love u paul


It was an idea I had, I think, when I was flying from L.A. to somewhere. I thought it would be nice to lose our identities, to submerge ourselves in the persona of a fake group. We would make up all the culture around it and collect all our heroes in one place. So I thought, A typical stupid-sounding name for a Dr. Hook’s Medicine Show and Traveling Circus kind of thing would be ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.’ Just a word game, really.”

—Paul McCartney, 1984


Daryl & Jesus -> “Destined to be together.”

As I said, I cannot stop drawing them. It’s a curse, I’m sure of it. The Desus-curse. But they look sooo frickin good together, you know. So how could I not? So well, this is for you, my desus friends!

He calls me Pineapple Princess 

All day

As he plays his ukulele on a hill above the bay

here’s a soft cartoony doodle for a soft cartoony song !! c:


H I G H  P A R K : a playlist to fit the farmer Paul McCartney aesthetic…

track listing:

  1. two of us // the beatles
  2. don’t let it bring you down // paul mccartney & wings
  3. martha my dear // the beatles
  4. that would be something // paul mccartney
  5. old brown shoe (anthology 3 version) // the beatles
  6. jenny wren // paul mccartney
  7. bip bop // paul mccartney & wings
  8. maggie mae // the beatles
  9. mull of kintyre // paul mccartney & wings
  10. why don’t we do it in the road? // the beatles
  11. every night // paul mccartney
  12. heart of the country // paul mccartney
  13. i’ve got a feeling // the beatles
  14. dig a pony // the beatles
  15. junk // paul mccartney
  16. get back // the beatles