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El Cadejo Blanco
Spirit protector

From the Central American legend of a spirit duo of good and evil, each are said to appear before night travelers in the form of massive dogs with blood red eyes and the hooves of a deer: the white spirit to protect them from harm, and the black spirit to kill them. Though such encounters have long since been practiced, and with the help of a barely-affordable Glamour, El Cadejo Blanco - or more simply, ‘Javier’ - now blends into the crowded streets of New York City along with the rest of Fabletown. He finds work as a night guard of the Woodland Luxury Apartments, something he clings to as a feeble reminder of his days served as a nighttime protector.

snowbellewells replied to your post “Am I the only weird person who’s going to keep writing CS fic and…”

totheendoftheworldortime I just know I am glad to hear you will still be writing CS stories, whether you watch the show or not. I would be bummed all over again if we were losing your amazing fics as well. Also, I’ve been meaning to ask (if you don’t mind): I recently went back and re-read your “This Isn’t Everything You Are” and “Fallen Empires”. I loved both of those SO much and that whole story verse really. Do you think you will ever return to the third one of those “These Distant Bells”?

I do want to finish that verse! TIEYA was the first MC CS fic I ever wrote. It does bug me that the trilogy is unfinished. Maybe if the muse can clear some of the other stories on my plate I can get back to it. Eventually, it will be done. :)

“Hard day hon’?” Kylo slung his arm about Hux’s shoulder, feeling him sag against his chest as he loosened his tie.

“Like you wouldn’t believe.” Hux sighed, sinking into the twin comforts of both Kylo and the couch. He squeezed gently at Kylo’s thigh, eyes fluttering closed as a light kiss was pressed to his forehead. “But I’m feeling better already.”

Commission from the absolutely wonderful @sigalawin <3 Thank you so, so much!

Set in the Life Through Glass ‘verse.

okay but consider the following for a harry potter AU featuring jace and simon being TEEN WIZARDS at the new york institute for magical children hogwarts:

  • jace has been able to see the threstrals that roam around the school since the first time he stepped into the grounds. he points them out to alec and izzy but when it becomes clear that only he can see them, he stays quiet and tries to convince himself he’s not losing it. he doesn’t quite manage it, not until weeks later when he sees muggleborn simon sitting in the courtyard and staring up at the sky, eyes tracking the flight path of the twin threstrals dancing in front of the midafternoon sun. 
  • despite this connection known only by the two of them, simon and jace don’t actually get off to a good start. jace thinks simon’s intolerably annoying and gets even more irritated when he finds himself losing entire minutes staring at simon’s wide, sweet smile across the dining hall and only jolts back to himself when an unimpressed alec and/or an amused izzy kick him hard in the shin. simon thinks jace is a stereotypical jerk who’s absurdly beautiful and frustratingly good at everything and it makes simon become uncomfortably aware of his own perceived inadequacies. 
  • in one infamous incident, clary tried to convince them they would be good friends if they’d just stop being so dramatic. it went about as well as a similar conversation izzy had with alec and clary about each other: terribly. 
  • things change though when the whole thing with valentine goes down, and a fourteen year old jace is ostracized by practically the entire student body because, through a series of soap-opera like plot twists, he turns out to be the son of a genocidal maniac. in potions, the one class shared only by the two of them, simon pointedly takes the seat next to him. “what are you doing?” jace asks, warily. “those assholes over there seem to be under the impression that because i think you’re a dick i’d be down with them dragging on you,” is simon’s angry reply. “and listen, we may have never gotten along, but if everyone who thought i was an annoying shit was evil incarnate, then literally the only two people who wouldn’t be in that category is clary and my mom.” 
  • struck speechless, jace can’t say anything but, “even you?” and simon laughs, surprising even himself when he finds that jace’s words don’t sting him, for once, but feel like a gentle rib instead. “oh, yeah,” he says, “you don’t know how many times a day i want to punch myself in the face.” they become friends after that, the way that you do when you can laugh at yourselves together with someone, and that foundation stays with them for the rest of their lives - even when the particularities of their relationship continues to grow. 
  • when he realizes it, it’s  surprisingly easy for simon to accept that he’s fallen love with jace. the only thing that was preventing him before was pride and sheer stubbornness, because simon wouldn’t have been able to forgive himself if he got wrapped up in someone who couldn’t stand him. now that he’s getting to experience firsthand what it’s like to have jace’s concern and attention, even if its in a totally platonic way, simon’s got no chance. still, he stays quiet, too aware still of all the ways he thinks he falls short. usually, the warmth of their friendship is enough to soften the regret of not getting to have more. usually. there’s almost a sweetness to the ache.

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I’ve seen heaven and it looks like parent AU Daisuga. 


we are living proof of a world gone mad
but this is all we have, we spin in cycles
we drift in the dark, our world falling apart
chance made us brothers, loyal to the last breath i take
our legacy won’t be wasted on me

our legacy, while she sleeps

I Love You

Hiccup may be the Pride of Berk, but what if not everyone sees him like that? When a visiting tribe with a nasty group of bullies show up on Berk, five very protective teens will teach them why you don’t mess with the dragon riders.

Written because I hit 300 followers! Thanks so much, guys!

(Yes, the title is I Love You. Don’t ask.)

“I’m nervous.”

“No, really?” Snotlout drawled sarcastically from the chair he was sitting in. Astrid made a motion at him to cut it out, and continued to braid Hiccup’s hair.

“Hiccup, it’s fine. It’s just one peace treaty. Your dad just wants you to be there,” she said soothingly, enjoying the hair between her fingers.

“I know. But the youths never like me. Every time they visit” He pulled away from her hands, only to bury his face in her neck. “Why would they like me now?”

Fishlegs smiled at the sight. “Why wouldn’t they? Come on, what was the worst they did to you, call you skinny?”

Astrid felt Hiccup’s hot breath as he murmured an assent, and she knew he was hiding his face because he didn’t really want to answer. Her neck just happened to be there, but she didn’t half mind. She turned to press a kiss to the top of his head and then looked to see the twins come in.

“Did you plant the paint bomb in Sven’s house?”

“Of course,” Ruff said smugly, “did you doubt us, Astrid?”

“No.” She started running her fingers through Hiccup’s hair as the twins sat. Tuffnut raised an eye at them, and he made a face.

“Do you guys have to do that here?” He stuck his tongue out. “I mean, I’m happy for you guys and all, but…” He stood up, and had that Tuffnut look that she had grown so accustomed to. “What about the magic of friendship?”

Fishlegs and Snotlout both laughed, and Ruffnut stood up and shook a fist at them, making them shut up immediately. She turned to Astrid again.

“He has to go, by the way. The ship is about to arrive, I saw it.”

“No,” Hiccup whined, pressing closer to her and wrapping his arms around her waist. Astrid rolled her eyes.

“Snotlout,” she said loudly, “take him there.”

“Why do I have to do it?”

Fishlegs sighed. “Because you have to be there too, Snotlout. Ergo, you’re the best one for the job.”

“Ugh, fine. Come on, princess.” He jumped up, grabbing Hiccup, who clung to Astrid childishly before she pried him off and he followed Snotlout, pouting.

Astrid smiled. The L word was on the tip of her tongue these days, but she could wait, and so could he. There was no way Hiccup L-worded her.

“So,” she said, turning back to the twins, “how exactly did you get into Sven’s house?”

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ok but imagine grantaire and bossuet

Tina is my favourite character in the entire Potter-verse - I relate to her so much. I love her because she’s strong and brave, compassionate (just look at her protecting Credence) and she just wants to do the right thing; even if sometimes the right thing isn’t immediately obvious. She’s got good instincts, which makes her good at her job. People misunderstand her character, because she’s kind of awkward and “gawky” (Colleen Atwood), and she’s self-conscious. She deserves more love in this fandom.

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“I’m Chiaki Nanami, the SHSL Wrestler….I’ve tried out all styles, but high flying is my specialty…It’s nice to meet you, I think.”

talentswap aus are my favourite… (pls don’t tag as kin/me!)

Okay so I might have fallen a little bit in love with my own fic, so here’s the follow-up to yesterday Lilo fairy fic. Still very PG, but there’s some kissing this time!


Living with Liam is great.

Not that Louis lives with him, of course, he just happens to spend most of his time in Liam’s house. It’s just convenient. You don’t have to worry about a great hulking bird eating you, and at night it’s even warmer than sleeping with squirrels.

At first Louis comes in the evening when Liam’s back from work, keeps him company in his human form while Liam makes dinner, then eats half of what Liam’s cooked just so Liam doesn’t have to eat alone. He’s selfless that way.

And when it becomes clear that Liam likes having him around and that he’s sad when Louis leaves, well, Louis decides to stay.

He likes Liam’s little house. It’s not very big at all, in fact it’s just one large room and a smaller one where Liam washes himself, but it’s got a lot of nook and crannies where a tiny fairy might hide (being tiny is a good thing when you’re a fairy. Louis is the tiniest of them all), and he doesn’t waste time in making himself a little nest into a discarded shoe box at the top of a bookshelf, just in case.

But what he likes most of all is Liam’s bed. It’s huge and it’s got pillows and a very pretty patchwork comforter that apparently was made by Liam’s mum when he was a baby. A few patches have images on them, ducks and bunnies and even fairies (none of them are as pretty as Louis, but they’re not too bad), and Louis likes to trace them with his fingertip when he listens to Liam tell him about all these weird human things Louis’s never really bothered to learn about.

He also likes to transform into a cat and go to sleep curled up against Liam’s warm belly, scratching Liam’s hand until Liam gets the hint and pets him. Then in the morning when Liam gets up to go to work (Liam’s tried to explain “work”, but it mostly sounds boring to Louis and he’s not quite sure why humans waste time on it), Louis-the-cat curls up under the covers, right in the hot spot where Liam’s body was, and goes back to sleep.

It’s a lovely way to live, and Louis’s already set on doing this for a good few years when Liam comes home from work one night and tells him to leave.

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#41 sherlolly (Tom-verse, if it fits, I just love it so much)

Shameless fluff ahead.  I don’t even know who I am anymore.

“I thought you said you were a doctor”/ “I should’ve written it down”

“Why is there—whatever this is—on my breakfast bar?” Molly said, looking at the thing.

“New toy,” Sherlock said around a mouthful of cereal from his perch on the sofa.  If he lost his grip on the bowl balanced on his knees and milk got all over her rug again she was going to strangle him with his own scarf.  "Was for a case but I got to keep it.  It’s a blow gun.“

“Which I’m pretty sure is still illegal and doesn’t belong in my flat per our agreement.”

“I’m not keeping it here,” he said.  "I was on my way back from Plaistow and I got hungry. Was going to stop for chips, but I used my cash for the cab and there isn’t a cash point for miles.“

“There’s one the next street over.”

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In the midst
Of this storm
Of broken hearts
And promises,
My one desire
Is that you’ll find me
I’ll be waiting for you
Safe on the shore,
And I’ll hold you
Tight in my arms
When you return.

I’m never letting go of you,
Ever again.

—  T.N.B (via ofangelsandrainstorms)

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Any HCs about female alphas? Maybe the tiny, cute girls that EVERYONE assumes would be an omega/beta, turning out to be an alpha that could and would fuck you up if you harm/threaten to harm their mate/loved ones?

  • Some female alphas do indeed start life looking like betas or omegas. This is an evolutionary tactic to keep them safe from prowling outsider alphas who would want to kill any potential opposition
  • Female alphas would begin growing later than male alphas; at about the age of 12, their shoulders would start to broaden, and some grow up to 4 inches in a year
  • Sex education for female alphas is the most advanced, as they have the most complex anatomy
  • Female alphas have a retraceable penis that is only visible when they’re aroused; when not aroused, it simply looks like a clitoris. They also have a vagina, but penetration is incredibly painful
  • The retractability of a female alpha’s penis does not mean they lack the same sensation or dimensions as an male alpha’s penis; in some countries, the average length and thickness for a female alpha’s penis is slightly bigger than the average for a male alpha
  • Less masculine looking female alphas are often excluded from sport teams and job opportunities, and face discrimination from other alphas and sometimes even betas. However, some omegas find less physically intimidating alphas more attractive
  • Of all the dynamics, female alphas face the most discrimination, as they are sometimes seen as ‘unnecessary’. Ask any omega who’s bonded to a female alpha their opinion on the matter, and they’ll fiercely disagree
  • Female alphas do not have a menstrual cycle, and cannot get pregnant
  • Imagine a young, scrawny looking female alpha who is late to bloom, and at 13 years old still has the long, gangly look of a beta, but is incredibly popular with omegas, because as other alpha begin to mature and become more aggressive, she stays calm and gentle
  • Imagine another young female alpha who desperately begs her parents for hormone treatments when she hits 16 years old and still hasn’t developed the hulking, muscular frame that her alpha friends have, and her parents refusing
  • Imagine the same alpha overhearing a sneering alpha bully making a snide comment about how she’s not a true alpha, and turning on him, yelling “I suppose you’d know what makes a true alpha, with your 3 inch penis and your omega-less dating history?”
  • The bully would retort with violence, naturally, and imagine the gathering crowd watching as this tiny alpha absolutely floors the bully, who has to be at least 50lbs heavier than her