love triangles are fun triangles

“The Ball has fallen out of time. It’s trapped in forever”

Started watching Car Boys last week, finished Sunday and woah. 

Redraw of this: 

Been rereading “Son of a Witch” sequel to “Wicked” and I must say that I do love this book. I love all the different themes including the love triangle between Liir, Trism, and Candle.

From left to right: Trism bon Calavash, Liir, Candle, random scary cape man

I tried to give Liir some Elphaba-esque features.. nose, chin, etc.

I have no idea who the cape man is.. The Wizard? Cherrystone? Maybe Shell.. looks a little old for him though. Who knows.


Because I was looking for this song from In Your Eyes and then remembered that I used it somewhere already. 

( @pinksunsets555 @butterflydrming @phoenix-of-earth Voiceovers are always fun…after they’ve been made, not during) 

I don’t think Peggy was scared when Jason had her at gunpoint. I think she was disappointed.

(be prepared, I am not a fan of one Daniel Sousa under the cut)

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anonymous asked:

please tell me a movie about love triangle, impossible love etc. pleaseeeeee

ooh fun okay here are some!

love triangle:

the dreamers, la belle personne, closer, dare, the edukators, les amours imaginaires, y tu mama tambien, never let me go

impossible love:

all things fair, atonement, beautiful kate, blue is the warmest colour, fish tank, it felt like love, her, how i live now, in the house, lost in translation, love me if you dare, my summer of love, north sea texas, notes on a scandal, the reader, water lilies