love traingles


If you dont know who im talking about im talking about this new girl

Akiho Shinomoto, her name is very much similar to Sakura’s and i have seen a lot of people believeing Syaoran is going to get around her.

But i think this will be completely the opposite and, if something be more similar to the Eriol/Kaho arc.

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anonymous asked:

how do you write a story/book where the protagonist is a female and the two main side characters are males without making it into a love triangle? how do you avoid this overused cliche even if you are planning on making the protagonist and one of the male characters 'a couple'?

Simple answer: Don’t have the guy who doesn’t get the girl be in love with the girl. Also, don’t have the girl treat the boys the same and vice versa.

Think the Harry Potter trio with genders reversed. They’re all really close friends, but through their interactions with each other and third-person narration, readers knew Harry/Hermione was not going to be a thing. 

Another possibility? The male character who isn’t in the couple and the girl don’t like each other. At all. 

Also possible: They’re related. Or he’s gay. Or they are platonic friends.

Honestly, your characters’ relationships to one another can fall anywhere in the spectrum between familial-bonded friendship and utter loathing. People are complex creatures — we don’t just fall into simple categories or emotional states. There are many alternatives to the ‘love triangle’ situation between three characters. Try one out, and if it’s not working, try another one. 

Really, though, the simplest answer is don’t let both guys be in love with the girl.

- O

Wait For Me

“I had a huge crush on Cap, y’know.”

“My best friend?” Bucky guffawed loudly as you crinkled your nose in embarrassment.

“Yeah. Like, when I first met him, I just thought he was so gorgeous and just an all round good guy.” You watched your boyfriend of two years flare his nostrils and pull you in by the waist as you giggled at his petty jealousy.

“But then you met me.” He said with a finality.

You nodded, “But then I met you.” The fondness in your voice surfacing as you eyed the love of your life, your fingers itching to brush against the scruff lining his jawline, to tug at the small hairs curling at his ears.

“Thank God for that.” Bucky breathed, his fingertips ghosting across your closed eyelids. You could feel his eyes on you and a warmness seeped into your skin on all the spots he glanced upon, a feeling of adoration blooming within your chest. A gasp of surprise was torn from within you as Bucky nipped at your ear with his bare teeth and tugged you atop of him on the bed, eyes raked open and met with the most devilish grin.

“No, thank Cap.” You winked. He was the one who’d introduced you- to his ‘closest friend’ on one night spent drinking with Sam and Natasha, you’d arrived with him and left with his best friend. The metal armed man with brooding eyes and flowing hair had an intoxicating presence and you were done for after the first hour.

Bucky groaned against your throat and you could feel his grin against your skin, “I’m the ultimate cock block.”

The buzzing of Bucky’s battered mobile phone disturbed your giggles and tore him away from you, to Steve. On ‘urgent’ business.

That was the last proper moment of shared innocence and happiness in your relationship.

Bucky broke the news to you the next day that his ‘plans’ had gone underway, he was to be placed in cryo the next week.


You’d decided that it was the moment immediately before he went under that was the most painful.

Not the years after; spent trying to heal a fractured heart that was wheezing and chugging its way forward, trawling through painful day after painful night like a perpetual torture of existence.

Nor was it the day after, that you spent calling his name out every five minutes only to catch yourself– and remember. It wasn’t the waking up for months on end and stretching your fingers out seemingly for an eternity, searching for that one particular body that you never could reach.

It was having to say goodbye for the first and last time.

“You don’t have to do this.” You whispered, your forehead pressed desperately against his, eyes squeezed shut and forcing back tears.

“I do.” He whispered back, voice hoarse and eyes red from the tears which stung like needles, incomparable to the daggers in his heart.

You promised you’d wait for him, they said a year tops. And if he wasn’t out within a year then it became less and less likely that he’d be released within the decade. Your chest caved in at that, remembering the hollow feelings of helplessness.

A decade.

That was a lifetime. That was longer than you’d been together, longer than you’d known him. Realistically, you knew you couldn’t wait that long.

So you waited as long as you could.

Two years.

Two years grieving for lost love, pining after what once was, could have and might still be. You grew bitter after the hopefulness of the first year passed by.

You had an inkling of hope, you were deluded into clinging onto the idea that within a year you’d have your Bucky back and boast about how you’d refrained from other men, lie and say it wasn’t difficult, that you weren’t devastatingly lonely, but tell the truth when you’d say that it was all worth it in the end.

The second year was immiserating, you carried around with you a sense of melancholy as you walked, its presence a physical weight that dragged you down with it. You had isolated yourself from everybody. Pushed Steve away out of pure guilt, things had gotten awkward between you two when he’d tried to kiss you one night. You’d kissed him back. The thought nauseated you. How could you do that to Bucky? He’ll be back soon. (He’ll be back soon. You said 10 months ago, you say today, you’ve said everyday.)

But in the pit of heartbreak and disillusionment you found him.

You found Tony.

Depressed and lonely- as heartbroken as you, and mourning over Pepper- he still possessed a kind heart. He took you in after one drunken missed dial brought you together and you reconnected, for this first time in a long time. You found you could both connect over the heartbreak of losing the love of your life, the pain blindly binding you together, each becoming the others bandaid. A way to recover, solstice. 

And over time, a tenderness wrapped around your heart like silk whenever you thought of the broken man. You helped each other heal, come to terms with the old lovers you were never to see again. Pepper had moved away and they had parted on good terms, but the heartache was still raw and Tony blamed himself. You helped him garner some closure on the events that had transpired and he was able to move on and you both stayed so close, held so tight, you could almost feel all your broken parts slotting back together.

Bucky was your past, and Tony was your present. 

Though, how does that old saying go again?

-”The dead can’t remain buried forever.”-

Eisuke’s Jealousy (2)

“H-hi” you nervously said as he bowed to you.

“Where would you want to go Mrs. Ichinomiya?”

“I don’t know really…I have never being in this city before.” You felt your skin burn under his gaze as you spoke those words.

“Well, how about we go to…uum lets see….how about Le Jardin du Luxembourg?” He responded and waited for an answered, but then remembered, “Ooh right, pardon me miss. Le Jardin du Luxembourg are truly some beautiful gardens that were created in 1612 by Marie de’Medici, It’s a good activity to do at any point during the day, but my recommendation would be during the mornings were everything smells fresh, and the sun is not to hard you one’s skin.” He said, as he took a quick glanced at your expose neck skin. “Later we can continue our journey by going to a Café dans midi [at twelve o’clock].” He let out a big friendly smile at you as he finished his sentence.

“Well..sure.” you responded shyly.

“Well what are we waiting for then!”

On your way to Le Jardin du Luxembourg, you thought of how wonderful the city was. “No wonder this city is called the city of love, It is indeed a wonderful place to fall in love all over again.” You thought to yourself. However your cheerful thoughts were soon clouded by the fact that Eisuke was not with you to share, and create wonderful moments in Paris. All you could do was sigh.

“Pardon the intrusion Mrs. Ichinomiya but is there something I could do to clear the skies for you, to cheer you up.” François smiled at you, with worry in his eyes. Right at that movement you thought to yourself, “Mrs. Ichinomiya, funny, Eisuke hasn’t even propose to me, and I don’t think he plans to by the way things are looking.”

“Please call me by my first name, ______, unless we are around Mr. Ichinomiya. I’m not formally Mrs. Ichinomiya.” You replied holding up your left hand, showing him that there was no rings as proof that you were not married.

“Pardon me Mrs. Ichino– I mean ______… O gosh I am making a full of my self aren’t I.” You could notice quite clearly his now pronounced blush, as he finish his sentence. Amused by his reaction, you giggle as you responded to him,

“Don’t worry.”

“There it is, your smile has finally showed up!” François replied exited, as he ran his fingers through his smooth hair in a shy motion. “You know, you would think he would be more attentive to you. But he seems to be busy all day… I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to say that out load pardon m-”

“No please continue, I hate formality, but I have to fake with with Eisuke, or as you know him Mr. Ichinomiya.”

“Why is that?” He frowned.

“Well you see, I have to be a women “worthy of him”.” You let out a sigh.

“I don’t see why you even have to try, you are.. well…every men’s dream.” hesitant he looked down and moved his face to the left as to hide his blush and avoid eye contact with you. “I didn’t mean to be that bold with you Miss, sorry for over steeping the boundary.” He said still looking down.

“It’s ok really, don’t worry…” You said as an attempt to make him feel better. In all honesty you were very flattered, it had being so long since someone had complimented you that you could not remember the last time someone did. Eisuke never complimented you with that innocent vibe, he always had some sort of intensions pre-planed when he did. It was obvious that Eisuke and François were completely different people, and in a way you were glad for the change of setting.

François finally looked up, and saw you smiling at him. Not long after the driver said, “nous sommes arrivés à l'endroit que vous avez demandé . A quelle heure dois -je attendre votre appel monsieur.” [we have arrived at the location you requested. At what time should I be waiting your call sir.] François quickly responded.

“Nous vous demandons quand nous le faisons , peut-être dans environ un deux heures et demi.” [we will be calling you when we do, maybe in about two hours and a half] With that he got out of his seat and went outside, opening the door and holding a hand for you.

“Oh my” you said, “This are gorgeous.” Pointing now to some roses. François smiled and said,

“Yes, they are indeed.” You both strolled down the park, admiring the scenery. The skies were blue and it was sunny, yet the sun was not hot enough to burn you like François had mentioned. You had even forgotten about what you had sniffed on Eisuke’s shirt that morning.

“Monsieur , je suis perdu et je ne peux pas trouver ma maman.”[Mister, I’m lost and I can’t find my mommy] A little boy said tucking François’s pants.

“Bonjour à petit copain , ne vous inquiétez pas se retrouver ensemble.” [Hello there little buddy, don’t worry will find her together] François looked at you, and said, “He can’t find his mom, is it ok if we help him out, I know this wasn’t what you wer-.” Cutting him off you continued,

“Oh no! By all means we need to help this child.”

François quickly took action and told you to wait with the child exactly were you were, he then ran to look for a police officer. It took him perhaps 10 minutes to come back with the mom and police to where you were. Apparently the mom was talking to the police when François came to them, this was according to what François told you after the incident was resolved. Nonetheless you felt your heart melting as you thought back to how François had taken action.

It was already 11:45am, and François was currently making a call to get the limousine to where you guys were. As you two waited, François turned towards you and said, “ I hope the little incident did not ruin your walk.”

“Ooh that? Its just added excitement.”

“I’m glad you see it that way______,” and added, “most girls that I have escorted are seriously very “special” when it comes to things not going their way. It seems that just the pure thought of doing anything for anybody, scares them to death! But I’m glad that you are different, more comprehensive.” Just as he said that the limousine arrived, and François being a gentlemen, helped you get in it.

François ended up taking you to a regular café, not a fancy one like Eisuke would of taken you to.

Once seated François said,“I thought you would enjoy eating in a less, “formal” setting.”

You were very surprised because that was what you wanted. You wanted to go to a regular café and eat without stressing out, without worrying to be the perfect women for Eisuke.

“How did you know?” In a low shy tone you asked.

“Well first, in the car ride you had mentioned how you hated formality, second, you seem like a person that would actually enjoy the simple things in life.” François said, again flashing that smile at you, the smile that made you blush every time without a fail. You two had a great time eating, the food was delicious, and the vibe was very tranquilizing.

“So tell me more about you?” You asked

“Oh _____, I’m not very interesting.” shyly François responded.

“Don’t say that, everyone is interesting in their own way.”

“Well if you insist…..I’m studying to be an architect. You might ask your self “why is he working here then?” well I work full time as an escort during the break I have between semesters. Its a way to meet new contacts and keep myself busy. I’m graduating next semester, and maybe I can focus on my personal life more. I have a dog and a cat at home, and I enjoy their company veeery much. Umm what else, oh yes, I occasionally play the piano, I use to do it more often but school and work have really taken up most of my time. During school, I try my best to volunteer in schools as often as possible to help students, who can’t pay tutoring, with their math homework. I lived in Spain for a couple of years, and that is where I learn my Spanish.”

“Wait, so you are trilingual?!”

“Ooh gosh, I promise I’m not a nerd,” he said jokingly bringing his hands to his face and then continued, “well that is about it, like I told you I’m a boring person. Don’t judge.” Closing his eyes shut he finished his sentence. Responding you said,

“Well that is not boring at all François, you might be surprise to know how regular my life is.” Suddenly you felt a buzz, it was your phone. “Hello” you answered.

“Where are you?” a familiar cold distant voice asked.

“I’m finishing eating lunch”

“Make sure to get back by 7pm, a group of people will be waiting for you, they will help you get ready for tonight’s event.” With that Eisuke hung up. “Not even an I love you, not even a bye” you thought.

This brought back the memories of that morning. François might of had catch a glimpse of your disappointment because the whole day, he did the impossible to get you to cheer up and have a good time.

It was now 6:45pm and you were now arriving at the hotel Le Meurice.

Upon entering the reception François said, “Well______ we have arrived at your golden cage. I ,like Aimeé, am at your disposal, what ever you need you can just call me.” He said holding his business card towards you.

“Thank you.” you replied, and waved good-bye as you ran to the elevator that would take you to your room floor.

Just as Eisuke had said, there was whole group of people waiting already outside your room. “Good evening Mrs. Ichinomiya, we are your personalized crew. We will be helping you get ready, and look wonderful for tonights event.” A lady with a weird accent said.

“Oh,” you finally spoke up, and unlocked the door to your room. Immediately they started setting up. Tired from the day’s events you could not wait to get in bed and sleep soundly. However you knew that it was not an option you had. Just then you heard a knock, “Come in,” you said.

“Good evening Miss, I have brought your dinner.” Aimeé said as she brought in a silver cart full of trays that carried delicious food.

While eating you checked your Tumblr feed, and put some earphones in. The crew waited until you were done eating to start with their routine.

“Since we don’t have much time with us, we will just give you a hydrating mask, to make your skin glow, while we do you hair. After that I will personally do your make up, I understand Mr. Ichinomiya, wants the makeup a little more to the seductive edge. For that I will use mostly a golden rose liquid eye shadow. I will also use liquid eyeliner for your cat eye, and some light shade of ruby sparkly red for your lips, this will help us achieve that look Mr. Ichinomiya wants. Your dress will be here in a few, its a mermaid design, deep red. Your shoes are going to be black, so will your purse. If you have any further question throughout this process please don’t be afraid to ask me or anyone in this crew.” With that, she started the whole process of getting you ready. In a way it was a nice gesture from Eisuke to have everything set up for you. He knew how indecisive you were. They got you ready with the songs of Edif Piaf. You closed your eyes as you heard the song Le vie en Rose, you had no idea what the song was saying but the melody was mesmerizing and enchanting.

Quand il me prend dans ses bras

Il me parle tout bas,

Je vois la vie en rose.

Il me dit des mots d'amour,

Des mots de tous les jours,

Et ça me fait quelque chose.

Il est entré dans mon cœur

Une part de bonheur

Dont je connais la cause.

C'est lui pour moi, moi pour lui dans la vie,

Il me l'a dit, l'a juré pour la vie. (Edif Piaf, Le Vie en Rose)

It was now 8:30pm, and you could barley recognize yourself in the mirror when the French makeup artist had finish. You were definitely very seductive, and you thought, “Wow wtf, how? I’m not a seductive nor a sexy person, how did they manage to make me look like one?” Looking at yourself in the mirror in awe you saw Eisuke’s reflection.

He was standing behind you with a gentle expression as he looked at you. As you saw him coming closer you turned around to face him.

“You look just how I like you to.” He smirked. With his hand he made a gesture, telling the crew to leave you two alone.

In not time they were out of the room. His hands were now sliding down the valleys of your body. Making your heart rate skyrocket with every second his hands slid on your waist and down your hips. With his right thumb and index finger, he held your chin up. This further exposed your neck. Roughly he turned you around, your back now touching his chest. In a swift movement you felt his lips lightly touch the skin on your neck, and his left arm was now embracing you waist making you blush instantly, making you let out a gasp. Hearing this, he pressed his body further more onto yours. He then started sucking onto your neck.

Worried that people would see the hickey you said,

“E-Eisuke…don’t.” This only made things worst as he tightened his grip on your waist. The king did not like to be told what to do, and you knew it. “Riiing,” he quickly let go of you and answered the phone.

“Mr. Ichinomiya speaking…….no problem,” and hung up. “Lets go, it’s time.”

There were so many people in this event, many rich and stuck up people. This made an intoxicating vibe float around the place. “I wan’t you to stop being distant _____.” Eisuke whispered in a hard tone. You nodded, knowing that if you didn’t you were going to be punish, you then started playing his favorite game, to pretend to be the “perfect couple”.

Suddenly you heard a high pitched voice coming from behind,“OOOh gosh! there they are!” Eisuke and you turned around and saw a women and her husband coming towards you two. The women was around her 50’s, and was holding a dog.

“Hello Madame and Monsieur Baribeau,” Eiuske said with the most fake smile you had ever seen. This brought a flashback to when you first met François, and his smile.

“I heard you have somehow manage to get the most promising architect out there!” Monsieur Barbeau said holding his cigar. “Not only has he worked with the most important companies world wide at such young age, but he has made a whole new style famous after finishing his latest project, The guy is miracle!”

“Only the best will do” Eisuke responded.

“When are we going to meet the future of architecture?” Monsieur Baribeau asked eagerly.

“Soon” Eisuke smile as he responded. You then spotted François coming with a more elegant suit then before. “What is he doing here?!” you thought, trying your hardest to keep your facial expression neutral.

“Oh here he is,” Eiuske said glancing to the direction that François was coming from.

with the new korra comics coming out in june I only have a few reasonable requests of what I would want to see of canon!korrasami since the series isn’t restricted by tv censorship anymore

  • I want to see bolin lightly teasing korra and asami 
  • I want to see asami being lovey dovey to korra like she was with mako
  • I want mako to be supportive of korra and asami
  • I want team avatar to make light jokes about the love triangle in s1
  • I want to see korra carrying asami
  • I want to see what their dates are like
  • I want to see passionate kisses
  • I want to see asami hanging out with korras parents
  • passionate. kisses.
  • I want to see korra and asami talk about their future together (living together, marriage etc)
  • I want public displays of affection: hang holding, arm around the shoulder, pecks on the check, caressing face

I finally watched the new Shadow Hunters episode and this is what I got from it

Magnus was basically one step away from wearing a shirt that says “I WANT TO SLEEP WITH ALEC LIGHTWOOD”

Alec hasn’t come to terms with being gay yet and is scared (nooo precious bb it’s okay to be gay)

Clary: “[This whole parabeti thing] is a little intimate”

Izzy: “You don’t know the half of it”

There is a gross love triangle coming between Jace, Clary, and Simon


“This episode of kiznaiver was so bad because the relationships were so toxic!!”




that was the point

they’re hormonal, lonely teenagers with abrasive personalities specifically brought together because they are the type that “would never get along”

this whole episode was illustrating how harmful these thoughts are. the possessiveness, the lashing out, it wasn’t shown POSITIVELY. These toxic thoughts coming out left everyone writhing on the ground crying, and you’re really gonna argue that this episode was glorifying those things?

Thoughts after watching Reign 2x14

Remember when Adelaide said at Comic-Con she was really glad that they didn’t continue with the love triangle in s1 because “It’s tired, and it’s exhausting, and I’m sick of seeing it… You can only do that for so long before it gets bloody boring”? Lmao she didn’t know what was coming.
I don’t get what is the appeal of the love traingles. Didn’t the Reign writers hear about The Vampire Diaries? Or learn after the Francis/Mary/Bash thing? People get tired of it, the fandom will separate in two sides and most likely this will affect the viewership.

At this point the show is beyond repairable. You think it can’t get worse but yeah, it can.

Idk what are they doing with Mary. I feel very sorry for her, she’s been through a lot, such awful events (fucking writers) but she’s not that likeable to me anymore, especially after watching this episode. You know things get really bad when people stop liking the lead character.

Conde is full of shit. Spying, saying that you do nothing but be a friend of Francis and Mary when you openly pursue the queen, you know that your brother wants to make Bash suffer and that he also poisoned Henry’s bible but you won’t say anything about it, you confront Francis because you think you are the better man, still he lets you stay at court, then you complain everytime Mary defends HER husband. You think you deserve things because you are the Nice Guy in front of Mary.

I’ve been myself delusional about Frary. Lbr, Mary and Francis will be together again but in a forced way. I don’t know how can they feel that genuinely love they once had. It won’t be believable imo.

The wost thing is that they made the terrible mistake of renewing for a 3rd season. Do people trust the writers, like when they “made” Leith a series regular in s2 (lol), usually when they run out of ideas they create plots that last ½ episodes - when it comes to female characters the writers basically give them a new love interest or just create silly, unnecesary plots that at some point don’t make any sense.