love thoughts

It was always you.
In my fairytale dreams, it was you.
You, were what I always have dreamt of.
You, were my prince charming.

I loved you.

But did I really love you?
or did I think I loved what I thought was you?

You, hurt me.
You, bruised my heart.
You, said you loved me… but did you?
You, always put me last.

was that love?
was that you?
or just another lie?

But you, you taught me that not all love is real.

So thank you, for helping me learn that not everyone is to be trusted.

—  @trippyv0dka via tumblr
god i’m so in love with you but you barely even notice my presence.
—  please fall in love with me.
And one day you just take a step back and realise that this person, the person that you’ve allowed to hurt you so many times and you’ve given so many chances to, isn’t really anything special. In my case he was just a boy who could never appreciate me, who could never actually give me what I wanted, what I needed, what I deserved. He only wanted me when he couldn’t have me and I was so blinded by my feelings for him and so desperately wanted things to work out between us that I ignored how badly he treated me. His actions would never match his words but I overlooked it because I hoped one day they would eventually line up but of course they never did. I finally accepted that I was wasting my time on someone who didn’t care enough to be who I needed them to be. Anymore time I spent on him was just preventing me from finding someone who will care enough, who will care so much that I will always wonder why I wasted so much time on a boy who could never love me. It still hurts sometimes and I’m still getting over him but everyday I forget him a little bit less and I think that is the saddest yet most encouraging thing that could possibly come out of this.
—  how silly of me to think that I could change him when he can only change for himself.

1. Let’s take a shower together with the lights off. Let’s leave our insecurities in the brightness.

2. I like the way you look at me when you’re laughing. I like the way you know it’s my favorite sound.

3. Let me wear your sweater. Let me sit in your bed and listen to you tell me about how you were as a kid.

4. I like the way you talk about all the people before me like they didn’t come close. I like the way you make me feel like the only one who has ever had a chance.

5. I know forever is a shot in the dark, and love is fleeting and people are cynical and sometimes shit happens, but listen. I want to be that one shot in the dark. I want it to be us in the end. I want to be the story people tell in thirty years because no one fucking believed that we’d make it.

—  Let’s Make It. // Love Thoughts, Pt. 1
Stay humble, no matter how much you changed for the better. 
Stay kind, no matter how many people broke your heart. 
And stay hopeful, no matter how many times you’ve been let down.
—  The Most Important Thing in Life is…
Anxiety is something that constantly makes you feel anxious of the same things over and over again but you can’t talk about it over and over again because it will drive people away.
—  see the issue?

She looked
at him,
as if there’s
no one else
in this world
who is worth

except for him.

—  ma.c.a // Eyes Lovelier than the Skies

1. I can’t shut up about you. If someone stopped me in the street and asked what I was thinking about, your name would spill out more easily than any of my anxieties.

2. I swear to God, every time I listen to a good song you’re the first person I want to tell. Every song has you in it. Every song is about you now.

3. Let’s mix each other’s laundry. If I find your shirt and you get my sweater, we can take each other out of our own clothes.

4. When you call me babe, and your voice is still a little sleepy, I swear to fucking god my heart feels it. I feel it behind my eyes, and sometimes even in my fingertips. The love spreads, you know?

5. Let’s stay up till 3 am and make ourselves pasta we can eat out of the pan while we sit on the kitchen counter and talk for hours. We can take pictures of the sunrise through the window while we laugh our six am laugh, because it’s early and we’re a little dizzy with love.

—  Love Thoughts, Pt. 2
Fall in love with someone who doesn’t mind showing you who you are, but whose willing to love you until you’re the best you possible. Fall in love with someone who makes you laugh so hard, your stomach cramps and your jaws lock. Fall in love with someone that has you waking up wondering what simple thing they’ll do to make you fall more in love with them. But when you do fall in love, don’t force it, just fall.
—  Treka L. House
She taught him
That love is pain.
Some days hit hard,
Like a hurricane.
She taught him,
How to be brave.
He no longer cries,
He dances in the rain
—  Tenari Ioapo