love this texture omg



(i’d like it if you stayed)
now we’re wearing long sleeves and the heating comes on
(you buy me orange juice)
we’re getting good at this 

happy ikarishipping day 2016!!!

anonymous asked:

cats are the Best Stim 10/10. vibrations and fur feel nice, they warm and have pressure, and my cat licks me to show me she loves me (weird but good texture: their tongues)

i like their paws omg


Working on a simple female qunari complexion :)

Other mods used (I love those mods omg):

HD Eye Textures  by Zachillios
Qunari eyebrows by shantiablabla
long hair mod w/o the front dangly bit by ellementalist
Body Tweaks by ellementalist
Qunari Skyhold Outfit Retextures by horography
Improved Lashes  by xStephyG
Smooth and shiny hair by skara888