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To all writer pals

Don’t get discouraged if sometimes the ideas in your mind don’t come out the way you want them to. You’re doing great, bud, and it’s pretty fabulous how you paint pictures with your words, even if your mountains look a little more like hills! Keep on going, you’re doing great my dude.

From the moment a child is born, they crave touch. They want to be held, not just to eat, but for safety, for warmth, for comfort, for affection–for love. A newborn will show preference in who they want to be held by, especially when they’re tired or sick or scared. We are born ready to be loved. Our first need is to be cared for, to be fed and changed, and held. To learn that we are loved.

Don’t let anyone, anyone tell you have to be able to love yourself before you can be loved. You were born ready to be loved wholly, and having self-esteem issues or a mental illness doesn’t make you any less lovable.

You don’t need to fulfill any condition. You are worth loving. You deserve to be loved, and have deserved to be loved since the moment you were born. You are worth loving.

[J/a/mes H/e/tfield voice] and Nothing Else Matters

Empowering others means empowering yourself first

What someone else chooses to say or do only has power over you if you allow it to. Don’t let them get to you. Keep doing your thing, living your life for you, and ignore all the rest of it. Squash the drama, if only for yourself and for your own sanity, health, and well-being. Hate is brought on by evil and by allowing it into your life you taint not only your present, but your future as well. It’s not worth it.

So often I see drama occurring and I want so badly to speak my mind, but I try not to allow myself to do it. The past few days I began to slip into a depression and allowed myself to become more negative and my thoughts to eat me alive, but I’m working on combating it as much as possible because there’s too many great things in my life and so many amazing things to be thankful for.

My hope is that others will do the same and choose not to engage with others unless it’s in a positive way. A fight can’t occur if it’s only one sided. Someone’s unkind words only have weight if we give it attention. Let it roll off your back as they say, and don’t let them get to you.

@ all the MCU fans that also don’t understand the ridiculous complaints leveled at the dceu: I see y'all. I appreciate all of you.

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// your theme is gorgeous btw. <3 i could just stare forever.

Hooo my god, thank you so much dear! AND DON’T MIND ME but me too, but I always do that when I did a new theme and just bath’ in its glory, I admit I am not every time with the theme designs for my blogs, but I think, this time I look both themes on my blogs. Anyway thank you so much again ;w; glad ya’ like it!