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okay so i’m , v Bad at these just like Everything Else bUT HELLO FRIENDS. somehow i have managed to have 250+ of y’all which is , Thanks!!! anyway no one cares abt this part but thank u for being here, i love u All, @ my mutuals y’all r the raddest radishes this side of town n if i forget u down below i . apologize i’m the h*ckin worst at this!!!

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You know what I love about summer? Having finally time to read! With the intense studying I did for months to be able to graduate uni gave me no time to read more than 2 or 3 pages a day. (Some weeks I didn’t even read at all) Today I finally was able to sit down and read more than one chapter without being interrupted and I missed that so so much. ❤️

This is How Head Canons Die
  • SDCC17 Voltron Panel: Lance is the youngest sibling.
  • My HC of Lance's hothead younger sister joining the Garrison to find him, getting abducted by Galra when she finds Blue's former cave, getting rescued by and joining the Rebels, reuniting with Lance, ranting in Spanish, bonding with Keith, and developing a fulfilling romance with Pidge: Well shit.

You’re gone, gone, gone away,
I watched you disappear…
All that’s left is a ghost of you.
Now we’re torn, torn, torn apart,
There’s nothing we can do…
Just let me go, we’ll meet again soon.
Now wait, wait, wait for me…please hang around.
I’ll see you when I fall asleep.

please don’t tag as kin/ me/ id/ etc.

Ayy look at this shitty ass WIP bc I cba to scan this now

Tis a new bab I got from @sunkistjello!! I’m really happy with how this is looking so far

A list of other things that have happened on july 4th to celebrate today if you’re a disillusioned american depressed and terrified and enraged at the current state of things in our country but you still want to be happy and set off fireworks

  • The Mars Pathfinder probe landed on the surface of Mars (July 4, 1997)
  • The first edition of Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass was published  (July 4, 1855)
  • The band The Clash played their first live show (July 4, 1976)
  • Henry David Thoreau moved into his shack on Walden Pond (July 4, 1845)
  • The first edition of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” was published (July 4, 1865)
  • The Beach Boys’ “I Get Around” reached #1 on the music charts (July 4, 1964)
  • The radio astronomy satellite Explorer 38 was launched (July 4, 1968)
  • NASA’s Juno spacecraft successfully entered Jupiter’s orbit (July 4, 2016)