love travel

We are incapable of loving another unless we love ourselves, just as we are incapable of teaching our children self-discipline unless we ourselves are self-disciplined.  It is actually impossible to forsake our own spiritual development in favor of someone else’s.  We cannot forsake self-discipline and at the same time be disciplined in our care for another.  We cannot be a source of strength unless we nurture our own strength.  I believe that not only do self-love and love of others go hand in hand but that ultimately they are indistinguishable.
—  Scott Peck, The Road Less Traveled
i want to kiss you anywhere

i want to kiss you in the rain. right there in the street, late at night, under the glow of the lamp posts. i’d be dancing while the sky is pouring and you would laugh and take my hand.
i want to kiss you at disneyland. in the chaos of families running around us, screams and laughter everywhere.
i want to kiss at a music festival. in the middle of the crowd, all dancing around us, the music blaring, but it all seems to stop, just for us. just for just a moment.
i want to kiss you at the top of a mountain. feeling invincible and completely breathless. knowing we are on top of the world quite literally.. and figuratively.
i want to kiss you in a coffee shop. back in a corner, telling you that your love makes me feel warmer than a cup of coffee ever could.
i want to kiss you in our bed. waking you up or saying goodnight. just knowing our day wouldn’t be complete without both.
i want to kiss you in a book store. showing you my favorite poem in some old book, your smile telling me you know i think of you everytime i read those words.
i want to kiss you on the beach. our lips burning hotter than the sand on our feet, the waves splashing up at us.
i want to kiss you in a foreign country. learning about the world with you, enjoying our adventures, and feeling the excitement of simply growing.
i want to kiss you at all of the beautiful place in the world. i want to kiss you at all of the not so beautiful places, too. i want to seal every memory we make with a kiss and make the place of the memory a beautiful one. i want to kiss you everywhere. i want to travel the world and explore and kiss you at each and every place we stop along the way.
i want to kiss you anywhere.