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2D discovered that S/O is really shamed of her legs because she hides how injured they are (you can create a reason why her beautiful legs are full of bruises and Hello Kitty's bandaids,I believe in you ;). Oh, by the way, S/O hide her legs by always wearing knee socks and pants. Thanks for your attention ♡♡♡

You were incredibly clumsy, it was obvious from all of the cuts and bruises on your legs. No wonder you were dating Stuart Pot.

The clumsiest boy in the world.

And you?

The clumsiest girl in the world.

A match made in hell, according to Murdoc. One day, 2-D insisted that you both went out with the rest of the band to the beach. You agreed and hopped in the car for the hour drive.

Once you arrived, everyone slipped out of their clothes and into their bathing suits to go swim.

Everyone except for you.

You were wearing knee high socks with your favorite bikini. It was an odd combination, but you couldn’t go without covering up your legs. All of those cuts were fucking embarrassing…

“C'mon, love!” 2-D called from the water, gesturing for you to come over.

You shook your head as you sat in the sand under a beach umbrella. 2-D frowned and got out of the water, making his way over to you. He sat down next to you, shaking his head to get the water off of his body like a wet dog.

“Why’re yew wearing those socks, love?” He asked.

You sighed, pulling your knees to your chest.

“I can’t tell you…” You whispered, looking away from him.

In an instant, 2-D grabbed your hands tightly.

“Y-Yew don’t ‘arm yerself, d-do ya?” He questioned with a look of concern.

You shook your head and began to remove your socks.

“At least not on purpose.” You muttered as you finally exposed your legs.

2-D stared in awe as this was the first time he was seeing your magnificent legs.

“I like yer bandaids.” He complimented, pointing at your Hello Kitty plasters.

You giggled and kissed him on the cheek. But, before you could say another word, he picked you up and ran to the water with you in his arms, chucking you into the water.

((I mean, he had to get you in there somehow))

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3, 79, or 81 for marco/sabo please???

81.  I need you to fake date me.

   Sabo burst into Marco’s room in the dorm. Marco jumped out of his skin and his headphones ended up on the floor. Sabo looked enraged.

   ‘Marco!’ he yelled.

   ‘Sabo!’ Marco jokingly yelled back but truth be told, he was terrified.

   ‘i need you to fake date me!’

   ‘Yeah it was me who broke the toas- wait, what?’

   Sabo stared. Marco stared back.

   ‘So it was you who broke the toaster.’ Sabo said cautiously.

   ‘Why do you need me, wait, no better question: who do you want to piss off?’


   ‘Ah.’ Marco nodded like a chicken.

   ‘You help me prank Ace and I’ll keep shut about the toaster since that’s the second damaged by you this month.’

   ‘You’ve got yourself a deal.’

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Concept: Bucky likes trying everything he can from the new era he's come to live in and he's introduced to bath bombs one day and it's all over he's in love

Bucky would love bath bombs 😔 anything soft that was just about being looked after and cared for he would love, first time he hugs Steve he shakes and cries but refuses to let go because it’s so much but it’s so good and he’s missed it. He buys all his jumpers too big so the sleeves cover his hands and he can tuck his chin inside the collar. He loves those soft sleep socks that you can get and slides from room to room in them. He lives in Steve’s hoodies bc they’re well worn and super soft from being washed and he falls asleep in them when Steve’s not there bc they smell like him. He loves when Steve washes his hair and he will take like 40 minutes in the shower just to enjoy the warmth of it.
Bucky is so soft and he deserves soft and good and gentle things.

Hans: “Merry Christmas, sweetheart.

Anna: "Merry Christmas you great, big, wonderful, adorable husband you! Do you love me?”

Hans: “Mhm-hm.”

Anna: “How much?”

Hans: “A lot. But not enough to tell you what your Christmas present is.”

Anna: “Now what makes you think that’s what I wanted to know! And what is it?!”

hannaficdump I’m your Secret Santa! Enjoy and Happy Holidays<3

Bonus: There’s a hidden Mickey! :)

Art Trade with @fluffymoe! My IRL Manjoume did this incredible lineart and I coloured it! :3 

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