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Not all Klance shippers are antis and/or bad people

Not all Klance shippers will tell you to kys if you ship something

Not all Klance shippers will hurt VAs, the Oficial Voltron, and other fans because of stupid reasons

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your blog has become a safe haven for us dudes who are fucking exhausted by all the arguing in the hell that is the star wars fandom and i think that's great

Awww, this is really nice. I know this fandom is a trainwreck, but the fun Star Wars people are really, truly, my favorite nerds.

And if it’s any consolation to those who are feeling despondent right now, even when you’re not tracking with it, Star Wars is still often pretty funny when you take a step back. I know we’re all bummed that Luke has gone to the Jedi Tea Party in the sky, but if it helps you to laugh through the tears, just like…think about the story of this Jedi Lineage: 

Yoda: died of exhaustion due to Skywalker drama 

Dooku: took a gamble on Anakin not being insane and LOST

Qui-Gon: got killed by a guy who then A) was mortally wounded but B) came back on robot spider legs because being mad at Obi-Wan kept him alive and C) then refused to die for like another 600 years

Obi-Wan: got killed by Darth Vader, who was the most ridiculous person who has ever existed like LOOK AT HIM YOU GUYS, after smirking at him and then confusing the shit out of him and probably then went on to haunt him and heckle him when he was at work 

Anakin: just…a Mess. The biggest mess. Weirdly ends up with one of the calmest deaths in the group. He’s just always got to be different, you know?

Luke: died as a result of Skyping himself to the other side of space because that’s a thing now 

Kylo Ren: will probably die in a Space Blimp explosion while dueling Palpatine’s clone, yelling about how he either regrets everything or regrets nothing

I’m honestly wondering how Yoda’s master died now. I bet it was incredible. 

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Everyone who is reading this: I’m so glad you’re alive. I’m so proud of you. You are loved. I’m here. Don’t give up, we’re almost there.

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call me a hopeless dreamer, but in my heart, lance lying face-down on the floor & latching onto someone’s leg is completely in character and keith just accepting it is also completely in character

i keep forgetting that kravitz was a villain during crystal kingdom. the concept is so fucking funny to me. he’s too gay for this? he’s so incredibly gay that he lost the biggest bounty he’s ever hunted? like. this boy has a shitty accent. he’s a fucking nerd. his fatal flaw is literally that he’s too gay. he falls in love with the elf he’s supposed to be hunting. and he’s the most lawful good character on the show! it’s so easy to forget that at one point he chased the boys around with a scythe. i’m sorry, krav, you were never cut out for villiany, you’re just too fucking gay.


“Through the years”

Or, the Gladnis thing that has been sitting in my folder for at least a month, that I’ve been screaming about with a friend on Twitter since then (they got to see the first sketches, lol) and that I’ve finally finished at 5 am today.
And now I have feels again.


Hi! This is Not Mystic Messenger ^_^;

{{Lowkey screaming cause highkey I wanna give all those who gave support and encouragement about the AU -> Original Reboot a really big hug}} ♥♥♥

So here are some small doodles I did for the new series :D Nothing is really final yet in terms of designs but all I’m sure of is that I want it to be a slice-of-life series (no plans for a serious plot yet - just your usual crack/angst scenarios in chapters - kind of like how I randomly updated with MM crack/angst comics + mini comics – & I hope to draw mini comic sets about them too; but mainly these will be about the day-to-day adventures of these college losers etc :D)

Also I’m going to add new characters because I want to practice drawing different people too :D I will be definitely open for HC’s & suggestions from everyone (i kinda of want to build this series with the help of the community) but more info on that later ^o^ Thanks for all the kind words everyone ;;o;;

Sorry to those who are confused, I know I haven’t really made a proper announcement about this (been super busy with stuff) but yes I am rebooting Taemin’s AU into an Original Series (No Mystic Messenger Characters/Elements anymore - which means the AU kids get new names, slight/new redesigns/personalities and new families) :D I’ve been really attached to my AU fancharacters and I want to make them grow ;v; And also, I don’t want to be forever known as ‘that one girl who only drew MM for life’ - I also see this as a chance to be more creative and free and be able to grow as an artist as well ;;v;; TBH I feel super inspired when I draw them because I know they’re mine - and it’s good motivation so I will be able to make new content that will make more people happy (which is the main reason why i started making funny comics - because i want to make people smile) :D

I will still draw MM fanart from time to time, please don’t worry about it! But I do hope you still support me in this project - because it’s something important to me ;v; If not, that’s okay too! Thank you so much for having supported my MM content in the past ♥ I’m glad I was able to make some of you smile with my comics and stuff :D

“I remember coming into it with the notion of ‘The purpose here is just to create intimacy,’” Johnson says. “How minimal can we go? And what is the simplest way of clearing everything out, so it’s just like you and me having a conversation in a room?” The answer arrived at by Johnson and the brain trust was simply to intercut between Ridley and Driver as if the actors were in the same room. “The idea of it being pure cinematic language - just intercutting and doing nothing else to it - that solution saw through all the way to the finished product. I think it works.”

- Rian Johnson on creating intimacy for the Force connection scenes between Rey and Kylo, The Art of Star Wars: The Last Jedi