love us brits

Brits 2017

Well, I did some thinking and have come to the conclusion that yesterday was a strategic battle between Simon and the boys. And the boys won at least for the public eye and that is what counts.

Simon presenting was kind of obvious. He had three acts in for the win, so chances of some shameless self-adulation were good. I think that is why he was so smug in the beginning.

If I were salty, I would say 1D winning became a done deal during the day, so the boys decided to make it their own, even if they couldn’t be there.

I am not convinced that they didn’t want to be there. Niall went to the after party, so he could have easily attended. Louis was in London during the day. As much as I love him spending time with his siblings it could have easily been done on another day and I guess there are enough people around to babysit, so Lottie, Tommy and Dan could have gone with Louis.

So they got this show on the road. It started off with Louis asking the fans to vote, showing that the band still cares. All the other tweets from friends and family created an all around positive vibe showing that those close to the boys still believed in them and supported them. Especially Anne tweeting showing that Harry still cares. She would not have done this if Harry didn’t feel ok with it.

They chose Liam to go, because he is the diplomat. They got him in unnoticed and in the worst case (losing) would have gotten him out unnoticed. Him getting up there and stealing Simon’s thunder was the first blow, him not thanking Simon and Syco/Sony was the next.

The final blow was all the boys tweeting afterwards. They played it perfectly.

The only question is does OT have any leverage for retaliation or are we seeing the coffin finally sealed for good.

Personally I think the boys are not there yet but they made a very important point by standing up and calling their fans to gather behind them. It worked.

Love them, love us.

This is a public service announcement.

This island I’m in is freaking surreal. It’s all beach houses and there’s not a single vehicle. A stray cat just appeared on our doorstep and got in when we opened the door. We gave her tuna.