love unleashed

  • Yuuri: *becomes all sultry and possessive*
  • Victor: Good god, I’ve created a monster

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I have the flu so I'm sitting in bed craving kanej. Any chance you could write something for them pls and thank you btw you're a goddess and I love your stuff

sorry i haven’t been online so idk when you sent this but…that could mean you’re maybe, hopefully, feeling a bit better by now?? regardless, i’m wishing you well!! ♡ and tysm.

they don’t belong here, but barrel rats are a difficult breed to shoo away. not that anyone tries. it’s getting late, most of the university district all sound asleep apart from the gathering having pints and academic debates on the bridge.

kaz and inej sit at the fountain in the courtyard enjoying almond cakes and coffee, but mostly the serene ambience.

at night the fragrances of the flowers intensify. even the canals are pretty when the moon shines down on it, the silver light glinting across the small ripples like dancing stars. it’s nothing like the barrel here, which is precisely why they love it so much. they often come here to escape the dense clouds of coal smoke and the smell of rot. here, there are no hassles or drunkards to get in the way of enjoying their alone time. just peace.

clusters of heliotrope are potted around them. inej thinks they smell like vanilla, kaz thinks they smell more like cherry pie. they playfully argue about this and she splashes him with the fountain water. he laughs when the wind mists the cold water against the back of her neck and she ducks into her hood. “what’s the depressing suli proverb about what goes around comes around?”

her smile is a starburst of light splitting through the shadows her hood casts over her face. “i don’t know what you’re talking about.”

students straggle along the cobblestones without looking twice at them. some silently converse among themselves, others have their noses pressed into books as they head from the closing libraries to their dorms. kaz’s eyes rivet to them, wondering how they could exist in the same time at the same place, but be from entirely different worlds. 

when he looks at inej her head is tilted back, her hood fallen just enough for him to see the concentrated way she’s watching him. he leans in, his smirk slow and sinuous, “is that scheming face?”

she flushes. “i don’t have a scheming face.”

he pulls her hood the rest of the way down to get a clear view of her face. smoothing the disrupted hair back in place he teases, “seems to be a night of denial for you.”

“do i really have one?”

“were you scheming?”

she pauses. “kinda?”

“then definitely. what were you thinking about?”

she offers her hand and he fits his fingers between hers. “nothing devious really, i just need a lockpick to help me.”

he nods and says, “okay,” but he really means always. she smiles and squeezes his hand, but she actually means i know.

*snaps* Alright, FINE 

Gravebone Idea:

The necklace Grindelwald!Graves gave Credence is a pre-horcrux; an object that has been prepared and had the necessary spells cast on it in order to be made into a vessel for a piece of soul. 

If the wearer of the necklace kills someone, (while carrying out his orders), it becomes a horcrux for them. 

This guarantees:

  1. any of Grindelwald’s agents who kill/are killed for the cause are rewarded for it (and coming back means they can still be useful to him)
  2. his enemies think they have killed off an agent who actually still lives
  3. he builds up a reputation for having that terrifying, seemingly un-killable ‘army of Inferi,’ for which he originally wanted the Resurrection Stone. 

After the events of FB, Real!Graves, the one who initiated friendship with Credence, is discovered locked up somewhere where Grindelwald has been keeping him hostage, a la Barty Crouch and Mad-Eye Moody. 

After being discovered, Real!Graves is put on paid sick leave (since he got abducted by GW in the line of duty) and unbeknown to MACUSA he uses his time off to resurrect Credence. 

He takes him home with him to stay, and gets him some nice robes, and plenty of decent food to eat, and a wand of his very own, and starts tutoring him in the ways of magic and just how to take care of himself for pity’s sake

(I blame you for this @granpappy-winchester​)

On this day where we celebrate FREEDOM it’s time to unleash your LOVE OF DEMOCRACY with a vote!

For naming Crotchku’s new best friend, the two most frequent recommendations seemed to be a variation on either Nudgeta or Vageta. It’s time to vote! Ready to let YOUR VOICE BE HEARD? Send a message, put it on a reblog, whatever. I’ll tally them up after voting ends at midnight on the 5th.

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I was going to ask you back then but you also said you were very busy at the time in the same post, but I would like to hear your headcannons/theories on keyleth's mom (if you don't mind)

Oh man Nonny you don’t know what you’ve unleashed. I love thinking about Vilya and Keyleth and this mystery of a backstory we’ve barely touched the surface of.

Just. This woman left her home and family, left her daughter––just a girl, quick and bright as a butterfly with a heart the size of Tal’dorei––and her husband to go on this impossible quest, to trek to the ends of the earth and prove herself worthy to lead a quarter of her people and protect the weak points of the world (which, like, given what we’ve seen with the failed Vecna ritual and the destruction of Pyrah is super fucking important).

Why? Her husband is already headmaster. Did he go on an Aramente? Is this so they can live Happily Ever After to the end of their days? I don’t really think so. The way Keyleth talks about her Aramente, it sounds like she’s going to take up the mantle pretty soon if (when) she returns, which makes me think leadership of Zephra is matrilineal. (I really hope it is tbh that’d be so cool)

So then, did she marry into it? Did she fall in love with the headmaster and marry him and start a family, knowing she would have to leave, knowing she’d have to wander the world and maybe never see them again?

(or is Korren already old by druid standards, and she chose to take his burden so their daughter could remain young and free for just a little longer?)

Clearly Vilya has to be pretty powerful, given what Keyleth has said about Korren finding out how talented she was and starting her training and all that jazz. So you’ve got this talented woman, a wife and a mother, who leaves home and just disappears, which brings me to my next question:

Where is she? 

I’ve talked about how she’s probably still somewhere out there, but I’m fascinated by Keyleth’s place in all this, following in her mother’s footsteps and hoping to find her (because Keyleth is a creature of hope, after all). Is she wandering the world, lost and determined to make it home? I like to think she is; I like to think she’s fighting tooth and nail to come back home so she can protect her daughter from this burden just a little longer.

(I imagine her heartbreak that she couldn’t do enough; I imagine her guilt that all this was placed upon her daughter’s shoulders when she wasn’t there to help; I imagine her boundless love for Keyleth and her pride in all Keyleth has done.)

(I imagine how fiercely she and Keyleth miss and love and hope for each other and it makes me so sad but so excited, because there is this entire story yet to be told and I trust Matt Mercer implicitly and I know that no matter what I imagine, he’ll have something I never saw coming and it’ll be even better than I possibly could have hoped.)

(also, highly suggest listening to Frozen Pines and Way Out There for optimal Vilya and Keyleth feels)

Has anyone else gotten a message from someone saying they’re looking for stories/comments to include in a Markiplier/Jacksepticeye fangame? Because I just got one and the blog looks suspiciously like a spam blog..

What is commonly called “falling in love” is in most cases an intensification of egoic wanting and needing. You become addicted to another person, or rather to your image of that person. It has noting to do with true love, which contains no wanting whatsoever.
—  Eckhart Tolle

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Ever played a game that you always love on a casual playthrough but becomes a boring chore when you try to go for 100% completion? When it comes to Sonic i don't know why but it's almost always the case for me. I can play Majora's Mask and rarely get bored with the side stuff. I can 100% a Mario game just fine. But Sonic? I love Sa1/2, Unleashed,Colors,Gens but if i try to complete all the challenges/get all emblems/medals/red rings/S ranks they just become dull, repetitive and slow to me

Skies of Arcadia. Since the requirements for the Swashbuckler Rating “Vyse King of Rogues” are extremely tedious to accomplish.

I 100%’d most Sonic games years ago and I see no point to doing it again. Especially given that stuff like all golds in SatSR and Riders were immensely difficult.