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I just looked at the credits and they literally explain everything, the members haven't been nearly as involved as they were in Wings, maybe that's why I feel a bit disconnected from the music. I really do enjoy most of the songs (except the teaser version of DNA sounds sooooo much cooler than the full one, can't stand that obnoxious edm breakdown). It makes me feel less confused, I still love bts and that is the problem, I want more of their input.

yeah… honestly i thought about this once more when listening to the album a few more times last night while reading the articles that came out and what was said at the press conference, and then it kind of clicked to me… sorry to go on a tangent but i came to a conclusion that the issue is, that the boys, the fans and the company are all focused on something else than the actual music

whenever they were asked what the boys’ goals were, it was all… wanna get into billboard hot 100, that they want it to chart really well digitally, want to get a lot of awards, want to set records, want to have milestones that will be set in history… and the fans are trying to make it happen for them so suddenly the actual music doesn’t matter as much to them either, and the boys are basically saying what the company is pushing too… 

so this album wasn’t about them advancing as artists, getting more involved in their music (this is a huge step back in this regard from wings, and even hyyh pt1 and 2 where more members had involvement as well), it wasn’t about them expressing themselves or even really doing music they want to do (which would explain why a lot of people struggle in finding some connection or sincerity in the album this time), if you put it all together, what the boys said and the marketing the company has been doing and taking into account how this album sounds, this album was very obviously made from scratch with the intention of getting them on the hot 100 and smashing those records, getting as mainstream as possible basically, the goal wasn’t to make good music or for the boys to express themselves, so their input as artists was minimized… 

i’m not saying they’re not working hard, but considering how we know they all work on the music and try to create and submit melodies and lyrics… looking at the credits, obviously the company had different goals than letting them be more involved :( i’m hoping that after they achieve all this awards and charting stuff, that we can go back to them putting more of themselves in their music and wanting to do music for music’s sake

Streetlamps after Midnight

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Hi there! I love your blog~ ❤️ I was just wondering if it’s possible to make Streetlamps after Midnight into a fic? (It was from that little game you did recently where you match the members with a song title) Thank you so much in advance! -anon

Can you write a full version of ‘Streetlamps after Midnight’? -anon

Rose (Blackpink) x Reader

-by Admin Bee

A/N: This prompt came from a summary game we did a while ago (found here) where we came up with words/phrases for titles and randomly matched them with artists (psst we’re still accepting requests for these)

Your curfew was three hours ago but if you weren’t meant to be here, this twenty four hour coffee shop wouldn’t exist, the coffee wouldn’t taste like liquid gold on your tongue, and the barista working the 3am shift wouldn’t be staring over at you with that glimmer in her eye that could be taken as an attempt at flirting.

The smell of coffee hits your nose from the moment you walk in the door, wrapping you in a warm embrace. It’s accompanied by a small bell, the only sound currently ringing around the small shop. The only barista working at this time of night pops out from behind the counter to give you a small smile. She gestures to your table by the window, a mug of hot chocolate awaiting you. She cut you off from coffee the fourth timed you’d come around at this hour, always complaining about your inability to sleep.

The 24 hour coffeeshop was a five minute walk from your dorm and while it was probably dangerous to go out at three in the morning, you’d risk it all for your late night rant sessions with Rose.

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💕 which muse falls in love too easily 🎶 what song makes you think of each other (Dark pick a song for Kay and Kay pick a song for Dark) 🎨 which muse is the most artistic (I'm done now ^.^)

“Kay definitely falls in love the quickest.” Krash mumbled from her spot on the couch.

“Yeah! So!?” Kay pouted, her face flushing red. “I think a good song for Dark would be the minor version of Animal by Neon Trees. Only the minor version though… the major version fits Wilford better in my opinion.”

“Hm, quite…” The demon murmured. “In return, I believe a good song for you would be Roads Untraveled by Linkin Park.” He replied.

“Oo! I like that song!” Kay clapped her hands together.

“As for artistic, that also goes for you, Kay.” The remnant spoke again, looking up at her counterpart. “Although Dark and I are musical, you are more so… you can also draw. Apparently.” She added.

“Aw… Thank you, Krash… How nice.” Kay hummed sweetly.

As I listen to my own fumbling cover of the piano version of Clarity, I can’t help but think it’s such a lovely and slightly angsty song for a certain ship. *cough* sherlolly *cough* 😁

“If our love is tragedy, why are you my remedy? If our love’s insanity, why are you my clarity?”

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The Rolling Stones


1. Song I like the most.

Again, is really difficult to choose one, and even more with The Stones ‘cause I have more than a hundred in my Spotify library. I will say that their 60s’ period is my favourite, so I guess almost every one there can go on the list…

2. Album cover I like the most.

“Let It Bleed”, apart from the content of the album, which is great, the cover is one of these covers that you want on vinyl just to have the larger version.

3. Song that makes me wanna dance.

“Jumpin’ Jack Flash”, the main riff is cool as fuck… that song has some kind of badassery that I love and when it comes out on shuffle play I find myself singing and dancing like an idiot.

4. Song that made me cry.

Ok, first I’m gonna explain although everyone that follows me must be tired of reading this again that I have a huge weakness with Brian Jones. He’s my favourite member and I feel like after his death The Stones lost a huge amount of creativity and innovation with their songs. In the 60s they had lots of songs involving different instruments (sitar, recorder, saxophone, dulcimer, harp, mellotron… etc) all of them played by Bri and styles… and then… nothing. They (mainly Mick and Keef) tossed Brian aside ‘cause he was taking many drugs and whatever, but Keef was a full heroin junkie in the 70s and no one spoke a word against him. They could have helped Brian, instead of rejecting him, but they didn’t give a shit.

So the song that made me cry was “No Expectations”, ‘cause you can see that Brian’s potential, even at his worst times, was twice as good as the others. That slide guitar was just beautiful, and Mick saying that he was a hindrance in the studio? Sure bitch.

5. Member I feel the closest connection with.

The poor Charlie Watts ‘cause he had to deal with lots of bullshit in his life.

6. Hottest/most beautiful member.

7. Most entertaining member.

8. Merchandise I own.

Ugh I need a shirt of the original members! I have The Rock N’ Roll Circus and their EP “Five By Five”… I don’t know if a EP is considered merchandise but I bought it a couple days ago and it’s wonderful.

I also customized my 2017/2018 Agenda with a cute photo of Brian yeah, I’m obsessed.

9. If I have seen them live and where.

*cries ‘cause she could have bought a ticket to see them in Barcelona next week but she had college classes*

10. Memories involving the band.

I remember starting to see The Rock N’ Roll Circus with my mother and she was saying that Mick Jagger was horrible… at the end of the thing she asked me if I had more DVDs of The Rolling Stones in the 60s! hahahaha

  • People: What's your favourite Beauty and the Beast song? *smiles* Probably "Beauty and the Beast"? Or maybe "Bonjour"? No, I know, it has to be "Be Our Guest"!
  • What I say: Oh, I can't possibly choose, I love them all!

reputation - track preview/outline based on the 15 Taylors 

(a hypothesis based on the below scene and their order)

(notice poor shake it off Taylor fell on her ass again during the curtsy, lol. some things never change..)

Now for the tracks. Each of these versions of Taylor could represent a theme or a set of feelings for each song… 

Track 1 - Biker chick Taylor - this Taylor is strong, she held up 2 bikes. this Taylor  taking on the world. she’s a Badass
Track 2 - ‘Blind in love’ taylor (who is wearing a necklace with a long chain and a gold object on it, maybe symbolic of the locket…
Track 3 - reputation taylor - this taylor was crucified at the stake. this taylor seems to be the culmination of all taylors of the past … 

Track 4 - Red taylor - who was mean to fearless taylor :( and called her fake and earlier kicked her in the face. Red era taylor is bitter. bitter about love, maybe. and this taylor is never ever, ever getting back together with someone. (outfit)
Track 5 - hopeless romantic love story taylor ON TRACK 5 (send help). maybe it is acoustic (guitar)

Track 6 - “Look what you made me do” the one song we know already - thats the taylor pulling the receipts on everyone (clearly!) and also being a drama queen
Track 7 - This is award show / celebrity taylor, perhaps from 1989 era, holding the mic (proverbial) trying to play nice w/everyone, the one everyone tells to shut up. this taylor was eventually silenced
Track 8 - Met gala taylor  …… 

Track 9 - Confident in charge taylor (from the choreographed dance). This taylor’s got moves, don’t deny it. she has her act together. knows what she is doing.  Also this taylor is sexy and she knows it. 
Track 10 - Taylor who loves her friends, loyalty theme. Or, the taylor who is just like who she is in YBWM… the girl next door who likes a boy who she believes belongs with her. 

Track 11 - Anxiety/not ootw/zombie taylor. 
Track 12 - shake it off, just let it go taylor. During SIO this costume is during  “cant stop wont stop moving, … it’s gonna be alright”
Track 13 - Snakey / betrayal taylor. Fed tea by snakes. the one who says the old taylor is dead. this taylor doesnt seem to take any shit

Track 14 - prisoner taylor. did she try to make the best of the situation? she doesnt seem so happy at the end .. w/ her arms crossed.

Track 15 - this is present day “ts6″ taylor and the only outfit we dont recognize - cause we don’t know this taylor yet at all, but this is who taylor is today despite everything about her reputation.  all we know is that she is making taylor’s reputation follow her where ever she flies. this is a new taylor. and fittingly, the last track. she hasnt been introduced yet. but we do know she has some limitations. namely, a broken airplane wing that might not be allowing her to fly just yet.

reptuation. November 10. 

Compilation of Seventeen’s songs

* - im not sure where to place them lol












I never get my hopes up ‘cause then I’ll never get let down
But you were something special
I didn’t notice until now

(False Alarm // Becky Hill & Matoma)

ok but can we talk about the fact that when this song dropped in 2014 nobody paid attention which led them to go on a 2 year hiatus before they came back with up&down and ah yeah and now it has 34million views???? LEGENDS ONLY


ha anyone else remember matryoshka??