love triangle in ny event


Love Triangle in New York Event (8/29-9/13)
Love Letter From Thief X (Joshige)

有栖川 雪 (Arisugawa Yuki)

This guy shows up in Hiro’s route and I wasn’t sure what to think of him at first, but he pretty much charmed me by the end. I actually haven’t played much of LLFTX, so I wasn’t sure if he was an event-only character or not, but after a little research, I was pleased to find that Yuki is in fact one of LLFTX’s newest playable characters (having just debuted earlier this year). Though he’ll probably take forever to reach the English version…

I love Yuki’s character design. I actually really like his hair and I’m always for a man in a three-piece suit. The loose tie is a nice touch which tells us that while he’s required to wear a suit for his job, he’s a more casual kind of guy. The glimpses we get into his character during the event intrigued me, enough that I would willingly pay for a main route with him and then some. He’s the sort of cool, somewhat rude (or just bluntly honest) character who’s actually not so bad after all (y'know… the usual lol). Yuki surprised me when he complimented the MC, charmed me with his smile (the more genuine one, not the haughty one lol), and then pretty much had me when he switched ramen meals for the MC. I look forward to his main route in the future, however (very) faraway that is.

With Takuto’s and Atsumu’s routes not yet out, Yuki remains the only actual interesting love “rival” in this LLFTX event. The other corners of the triangles in Riki’s and Kenshi’s route are blah and clearly not meant to be an actual challenge. For this event, they certainly use “love triangle” in the loosest of terms.

SPOILERS! Click on the link below to read a long summary of Yuki and what he’s up to in Hiro’s route.

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One of these things is not like the other. ;P

The Love Triangle in New York event has started (8/29-9/13) for Love Letter From Thief X (Joshige). Basically, the Black Foxes all end up needing to go to New York, each for different reasons, which also culminates in a mission. During the prologue, the MC looks at the world news, and who happens to be on the TV… Hayate in NY! He wants to know the name of the island he’s on. XD;;; The MC wonders if it’s some kind of costume party, and how New York seems to be interesting with all kinds of people. lol, I can’t.

So with the PiL and LLFTX events running simultaneously, I’m now assuming it’ll be cameos galore? With the story being in NY, I keep waiting for some SitSC guys to show up as well. haha I guess we’ll find out later! ;)