love tyga

Do y’all remember when Amandla Stenberg called Kylie Jenner out for cultural appropriating with her cornrows since she has yet to use her platform to bring light to BLM, and police brutality; and Kylie told her ‘mad if I do, mad if I don’t. Go play with Jaden.’ I was a Kardashian fan but this pisses me off. Instead of ignoring the comment, you respond completely ignoring the fact that she’s right. You’re on your 3rd black dick, about to have a black baby with no idea what that child will face being bi-racial. No concern for the brothers and sisters of these men they fetishize over, being killed for no reason. Kim Kardashian just recently teamed up with a racist, claiming their comments were in the past. THEN, took it back. Nah, none of these hoes are woke. It’s only cool to look like us, get penetrated by us, use us at the expense of helping their curves, and lips by birthing us - to give themselves a free pass to keep culturally appropriating us. Stop supporting these racist, opportunists.