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     He doesn’t love you, he can’t possibly love you. You’re nothing but a cheep imitation, a stand-in for the real thing– for me! How could you possibly think he’d ever love someone like  y o u ? Someone who doesn’t value him, care for him, see his true potential, or even truly love him back? Especially as I do. Admit it, Wells, you’re using him just as much as he’s using you~. The boy is mine and he’ll always be   m  i  n  e  .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          I created him.

       Get your hands off of him,  T h a w n e .
                                                                          Harry please…
 help me

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So I had a horrible flashback yesterday of some of the terrible experiences I had with 40k fans after starting to read Horus Heresy and slowly getting into it. So I’m writing this post.

Just for the others who don’t collect models for Warhammer 40k (I do have some IF and my homebrew Dark Angels chapter because they are amazing) you can still be a 40k fan if you like just the books. You can still be a fan if all you like is Horus Heresy or just 40k books.

You can be a fan if you own nothing but played something with a friend or wiki’d it because you have no money. There are no rules to being a FAN.

When I first found this stuff I meet a lot of jerks on goodreads and facebook. All gate keeping if you didn’t like things just so or you challenged canon in the slightest you where wrong and a fake fan.

Nothing makes you a fake fan.

Morning Voice

Shawn Mendes 
Words: 460
Note: Ironically, I fell asleep while writing this last night 😄

The sound of Shawn’s rambling slowly drew me away from my once peaceful slumber. Peeling my eyes open, I instantly shoved my head back into my pillow, not ready to deal with the overly bright room.

“Someone’s awake.” Everything he said seemed deeper with his morning voice. Even the chuckles that rumbled in his chest sounded sexier.

Opening my eyes again, I was greeted with Shawn’s phone in my face. Groaning, I weakly pushed at his arm, “You’re a turd.”

“You love me really,” He teased, but got the point and ended the video. I watched him tap away at the screen, rolling my eyes when I realised it was going on Snapchat. Seriously, when was he not on the damn app.

“Sometimes I wonder why,” I joked back, about to get up to use a bathroom. Shawn raised an eyebrow at me. Before I could register what was happening, his fingers were digging into my sides, working fast against the bare skin under my shirt, sending a mixture of out sleep laced laughter bouncing around the room.

“Why don’t you love me?” His funny little pout only adding to the whole adorable, half asleep, look he had going on.

“I love you! Just stop tickling me!” I giggled. Finally, his hand stopped their tortures movements but still touched my skin, running a path from my hip to the bottom of my ribs and back. A lazy smile played on his lip, the slight stubble scattered across his chin and cheeks, while annoying when kissing, only made him hotter.

“How do you always look so good in the morning?” I thought out loud as I ran my hand through his soft, messy hair. The strands were longer than normal, desperately in need of a cut.

“I’m just that amazing,” the cockiness of his words made me roll my eyes, and I totally would have replied with the best come back if it weren’t for him leaning in, brushing his lips against mine. Not that I was complaining.

Just to tease Shawn, I lightly bit down on his bottom lip between kisses. A groan got caught in the back of his throat, his grip tightened around my waist. Rolling onto his back, he brought me along with him so my legs were either side of his. I giggled, already feeling a certain something poking the inside of my thigh.

Breathless, I managed to pull away just enough to speak, “Just give two minutes.”

“Baby…” He whined, reaching out for me as I climbed off the bed. All I could do was laugh, because My God, I’m engaged to an actual child.

“Sorry, my balder comes first.” I pecked his lips quickly, running into the bathroom before he had the chance to grab me again.

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Why do you feel that way about Glossaryck? I see him as the most intelligent character in the show who does what he wants, like some kind of all-knowing, string-pulling entity. If he does embody negative stereotypes, I highly doubt that they meant for him to be offensive. Maybe you could elaborate on why he's "really fucked up" because I have never seen another person view him in this way before and I don't quite understand it? I love the little blue turd and I wish to understand your opinion.

man, I’m not like an expert on this or anything, but it is objectively messed up to have a character with an Indian accent have bucked teeth and a huge nose betray the main character at one point and have his main motivation be pudding

I don’t have the time/energy to go into the western history of dehumanizing asians through art, but let me tell you it involves A LOT of comics/images of them being deceitful and having buck teeth, ex:

also he’s blue which is…like directly ripping off Indian Gods, many of which of are blue

Making it kinda disrespectful?? Since he’s just a guru-parody character himself and shown to be selfish and unattractive- not as many Indian God’s should be respectfully depicted as (you know, since he’s blue, a guru-God powered character, and has a literal Indian accent)

I’m not saying he had to be like 100% good, but maybe they could have avoided a whole truckload of negative POC stereotypes in making him? Such as untrustworthy, lazy, ‘string-puller’ intelligent, hedonistic, ect.

I’m also not saying you have to stop liking him or boycott the show but there is a history of Asian dehumanization through images just like his acting just like him in American/western culture and you should be aware of it. I don’t think they did it on purpose either, but I do think there is a hurtful element to it that incorporates an ugly history in a kid-friendly package.

Just, you know, be aware


“I swear, doesn’t it sometimes feel like we’re babysitting?”

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Omg baby Jaymz though. Yoooooo, constantly dying hair (one second its brown then gold then brown then gold again and on and on) and those bangs lmfao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And in the pics you see him w crop tops (zebra or plain dark one) and lets not forgot the smile. And the most important one, the cutest of cute, so adorable. The fact that he was so shy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I read that Dave said Jaymz was so shy and cos of that he didnt talk to the fans, so, DAVE TALKED TO ALL THE FANS lol

Baby James is the best 💕

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DUUUUDE bless you and your blog; oh my gosh, it's fantastic :D Made my day to browse through and see so many lovely pictures of the boys :3

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OKAY FIRST OFF I’m so sorry for the late reply, I’m so terribly sorry! 


I actually consider my blog a…collection of science, if you will. (See, it’s really science we’re studying here. Science.) Much science VERY INTENSE SCIENCE ALL UP IN HERE. 

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See? Science. 

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Excuse me a moment while I do some…science calculating and other science stuff. 

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Mind blown. From all the science!

Anyhoo, seriously thankyou so much for your message! You really made my day and, once again, I apologize for how late my reply is! 

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(Also I love your icon! Did you see the new movie yet?)