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Sending out many good vibes to all those who have to endure emotionally abusive families this Thanksgiving. If they try to hurt you or gaslight you, please tell yourself that it is not you. It is them and their own issues. No matter what they say or do, the abuse was and is not your fault. It will always be theirs. Please lay the fault where it belongs–with the abuser. Also remember to check in with yourself and how you are feeling throughout the day. Give yourself permission to set boundaries, to say no, to leave early or walk away if you get triggered, or to even choose not to spend time with them this Thanksgiving. Let them get angry–that’s their issue. Please take care of yourself and your mental health. You have a right to make yourself a priority. ❤️

To all writer pals

Don’t get discouraged if sometimes the ideas in your mind don’t come out the way you want them to. You’re doing great, bud, and it’s pretty fabulous how you paint pictures with your words, even if your mountains look a little more like hills! Keep on going, you’re doing great my dude.

Look at this smol baby smiling because of a fanboy screaming his name. I FUCKING CAN’T.

update: I saw some tweets saying that person was screaming KiHyun’s name but you can’t really hear it well, but whatever, still look at his fucking smile, he’s enjoying it.

nevermind, @tiny-nerd63 told me he’s really screaming JooHeon-ah SO LET’S BE HAPPY LIKE HIM.



From the moment a child is born, they crave touch. They want to be held, not just to eat, but for safety, for warmth, for comfort, for affection–for love. A newborn will show preference in who they want to be held by, especially when they’re tired or sick or scared. We are born ready to be loved. Our first need is to be cared for, to be fed and changed, and held. To learn that we are loved.

Don’t let anyone, anyone tell you have to be able to love yourself before you can be loved. You were born ready to be loved wholly, and having self-esteem issues or a mental illness doesn’t make you any less lovable.

You don’t need to fulfill any condition. You are worth loving. You deserve to be loved, and have deserved to be loved since the moment you were born. You are worth loving.

shoutout to nonbinary people whose native language is heavily gendered!

to the ones who speak a language which doesn’t have any gender neutral pronouns at all!

to the ones in whose language there technically are some gender neutral pronouns but they’re hard to use because the language is heavily gendered and you need to create new forms of other words to use them, or because they mean something like “it” and you’re uncomfortable with them

to nonbinary people in whose language adjectives or verbs are gendered!

to nonbinary people who can’t talk about themselves in their language without having to misgender themselves or create new words (and sometimes also grammar rules!)

shoutout to nonbinary people who speak heavily gendered languages, it’s hard, I know, but I love you and I see you and you’re so strong

Nonbinary and trans people can wear dresses. Your gender is not invalidated or limited by the clothes you wear. Clothes are just clothes; wear what you want. Trousers aren’t just for guys, skirts aren’t just for girls. There’s a whole spectrum of genders and clothes for you to enjoy!
Maggie Sawyer Is The Fictional Character Everyone Should Be In Love With
Fictional characters are people too.
By Lauren Yapalater

Hell yeah!!! The best girlfriend on tv (tied with Alex) 😍 👭


I woke up with this music this morning. And you know what? It sorts of calmed me about ouat potentially ending (i mean for CS because Jmo won’t be regular)…

Music can bring memories we thought long forgotten, and I’m really good with that haha what I’m trying to say is : look how far we went! How far our favorite character grown! How many adventures they had!
How many more they will thanks to us.

When I first started ouat it was because of Captain Hook, I had “eat” the first season in less than a week, it was so bloody great. You get to know about the characters and their stories, you discover that even if you came only for 1 person, well the rest isn’t bad at all too!
And then since Neverland episode 5 I’ve became a “Captain Swan” fan and it was the beginning of bloody amazing moments. 

I’ve made so many good friends here, and this place and all the amazing people became like a family and I’m glad I have you. And THIS? I really never want it to end just because the show will stop, I’ve experimented this once and issssh not a good thing. This place, this show, those two dorks, gave me a chance to draw more than I would if I hadn’t seen the serie and made that many friends.

Yeah it makes something to face the end of something but by the BTS I’ve saw, it will be freaking cool and more full of beginnings, happy ones ♥

And it’s us who are going to make it. Together . With Love. Hand in Hand.
You know, just like the music of the episode! Nothing will stop us.

So now I just wanted to thank each little cocnut I’ve met, discussed, shared with my love for this show. I love you so much guys. Never stop what you’re doing here. 

And about me you probably have understand, you’re certainly not going to get ride of me that easly…I’m still going to make art, do fanart for fanfic, do as many crossover as we need okay as i need AND IT’S GONNA BE BLOODY FANTASTIQUE AND AMAZING just like our Captains♥

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and so many more of you that i migh have forget bc i’m suck with tag I mean I have 1 992 mother fucker coconut following me and i don’t have the time this morning to tag you all but you’re all tag ♥  

💗 We are Groot 💗

When she’s gone,
I can still hear her voice loom,
But she only exists in the dark of my room.


crazy=genius // panic! at the disco



The few people in my life

who once were close to me

have now become


but not completely

We still have memories

of one-another's company 

but now those


are choking me

and making me

live with the pain

I’m forced to feel