love this woman so much!


And that’s how it all began…

at least that’s how I think it went.


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Can I just say that I love how much you support sheith and shiro in general. Shiro has always been my fave (besides keith and hunk) and just... he needs more love and less bullshit in his life. Give him a fucking spa day for once and leave him be, ya know?

thank you but honestly i’m literally just doing it because i love shiro so so so much??? as an asian woman i never grew up seeing characters like me on tv– and if i did, they were always minor characters boiled down to offensive and outdated stereotypes. so it makes me really, really happy to see a well-developed, complex character like shiro who is a neurodivergent asian man put in a place of leadership, but whose ethnicity and mental illness is never used as a crutch, who’s loved and respected by his teammates. i love him so much he deserves the world. let him rest. my baby boy. light of my life. a blessing