love this voice

I’m cheering myself up with Luther because I love everyone involved.
Idris… Ruth Wilson (who I will forever love for being the best damn Jane Eyre there ever was) also because she’s beautiful. And Warren Brown, the wonderful Warren Brown… tbh I want to watch that show he did after this for the BBC but it’s not available anywhere… and that’s almost definitely for that shirtless scene.
I’ve always had the biggest crush on him.

MCL Voice Meme.

Since I’ve seen a lot of hype for voice and stuff, I made this <3. It’s not an original idea, so credits to all people who have made voice memes, and, yeah.

Tag whoever you want, one person or hundreds, as you wish :^).

1st.- Which is your username in My Candy Love?
2nd.- Which is the name of your Candy and yours?
3rd.- How did you discovered the game and when?
4th.- Pronounce the following names: Nathaniel, Castiel, Lysander, Armin, Kentin, Jade, Dajan, Leigh, Dake, Alexy, Amber, Iris, Rosalya, Peggy, Melody, Capucine, Violette, Kim, Nina, Deborah, Lucy, Priya, Charlotte, Li. *taken from the pronounce challange.
5th.- Which route are you playing and why?
6th.- Most to least liked dateable boy?
7th.- Who is your favorite girl and why?
8th.- Who is the character you dislike the most and why?
9th.- Which is your favorite episode and why?
10th.- Talk about yourself! Age, nationality, likes…whatever you wish <3.
11th.- Talk about your Candy! You can talk about her relationship with his boy.
12th.- What do you think of the game and the creator in general?

*Bonus: Pronounce the adults’ names: Principal Shermansky, Mr. Faraize, Boris, Ms. Delanay, Patrick, Agatha, Lucia, Phillip, Valerie, Jean-Louis, Adelaide, Francis, Josiane, George, Victoria, Arnaud, Manon, Giles, Isabelle, Crystal, Peter, Irene, Charles, Mei, Wang, Armand, Henry, Jose, Audrey, Danis, Eric, Geraldine, Georgia and Paul.

so i have been re-watching interviews that niall has done for slow hands and the one with ryan seacrest, he mentions that niall’s voice/the way he sings reminds him of ray lamontagne and i rmr him saying that but didnt pay much attention to it at the time but i went and really listened to some of his songs and i cant TOTALLY hear it. and i love that “comparison” tbh….its very fitting.