love this woman so much!

shoutout to nb lesbians who feel like no girl is gonna want you bc you’re nonbinary and you don’t fulfill the Lesbian Criteria™ you’re as much of a lesbian as anyone else and you’re gonna find your girl don’t worry ab it


Inspiring Women [3/?]: Lauren Jauregui

“Those stripes are supposed to symbolize the brutal blood of a fight for liberation from oppression when really it was all seemingly for a few men’s legacy of conquer and power. There is no patriotism for this flag without a belief in those Constitutional Rights that were adopted from the Iroquois constitution. (….) To tell another human being that the disastrous tortures of war are not important and to then go even a step further and insult their plight for freedom by labeling them “terrorists” is just disrespectful to humanity. The only terrorism that both history and I have experienced has been at the hands of powerful white men who are willing to systematically kill and conquer without an ounce of empathy for anything but their pockets.”

The DCEU is so unapologetically comic book and it makes me so happy like here’s aliens, an all female race of warriors, murderous clowns, a sword that steals souls, a 6000+ year old witch being forced to work for the government, a half human half robot, half human half crocodile… oh and Atlantis is real… and so are the Greek Gods bye