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Name: Kennedee
Age: 15
Country: U.S.A.

Hey lovely people!
I’m Kennedee and I’m looking to make a new friend from somewhere around this tremendous, strange place we call planet earth. When I’m not procrastinating studying for finals, I’m often found discovering new music, which can be anything from indie pop to 80’s to classical to theatre (The Strokes, Fleetwood Mac, Chopin, The Smiths, Panic!, Hamilton, Logic, …). Besides music, I have a strange love for psychology and philosophy (INFP yo), anime and cartoons (Avatar, Ouran, Yuri!!, Steven Universe…), YouTube and enjoying the little things in life like stars and apple tea and poetry. I’ve also always loved Brazilian and Spanish culture, but it doesn’t matter where you’re from as long as you’re willing to share your world and stories with me. Even though I’m kind of quiet and awkward, I’m always open for a good conversation about anything and adventures that can go anywhere. If you’re looking for someone to talk to, deep and meaningful or creative and funny, just let me know.

Preferences: Preferably 14-17, but it doesn’t matter your gender or sexuality or country or religion. As long as you’re a a nice, loving human and you’re respectful of my religion,(Christianity), I promise we’ll be perfect for each other.

Sana is an amazing photographer who work shouldn’t be overlooked. But she also proved to be a great subject and a very well dressed one at that! I was able to capture this elegant snap of her in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida U.S.A. I love how the highlights all merge seamlessly together despite the white blazer, and the sand sprawls out from the beach to greet the Atlantic Ocean without losing detail.

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida U.S.A.
#modeststreetfashion #modestfashion

By: Langston Hues