love u so much boo


happy birthday to our lovely baby, seungkwan #LovelyBOODay #부승관_쇵일축하_허염쩌
you have always shown your happy, funny, and positive side which is extremely hard to do. i’m really so proud of you for coming this far with your training and debut. thank you for your existence and your amazing voice, humor, kindness, perseverance, and effort. keep up the great work and we carats will always be by your side no matter how rough life gets. happy birthday bud! we love you!!

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CRASHES INTO UR ASK BOX hey boo you're the coolest kid on the block, never forget it!!!!! you're an inspiration to many and more people need to have the sort of positive attitude you do. stay strong and laugh at the anons who take the time to be petty!! also this is 100% totally not tea-sims, who is that

@tea-sims who?


the more i watch the malec kiss scene the more i fall in love with lydia?? ‘cause they could’ve made her cause a scene or be like “what no” but they didn’t. she’s just like “yaah boy go get ur man while i stand here looking DEADASS GORGEOUS by myself i got u boo” like??? i love her so much