love those headphones


you can’t tell me Adrien wouldn’t buy a pair of the cat ear headphones you just can’t that would be Untrue

Adrien just by himself in his glory here

I’ve gotten halfway through Pokemon Art Academy

Almost Not Really [Spideypool fic]

ssree said: Spideypool: Peter gets a Deadpool hoodie. And it’s the awesomest, comfiest hoodie ever, and he isn’t giving it up no matter what people say about Deadpool. 

prompts are open again! 

“Woah! Dude!” Harry stopped in front of him, eyes wide and alarmed, staring at Peter like he wasn’t wearing pants.

Peter looked down. He was wearing pants. Awesome. “What?”

“The sweater.”

This morning his limited edition Deadpool hoodie had arrived in the mail. Limited edition for several reasons most of which involved Deadpool being somewhat of a criminal and not entirely popular with the majority of citizens or other heros. Peter, however, thought this was the comfiest damn sweater he’d ever worn in his life. It was quality fabric, Wade had definitely found the right people to sell his design - which looked amazing. It was the perfect shade of red, the Deadpool logo was part of the shirt instead of this stuck on crap that would eventually peel off, and there were thumb holes.

“It is. The. Best. Hoodie.”

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// Time to get more active in here, took few days of because of some personal stuff and Pokemon Silver. I freaking won Morty with my Meowth-.. only using my Meowth, I’m so happy…

But anyways-… I’ll start writing replies as soon as I find them… yes I’m stupid, I didin’t draft any of the rp replies-… Also there’s few drawing request in my asks, it’ll take bit longer for me to do them, because I’m can’t draw shit tbh! //

On the fifth day of #PAIN fic...

12 Days | Masterlist


Yo pals, we’re almost at the halfway mark, can you believe it?? It’s been a wild journey so far, and there’s still so much more to come (really, y'all aren’t prepared).

You guys are so amazing, we can’t tell you how emotional we are about the responses we’ve received all because of this insanity AND WE’RE SO GRATEFUL FOR ALL OF YOU.

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for… DAY FIVE!

Word Count: 2,056

You couldn’t believe it.

As you looked at the sheet of paper posted on that bulletin board, surrounded by flyers for fundraisers and school dances, you genuinely couldn’t believe that you were officially going to be a section editor for your high school newspaper. You were only a sophomore, a full year behind the rest of the editors on the paper and even when you had applied for the position you hadn’t thought that it would actually happen.

Your heart fluttered with excitement and anxiety and you just stared at your name on that piece of paper for a moment. The first thought you had after it really started to set in was that you needed to tell Lin and you bolted down the hallway towards the front exit where he would always meet you at the end of the school day to walk with you to the bodega on his way home.

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profitmargin  asked:

So I'm really glad I finally bit the bullet on your patreon because I am loving that goth photo shoot of you omg you are rocking it. I love those headphones too, I've been debating getting a pair how are they?




Confession 62:
“I want Seranwrap and Luciel to double team me while Yoosung is in the other room. Gotta love those soundproof headphones!!!”

-Submitted by anonymous.