love u all :')

i’m happy for those that went tonight, i’m sorry to those that got invited and couldn’t make it, and i’m sorry to those who haven’t been invited yet. i’m sending all of you love and hugs, we just have to wait for our time.

here for the christian aces

here for the aces who sat in modesty talks and purity talks and couldn’t understand what was such a big deal

here for the aces who took a while to understand they were ace because they thought they were just really good at resisting temptations

here for the aces who hear sermons on singleness and think “that’s the life for me” and here for the aces who don’

here for the aces who want to get married but don’t want kids

here for the aces who want to get married and have kids

here for the aces who don’t want to identify with the lgbtqia+ community because they’re scared of the backlash

here for the aces who don’t want to come out because they’ll be called celibate and that’s different than asexual

here for the christian aces who don’t know what’s their faith and what’s their sexuality and live in a constant state of confusion because of it


Hello again! So these are the details for that Manchester project I posted about a few days ago! This is something I care so much about and I would love for you guys to help me spread the word. 
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me here on tumblr or on any of the contacts above.

Thank you so much to everyone who’s already involved in this and thank you Taha @habibharry for the poster and the support!

So like ?? I’m feeling bleh?? I feel kind of burnt out but still feel pressure to continue making content consistently on YT, I dunno?? I’m also just worried about other life stuff in general, even though like, life is going overall pretty well, cool things are happening. It just seems like a lot of waiting for things to fall into place now… Lot of it depends on where I will end up this summer.

I don’t know, bleh. I used to want to stay up 24/7 editing–dont get me wrong, I still LOVE it, I just think I need to chill Out for like Ten Seconds also,, you feel me.?? I kind of feel like trying some random project I’ve never done before, just like a personal project to explore stuff. Like I’ve thought about trying to make an animatic of a story idea I have. but it feels like there’s never time because as soon as I put out one video, i start working on the next one, and also i work full time at my day job doing QA (which I love but you know it’s time consuming and takes Energy) and also pursuing the voice acting thing… I feel like this post is portraying this as a lot worse than it actually is, I am pretty much super happy with where my life is right now, but I also feel like I want to continue to grow, and I’m afraid of stagnating I guess?? I don’t know why I’m posting this here but I just wanna let u all know Where I’m At and Be Real, plus it just helps to write it all down.

Anyways this is my ramblings nightposting etc @staff my icon is still broken please fix it

The cool kids who are actually big dorks ™