love washes over all

in case u missed it….,,. the ensemble member who was playing seabury the night i saw hamilton was magical and his hair looked pink in the lighting……i cried like 4 times

“What can I say, Lauryn Hill Live gave me LIFE yesterday at Atlanta’s Tabernacle Theater! Most memorable, compelling and moving live performance for me. Thank you for the love you pour into your music and that thus washes all over us, Ms. Hill.” [X]

11 THINGS TO DO IN 2017 | Julio Balda
  1. Understand that everyone is growing, and changing, including yourself.

  2. Don’t isolate yourself, surround yourself with those that love you. and that TRULY love you.

  3. Listen to music, indulge yourself, let it wash all over your body, in every situation.

  4. Don’t check their instagram.

  5. Write about what you’re feeling, express them, don’t be afraid to share them.

  6. Learn and understand your worth. You are worthy.

  7. Treat your body nicely, this includes your mind.

  8. Smile if you see them, show them you’re not affected.

  9. Don’t be affected.

  10. Don’t romanticize the past.

  11. Live your truth.

Written by Julio (ig: gothjulio)

i don’t even really ship this but I’m just imaging Wash having like a giant crush on Dr. Grey and big sis Lina is all “why don’t you just go talk to her?”

so Wash is like “That’s easy for you to say when was the last time you tried to hit on someone?”

And Epsilon snickers while Lina stares at Wash for a good 10 seconds before going “Wash I have literally been sleeping with Kimball for 3 months have you honestly not noticed?”

“…why does no one ever tell me anything? also I didn’t need to hear that.”

I had this overwhelming feeling of love wash over me suddenly.

An incredible feeling of love for all of you Spoonies. Whether you’re following me or not, whether we talk or not, I just think you are amazing, wonderful, brave people.

You’re all going through something different but you’re doing it. You’re fighting through it.

You give me the strength I need and I’d like to thank you for that.

Sending love and spoons. ❤️


10x18 “Book of the Damned”
“You and I we have a lot in common.

I just love all the different expressions washing over Cas’ face here. The set to his eyes when he tells Metatron that they will NEVER be besties, because he killed Dean. The absolute certainty and hardness in his eyes. The way he presses his eyes a bit together and then opens them up wide and leans in  and just… I just love it. Like.. a lot. :D

imagine going on road trips with luke. imagine him taking pictures of you, cheek smashed against the car window, laughing as he posts them on snapchat. imagine talking about nothing and something and everything, picking a road and following it until you reach the end. imagine Luke’s hair curling and tangling as the wind from the open window blows through it–you lean over and run your fingers through it and he smiles and kisses the back of your hand. imagine finding the end of your road, and luke parking the car, and kissing you over and over and telling you how much he loves you. imagine letting yourself relax and close your eyes, letting it all wash over you, all of the love and joy and peace that being with luke gives you. you’re a little sleepy but you’re in love, and you’re loved, and you’re okay.

for someone who hates cars, you sure know how to swerve || the baes ft. commitment issues


Tucker brushed his dreads out of his eyes as he closed the bedroom door quietly, so as not the wake up the sleeping child across the hall. He glanced over at Wash and gnawed on his bottom lip. He looked around the room and, not for the first time, noticed how much of Wash’s things were there.

It didn’t bother him, quite the opposite, actually. He loved it. Wash was over here all of the time, watching Junior, feeding the animals, studying. He practically lived here. What bothered Tucker was that he didn’t live here. And Tucker had…absolutely no idea how to ask him to move in.