did you see? I think she’s falling in lurve with you, Albus. Every ‘O’ you get is a step closer to marital bliss.' 

Albus slaps his ladle onto the table and turns to face Scorpius. 'I’m dating you, you idiot. I’m literally dating you. We’re going to Hogsmeade together tomorrow, and you’re still trying to set me up with her. What’s wrong with you?’

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I love the way jk let jimin throw himself on him while he laughs (and makes sure he doesn’t fall off his chair)
let him wrap himself around him while they walk or talk
how jk holds him when jimin hops on his back, gives him backhugs and takes off the little things that get stuck on his hair or his lips
Wow I cant believe jimin is jungkook’s baby boy

Bangtan Spells Compilation: Jealousy.

Hi there lovelies! Well this had to be done, this is one of the most requested themes, and seriously, we love it. As it is obvious, this is a list of the scenarios in which either you or one of the boys is jealous. Enjoy and have fun with these babies!



  • Hands Off: When a big bug appears you jump to Hoseok’s lap, Yoongi isn’t happy.
  • Heart Attack: You go to a costume party together, but your outfit makes more than a few heads turn which ends up in a jealous Yoongi.
  • All To Himself: Yoongi is low-key (high key) jealous when you play around with the maknae line.
  • Cherry On Top: Yoongi plays himself when he convince you to go on a date with Jungkook, jealousy overflows him as he watches your social median updates.
  • Wicked Games: Yoongi is a bad boy that wants you but all you do is argue until he starts to make you jealous with another girl.
  • Mad About You: Yoongi loses his cool when he gets jealous of one of your friends.
  • Harder To Breathe: Yoongi snaps with anger and jealousy when Taehyung gets too touchy with you.


  • Sweet Evening: You get jealous of one of his sister’s friends + It’s your anniversary.
  • A Special Kind Of Love: You are his best friend and get jealous when a girl flirts with him.


  • Berry Kissmas: Christmas themed scenario. You are holding a kissing booth and Namjoon is freaking out.


  • Clarity: You are in the E.R with another male idol, Jimin doesn’t like any of it.
  • Leaked: You are doing a risky photoshoot with a male model, when pictures get leaked Jimin isn’t pleased.
  • Rebel Heart: Royal AU. Jimin is the crown prince and you are his fiancee. He get jealous of another prince.
  • Sneaky Hand: Jimin gets jealous when one of his members accidentally slaps your butt.
  • Let Them All Know: You + BTS go to a club and meet your ex. Your boyfriend Jimin gets jealous and protective of you.


  • Only You: Taehyung is jealous of your best friend, Park Jimin.


  • Just Mine: Golden maknae gets jealous of the golden hyung, Hoseok.
  • Friendzone: Jungkook is jealous because he thinks you like Jimin.
  • Endearment : He gets jealous when you are talking about cooking with Jin.
  • King Of The Court: Cutie Jungkook gets jealous of an anime character.
  • You Belong With Me: Werewolf AU. He’s a werewolf and he gets jealous because you are always talking with his rival.
  • Jumping Into Conclusions: You think he’s cheating with you best friend but it turns out an entirely different thing.
The RFA reacting to Mc giving them Eskimo kisses!

Ah, this request came from Shaytardsforlive. I like that you love my writing! but i think you put the request in the wrong box!~Madre Mod


  • He would be a blushing mess
  • like this:

Originally posted by ashtonsbabygurl

  • tbh any physical contact from you makes this boy blush
  • he likes them, don’t get him wrong
  • he thinks they are cute
  • do it when he’s going to school/work and he’ll be thinking about you all day


  • He is confused
  • “What did you just do??”
  • “It’s an eskimo kiss!”
  • what the hell kinda kiss was that, is this a commoner thing???
  • (I think it’s called an Eskimo kiss cause if they actually kissed their mouths would freeze together due to how cold it was in Antarctica(??))
  • You do it from time to time and he always has this confused look on his face
  • once he crossed his eyes to look at his nose when you did it and he looked adorable
  • you once saw him do the same to Elizabeth 3rd, you now have a folder of him doing it


  • the first time you did it he was going to go act and he was in a rush for you to give him a real kiss
  • he stared at you while blushing
  • you swore he stopped breathing
  • he does it to you all the time now. mostly when you two are cuddling and being little couch potatos
  • it’s cute


  • she knew what you did
  • she didn’t think you would actually do that
  • she’s flustered for the whole day
  • you have to remind her about work cause of this
  • but her expression is adorable
  • it’s kind of like this:

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  • 707.exe has stopped working. Reboot? >Yes/No
  • he thought it was the cutest thing
  • he thinks everything you do is cute but that’s not the point here
  • he froze when you did that
  • he thought you was going to kiss him but nO
  • just like zen, he does it back to you often after that
  • sometimes it’s a surprise attack just to see what face you make
About that...

Okay at the end of tfp we get a fleeting view of Molly entering the boys’ apartment with a huge smile on her face. I’ve come across many posts which theorised that perhaps Molly and Sherlock are together now. But I don’t really think Sherlock loves Molly. If he did he wouldn’t have felt so guilty after telling her that he loves her (when forced to by Eurus) - we can see that by the way he tears the coffin apart in frustration. And what I feel is that Sherlock hasn’t been able to tell Molly the truth. He finds it difficult to confront her and tell her that he really doesn’t love her in that manner. So you see, this is what kills me (as am a sherlolly shipper too). Molly still believes that the man she’s in love with loves her back. 


I freaking love how Scott smiles at Stiles with such glee. Then there’s Stiles with that absolutely soul-purifying adorable little “oh” sound he makes when he realizes this is the first time he’s seeing Scott since being taken. He tiptoes over the railroad tracks like the awkward child that he is and straight into Scott’s open arms. Then we get the cancer-curing giggle from Scott followed by the world hunger-ending squishy face of a content Stiles. They’re so in love.

The girl that I was at 16, looked for love in all the wrong places. I don’t blame her. She was thirsty for romance. She wanted fireworks and bad boys in ripped jeans, arrogantly thinking she can fix things. She loved with abandon and cried wolves for boys she couldn’t heal. I guess when you’re young, everything is fire; from the inside of your ribs right down to the ways you love someone. You don’t care for “whole”, because pieces are exciting to try to put back together. Somehow, you get hurt enough times to learn that fiery love isn’t necessarily good love. Now, at 25, I am still not exactly sure what good love is. But I look for different things. I look for softness - the crinkles in his eyes when he looks at me, the way he makes a home out of nothing but his arms around my body. The thing is, I learned that you will always burn for love, but it is with a quiet burning when your soul settles on someone else’s - sort of like a calm surrender.
—  A lesson in love // Genefe Navilon

prince AU where yuuri is the sole prince of a small kingdom. he‘s suddenly confronted with the reality that he is to inherit the throne soon when his father, the king, falls ill. stricken with grief, anxiety, and believing he would only bring the country into ruin, he runs away to a neighboring allied kingdom and disguises himself as a stable boy working on a small farm.

he soon encounters this kingdom’s handsome crown prince victor who frequents the farm in secret whenever royalty gets too much for him. one summer together and yuuri learns to admire victor’s ambitions as future king, knowing he will be a great ruler. they eventually fall in love and spend nights in each others arms.

one day, overwhelmed by his feelings for yuuri, victor reveals that he has always known yuuri’s real identity. he was asked by yuuri’s father to find and teach him the meaning of becoming a responsible crown prince, but he had never planned to fall for him at the same time. 

Touch ;

a/n; i wanted to finish this now but i had to go to a play !! but i like this idea/au, so here’s a taste. // should i continue this?? maybe this could be a THING //

Pairing ; phan

Warnings ; cursing, mild panic attack, mentions of shooting/guns

Genre ; fluff, mostly SFW

Summary ; shy!theatre nerd! phil, popular!soft! dan

Phil has been silently in love with Dan Howell for ages now, the popular boy who’s nice to everyone and wears nail polish and always speaks his mind, and he has hardly even talked to him. Just the occasional bump in the hallway or Dan asking for a pencil will make him fall deeper and deeper in love, and it hurts him that Dan doesn’t even know his name. His world completely changes when there’s a lock down at their school, however… and they get stuck in the bathroom together for four hours. 

10:14 am

“Students of Jackson Highschool, we urge you to stay calm. Please make your way to the nearest classroom, and remember, no running.”

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honestly same lmao this was so fun to write, thank you for the request!!!

-OKAY FIRST OFF, i feel like when you first started dating, this boy would have been on top of the moon because of how happy he was
-he liked you so much . 
-and still does~
-would get excited over so many things you guys do together
-even if it’s the smallest thing (ex. holding hands)
-though he may not show it often
-omg he would be so touchy like he LOOVOOOVES skinship
-likes holding ur hand
-unintentional aegyo 
-”you look really handsome, taeyang..” *BLUSHES aND SMILES SO BIG*
-also loves to compliment you
-speaking of……… ATTENTION!!!!!!!!
-he just wants to know that you love him as much as he does
-he might not show his affection in public as much
-bc he wants to keep his cool exterior
-though there are times where he doesn’t care and will do . the most
-ex. makes sure ur always by his side by wrapping his arm around ur shoulders and never letting go etc.
-*randomly stops whatever he’s doing* ”y/n, U MEAN SO MUCH TO ME”
-ur like????????????? but accept his affection anyways
-but when ur alone hes sososososoo clingy and mushy and soft
-though its very cute
-tbh he would probs rather stay at home and chill w/ u rather than go out on dates
-don’t get me wrong, he loves going out and exploring the world 
-he just loves being alone with you
-but when you do go out, he would make sure u had the best time on every date
-bc of this, he is dominant and aggressive sometimes (esp in public)
-but is overall very gentle and caring towards you
-he would also do A N Y T H I N G for you 
-just wants to make sure that you are always happy c:
-esp if youre really close with another guy
-must must must reassure him
-will probably stay up until late to talk with you over the phone
-really loves to talk with you
-can be about the stupidest things
-but he also loves to have deep and meaningful conversations to understand you even more than he does
-he would listen to ur voice all day if he could
-can be really cheesy
-loves to laugh, and u love his laugh
-so it is a win win
-late night, spontaneous dates!!!!
-ur like a rock he leans on for love and support and trust etc.
-not only a boyfriend but a bff
-you two have so much fun together. listen
-people are honestly jealous of u two when they see how good u are together (i would be)
-puts so much into everything, especially ur relationship
-u might be overwhelmed
-but its good to know that he is very committed 
-bc he is so passionate, sometimes he is unsure of ur feelings, so u gotta reassure him often
-tell him u love him and he will be a blushing mess
-always wants the best for you, and ur relationship 

Things I’ve Noticed in Stuckony fanfic

1. Bucky and Steve are obsessed with Tony’s ass. (I don’t blame them.)

2. Bucky and Steve shower Tony with old-school pet names. Ex: Darling, Doll, Sugar, etc.

3. Tony refers to Bucky and Steve as his Brooklyn Boys™.

4. Spitroasting. So. Much. Spitroasting.

5. Tony loves to bottom. (Sometimes Steve and Bucky switch though.)

6. All three of them are kinky motherfuckers. Especially Steve.


8. The absence of condoms. Boys, why?

9. The snark is tripled when these three are together.

10. Bucky and Steve love teasing Tony.

11. Tony is super oblivious that these idiots like him oh my god.

12. Natasha is tired of their pining and tries to help them get their shit together.



Summary: Dean and Y/N have a beautiful baby boy together. When Dean gets home from a hunt he wants to give you a reward for all the multitasking you do.  

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester (Mentioned), Reader, Robert Winchester (OFC) 

 Word Count: 1,239 (I’m not even going to apologize)

 Warnings: NSFW, smut, oral sex, fluffy goodness, unprotected sex (wrap it up guys) 

 Prompt: Congrats on 1200!! For your challenge: Dean. 21, 26, or 28. NSFW.- @avasmommy224 21. “Did you hear that sweetheart, it’s a boy.”

A/N: This was a lot of fun to write! I love Daddy!Dean and I hope y'all enjoy!

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