love thy lord for he is thy savior

Everyone should take tumblr user francieum seriously

I can say with confidence that tumblr user francieum, bless their soul, has opened my eyes. I have regained my faith in humanity once more–I was on the verge of giving up hope after the last incident of prejudice I read about, it was simply breaking my heart–and I cannot thank them enough. They have shown me just how trivial a thought to be highly controversial topic like the “‘uh’ vs. 'uhm’: Trust Issue” can be and is, as well as how important one’s family can be. They have rekindled the fire in my heart, breathing happiness and good faith in to my being with their powerful words, allowing me to once more accept the love of the God into me. I have since decided to rethink my outlook on life as well as to help out daily at animal shelters, apply for numerous scholarships, began to take my education serious and have devoted all spare time to studying and striving for a perfect grade point average. Though, family truly is to be put first, and so I take, at the very least, a full hour of my day to spend quality time with them, asking them how their day went, helping younger siblings with homework, and doing laborious tasks around the house to ease the strain on my aging parents. 

Tumblr user francieum, you have truly changed my life, and I would like to cordially extend a word of thanks. So, from the bottom of my heart, bless you, tumblr user francieum, bless you. God bless you.