love u gio

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How often do you do you all transform? And how long does it take to do so? /also i love your Josuke oh my God/

And there’s, like, sparkles everywhere. Which all mysteriously vanishes when we’re done. I wonder if the transformation process takes place in some sort of weird dimension pocket or something??


Gio appreciate the compliments!!! He doesn’t interact much with people since he’s always glued on a computer screen (bc he’s an internet/video game junkie, and his job requires him to be on one majority of the time.) He has a false sense of confidence, where he’s cocky and likes to build himself up, but when people actually start to compliment him, he gets flustered and shrinks back into his introverted self~

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why is dio hanging around jona if he's an angel? and are he and gio still related? (also i really love ur art, this blog is sooooooooo cute!!!!! 💕)

Well, do you believe in gravity?

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new hc: every digiorno's pizza is made by Giorno just GE-ing a slab of styrofoam

Yep. Totally canon. Do you guys want some? I swear it’s edible.