love torn in a dream

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ok but what about the gangsey playing their own version of chardee macdennis

THIS IS SO FUNNY it’s obviously a team of blue + adam against gansey + ronan because why not, noah can’t drink so he’s the moderator and they get TORN. UP. i love it they’re so brutal. ronan brings dream shit into it. i’m gonna scream

What is love?

What is love but the first glance,
the first kiss, and the first dance?

What is love but a goodnight kiss?
A simple act of willful bliss.

What is love but faith and trust,
or could it be just youthful lust?

What is love but hopes and dreams?
Torn piece by piece along the seams.

What is love but the first fight?
Seeing them in a whole new light.

What is love but an apology?
Never enough for you or me.

What is love but pain and pining?
Trying to find the silver lining.

What is love but an endless ache,
A state which only ends in heartbreak?

What is love but a memory?
A story filled with tragedy.

What is love but unconditional giving?
Because only a life of love is worth living

He told me a few years back his favorite Cologne smelt like the salty ocean I should have seen this coming

I was the desert and he fell in love with the ocean. I had dreams of love being torn apart by waves and washed to shore only to dry out under the hot sun. It terrified me. But if it came to that I knew in my heart that love was letting go.