love u boo :*


best of boo seungkwan ♡
happy birthday, precious boo!
thank you for always being able to show the best sides of seventeen. your vocal abilities and sheer enthusiasm are so admirable and seventeen wouldn’t be the same without you. you’re sweet, kind, funny, outgoing and so incredibly talented; thank you for sharing that with us. we love you so much ♡


happy birthday to our lovely baby, seungkwan #LovelyBOODay #부승관_쇵일축하_허염쩌
you have always shown your happy, funny, and positive side which is extremely hard to do. i’m really so proud of you for coming this far with your training and debut. thank you for your existence and your amazing voice, humor, kindness, perseverance, and effort. keep up the great work and we carats will always be by your side no matter how rough life gets. happy birthday bud! we love you!!

happy birthday boo♡
#LovelyBOODay #부승관_쇵일축하_허염쩌


– dedicated to @leahlahote. merry christmas, from the shittiest secret santa ever! 

suntek  asked:

i love you n i don't say it enough but i really, really love you.

i spent ten fucking minutes turning myself into an icon because using an animu icon seemed weird. I love you. I don’t need to hear it every second of every hour of every day to know that you love me. You make me smile every time I’m sad and then also listen to me when I bitch about something nonsensical. Also you put up with me when I am physically upset about the meme economy of all things, even though you definitely don’t deserve to have to put up with that.

Arguably, no one should have to put up with my pretentious ass when it comes to movies I like and/or when I’m crying about the decline in meme production since 2014.

I love your passion for the things you love and you are so wonderfully talented and I wish you knew that you were. I love it when you get fired up about things that matter to you? I love how protective you are of me. Even when it’s about stupid things like a fucking idol game robbing me blind. I love your writing. Anything. Everything. I love your jokes ( even if I don’t always get them; I still think you’re funny anyways ). I love you? So much? I know when I say it, it might seem flighty but I mean it? I JUST GOTTA TELL YOU EVERY SINGLE DAY. You’re everything?

You’re my everything.

And I love you very, very much.