love train time

“Truce?” he offers, tilting the box toward him.

From Ships Passing by @shions-heart



Viktor and Yuuri wanted to drag Yurio to their Scrunch Your Face challenge, but there’s only one guy who can make him do it.

Please click the image to see it in high res! :)

( Finally got this out of my WIPs haha! This was supposed to be for Yurio’s birthday but I was too busy ; o ; Belated happy birthday to my angry son, Yuri Plisetsky! )

my roommate is reading naruto right now and she’s also flipping out over the pre-shippuden moments they have, so its throwing me back to sweet nostalgia!! 

+ i just finished a kdrama called weightlifting fairy that @matchaball recc’ed me and we were like??? SPORTS UNI AU ft. tenten as the weightlifter and neji as the swimmer AND ITS SLOWBURN AND CUTE??? 

[My brother, talking about how Krillin is always exactly one step behind all the crazy powerful main players in the show:]

D: Imagine a version of DBZ where Krillin was like… a year and a half older.

D: It wouldn’t be a show about this OP alien race who kept unlocking new “ultimate” power levels.

D: It would just be a show about this little bald dude who was inexplicably always more powerful than every bad guy around.

D: I would watch that show.

Ed n’ Oz from Gotham again but now with their fancy hats. Still trying to figure out the whole how their faces work.

Torchwood: Ghost Train aka the one in which Rhys saves the world by stealing fridges with Ianto - also known as James Goss being a fucking brilliant writer once again.

Logging in to tumblr after the new SnK spoilers hit like

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