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why flintwood?

 There are three main aspects as to why Flintwood draws me in so much as a ship - as a writer, they have to do with what canon gives us, and what canon allows us to build off of. I personally love expanding on minor characters that aren’t as constrained by canon; therefore this ship is writer’s gold for me. 

war & peace - named for one another;

Starting from last names, the connection between Wood and Flint is pretty obvious - one incites the other. Tie in their given names, where Oliver equates to peace, and Marcus referring to the Roman god of war. Now, JKR is always deliberate in names, and her choice most likely refers to peace winning out over war in the end (Oliver beating Marcus finally in POA). But this naming explicitly ties these two characters together in a way I love to explore. 

What is interesting to me, in rereading their characters, is that Oliver is the one who is emotionally charged, quick to anger and retaliation in the face of Marcus’ needling. Marcus, on the other hand, sticks to more snide remarks, and seems relatively calm, albeit amused by Wood’s reactions. Oliver is noted as capable of putting aside all other concerns in favor of winning, even other’s well being. Marcus, on the other hand, seems to place more value on having the strongest team. He practices sneaky tricks and physical fouls on the pitch, yes, but doesn’t seem to want to risk the overall well-being of his team. “Peace” and “War” aren’t apparent in their actions, nor their motives. Both are bent on winning - the ways they go about it aren’t the usual representation. One could argue diplomatic Cedric Diggory seems to match a picture of peace better than Oliver does. 

In shipping terms, their names may speak to initial conflict, but digging a little deeper in the meaning of their names brings surprising similarities. Oliver also has meanings of affection; Marcus, defense and tenderness. It’s this semi-meta that’s drawn me in - that under the surface there is so much more to their characters, and so much could grow in a potential relationship. It makes for a fascinating play on characterization. As canon doesn’t give us much past the standard traits (enthusiastic mentor of a captain, the surly rival, respectively), I always go back to their names when writing. 

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Alexander: So this is gonna sounds dorky, but I was actually so nervous to ask you out that I had to get your brother to help me. I just wasn’t sure whether you would say yes or not.


Alexander: …hello?

Oliver:  😍


Tiefe Brunnen muss man graben
Wenn man klares Wasser will
Rosenrot oh Rosenrot
Tiefe Wasser sind nicht still 

 10 Things Rammstein - One Album - Rosenrot

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I LOVE OLIVER SO MUCH oh my god i wrote this at work today btw its happening this takes place right after they meet again ! ;))


Oliver pauses in the middle of the hallway and leans against the wall once the parlor is well enough behind him. He’s still grinning as he tilts his head back and stares at the ceiling. “I’m in trouble, Adam,” he says plainly.

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arrow au: oliver queen as a professional baseball player (no island)

After getting drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays in the first round of the 2016 MLB Draft, Oliver Queen spent two short years working his way through the team’s farm system, moving up through the minors faster than any player drafted that year. On June 27, 2018 he was called up to join the team in Toronto. And on June 28th, he started in his first major league game. (written by smoakingbillionaires)

arrow arrow au love this and felicity could be a reporter sent to do a story on him who is less than impressed with rumors of his playboy ways she plans on writing a hard hitting article about the ridiculously self indulgent lifestyle baseball players live instead she finds a man who’s given back to his community and done tons of charity workcharmed she says yes when he asks her out to dinner and finds herself on the best date she’s ever had one thing leads to another and then they live happily ever after (via a-tangled-pineapple)


2x09 / 3x23

‘You’re no longer either of those men’you are a superhero, you’re Green Arrow.


Olicity Meme: funny scenes [2]
“Do you see what you’ve done?”