love to dance!


guys, you can’t just do that to the emperor of the known universe


Donald O’Connor and Gene Kelly … two of the greatest dancers of all time!

“Nobody else in the business could have taken the beating I gave Donald O’Connor in ‘Singin’ In the Rain’ … Donald comes from vaudeville. He’s disciplined. I’ve seen him rehearse a step a thousand times.”

 ~ Gene Kelly ~

“Working with him? Yeah, he was miserable. No, we had a great time together… I was never offended by Gene, I love the guy too much.”

~ Donald O’Connor ~

And I love you both too much, you sweet guys ❤!


When Mortimer gets his critical care twice a day he has quite the ritual with it. First, he runs around the cage and wheeks at everyone. Then he stands by the food and wheeks and tweets at it. Then he purrs and rumbles and waves his little booty at it.

It’s so insanely cute that I just had to share it with all of you. Tag a friend who needs to see a guinea pig dance at his food.

FYI: Some people might think his rumbling is directed at the other guinea pigs, but I can assure you it isn’t. He does this alone or with other pigs around and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t totally understand guinea pig social cues. #guineapig #wheek #rumble #purr #dance #love #weeklyfluff

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Let’s dance barefoot together in the fields of who we are. Today I am my sun drenched, broken-nosed, crooked-smile self. Happy pride.



This is a very sensual bachata dance! 😍💃🏻🔥


So when I first saw Genji’s new dancing emote, a lot of the moves reminded me of the Kinjaz, so I went to go investigate.

The original Kinjaz video