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The first time Viktor hears him, he’s just come home from the grocery store. He sets the bags down and takes his coat off, perplexed at the sounds coming from the kitchen. Had he left the radio on…?

Something in him tells him to be quiet, so he slips his shoes off and tiptoes to the doorway, silently shushing a sleepy Makkachin along the way. The radio is on, turned down very low, but that’s not the voice he’s hearing.

It’s Yuuri he’s hearing.

Yuuri is washing dishes at the sink, the sleeves of his shirt rolled up to his elbows. He’s swaying back and forth in time with the music, and Viktor does a double take because that’s Yuuri? Singing? He’s never heard Yuuri sing before…

As he stands there, he realizes something.

Yuuri’s voice is lovely. It’s rich and soft, with gentle vibrato and a fairly impressive range.

He’s utterly spellbound. It’s the prettiest voice he’s ever heard in his life.

He finds himself walking closer, drawn to Yuuri as if pulled by a magnet, making sure to keep his footsteps as quiet as possible. He stands there rather dumbly for a few minutes, captivated by his Yuuri’s singing(and probably falling even more in love with him), until Yuuri turns around, spots Viktor, and shrieks like he’s seen the ghost of an ancestor, nearly dropping a plate and catching it just in time. They stare at each other, Yuuri sputtering and Viktor speechless.

“I didn’t know you could sing like that,” Viktor finally says, smiling at the pink blush that has poured into Yuuri’s cheeks.

Yuuri insists that he can’t sing, of course, but Viktor won’t have any of it. He wraps his flustered fiancé in a hug, and when he hears the grumpy muttering against his chest, it makes him smile.

From then on, Yuuri doesn’t stifle his singing around Viktor anymore.

Viktor loves hearing Yuuri sing.

;great romances of the 21st century (m)

pairing kim seokjin x reader, highschool! Jin 
genre/warnings drama, fluff, smut, comedy 
words 12,799

:: summary in which you must tutor the most arrogant and pretentious jerk that ever existed, who can’t seem to concentrate on anything other than football, working out and girls… but then something changes and you find yourself thinking – maybe Kim Seokjin isn’t so bad after all?

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Bts reaction to their girlfriend sleeping with soft music playing in the background. It's because she hates silence and is afraid when its to quiet so she plays music quietly to help her fall alseep. (This is me. I sleep while listening to BTS)

Kim Seokjin/Jin:

(If BTS songs)

It was a bright morning and Jin had waken up early to make sure he could spend some time with you before he had to go to practice. He had made you breakfast in bed with your favorite food and drink. He was wearing his pink apron which was a gift from you for your three years anniversary. He would silently walk in and see you laying across the bed, snoring and drooling. He would smile, but then he would notice you were playing his song “Oh y/n, aren`t you a sweetheart. I guess we can take a small nap before I go”.

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(If other songs)

He sat the tray on the nightstand next to the bed, he sat down and began singing with his sweet voice, he would put his whole soul into the sining. When you didn’t`t wake up he would chuckle and brush the hair out of your face, kissing your cheek and simply hold you close to him as he sang along with the song or at least hummed as he just enjoyed the moment he had with you. As the sun shined through the curtains he was truly happy “I think that I might never become happier than what I am with you, never change”.

Kim Namjoon/Rapmonster:

(If BTS songs)

Namjoon had been working on a new song for BTS with Yoongi, he had texted you telling you not to stay up late as he would come late home. When he came home he was so exhausted and could not wait to be in bed with you and feel the warmth coming from your body next to his. As he was about to open the bedroom door he heard a familiar voice, he opened the door carefully not to wake you up and found out you were listening to BTS Spring day, he smiled. His hand caressed your cheek “what did I ever do to deserve you”.

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(If other songs)

The door opened with a not so silent he would try to sneak his way to the bed without making a noise, the last thing he wanted to do was to wake you up from your slumber. He put down his bag almost knocking over the lamp in the process, he sighed and sat down beside you, he looked at you, he admired the beauty that lied before him and kissed you gently on the head before smiling to himself “you make me crazy, I cant even go one day without thinking of you and what you are doing. Please be my side for a long time”.

Min Yoongi/Suga:

(If BTS songs)

He would come home from a long day and was ready to just go to bed and cuddle with you. At first he would see you laying in bed snoring and drooling, he would find that so cute that at first he would ignore the music, not really paying it much attention before his arm were around you. He would first be annoyed when he recognized the music “ah, I hear these songs everyday.” but when he saw your peaceful drooling face, he would give out a sigh and simply kiss you on the forehead “You are simply too much sometimes, but I still love you”.

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(If other songs)

As he gently pulled your sleeping body tighter to his, your head on his chest because he knew how much you loved to listen to his heartbeat. He would notice the music playing and would take some time to listen to the lyrics no matter what the language was, he would feel the rhythm and giggle a little by himself. He would simply stroke your hair while humming with the song as he knew you were already fast asleep, he might also had to dry away some drool from your face “you are so cute, why do you do this to me? Hehe, love you”.

Jung Hoseok/J-hope:

(If BTS songs)

Hoseok had been dancing all day and was just aching to cuddle with you in bed and let all his worries fly away. He would lean against the door frame when he noticed that you speaker was on, he carefully walked towards it to turn it of but then heard his voice coming from it, he would smile from ear to ear when he saw how peaceful you looked while listening to his groups songs. He would be so happy that you felt relaxed when listening to their songs, his heart would flutter at the sight of you snoring “Ah, y/n you make me crazy”.

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(If other songs)

He would sit on the bed next to your sleeping body and just simply listen to what you were listening on, he might try to find out what the song was called and get it on his own phone so he could listen to it when he was miles away from you, it would remind him of you when he most needed it. His face would face yours, his thumbs carefully exploring your face as he would hum softly with the song “well, aren`t you the sweetest thing ever. It`s so silly how you can make my heart flutter by doing the simplest thing, I love you”.

Park Jimin/Jimin:

(If BTS songs)

Jimin had been dancing with Jungkook and came home little later than usual, his neck and back was hurting and he went to take to shower and change clothes before coming into bed just relaxing with his hand around you. He leaned against the door frame and smiled when he saw you “aish, they are so cute” he walked over to the bed and sat down. He heard the song that was playing and a big smile came across his face“ah y/n stop killing me with your cuteness. My only love, the one I want is you. I mean you`re perfect for me”.

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(If other songs)

He smiled from ear to ear after catching his breath after all that squealing, he would put his head next to yours and watch you as you drooled. He would even mimic some of the faces you made in your sleep just for fun and giggles, he would brush the hair away from your face when it blocked your eyes. He would hum beautifully to the song as he memorized every inch of your face “love me, that is all I ask of you” his smile would become wider and wider as he just admired the sweetness of the music and you next to him and only his.

Kim Taehyung/V :

(If BTS songs)

Taehyung was like an energy ball today, he was ready to jump on the couch and have a huge pillow fight which would lead to you two cuddling and being a giggling mess in the end. He came marching through the bedroom door to the sight of you laying there almost dead, but then you drooled and then he knew you were still alive. He would be distracted by your adorable face when he first heard that there was actually music in the room and more importantly his song “hmm, I love you. Never doubt that” he would say as he poked your nose.

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(If other songs)

As he poked your nose he would try to capture some of the words in the song, he would also do a little dance and actually just begin dancing around the room just having a great time. He might even record himself singing the song to your sleeping face as he poked your chin, nose and lips. After loosing all his energy he would lay down beside you and just take you in a big hug, he would start singing the song as he playfully danced with you, waving your arms from one side to another and so on “always look on the bright side of life”.

Jeon Jeong Guk/Jungkook:

(If BTS songs)

Jungkook had just taken a shower and put on some clothes, he was tired and all he wanted was to get some rest. He would walk into the bedroom seeing you already fast asleep, he would notice a familiar tune and would give out a soft giggle when he heard his own voice. He would smile, it was a good feeling knowing that his voice was so calming to you, he would carefully wander and turn off the speaker so that he himself could hold you close and sing to you a sweet tune as he played with your hair “You know I love you, you silly person”.

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(If other songs)

As he laid down beside you and stared up on the roof, his ears would capture a sweet and calm melody. He would slowly close his eyes as he let the music take over his mind, his hand would hold yours as his thumbs carefully caressed it. He would smile to himself, he understood that it made you relax, the song had a romantic yet calm and just beautiful feeling to it. It reminded him of you, he turned over so he could be closer to you and whispered softly in your ear “ You know, I never knew I could love someone like this before I met you”.

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Chanyeol x Reader

Requested by the lovely @chanyeolluscious61 : “Hi lovely. I’d love a scenario…Channie in a club with you as he takes the stage dedicating a song to you…😍”

As promised, let’s do it now! Hope you’ll like it sweetheart~

“Okay, so what do you think about going to the cinema, then..?”

“There’s nothing interesting to watch lately…”

“Oh well, that’s true. Then… What about going to a fancy restaurant?”


“Yeah I know it’s boring…”

Chanyeol sighed, trying to do anything he could to find a good place for tonight. It was Saturday night, and you both needed to go out, enjoy the Saturday night fever.

“OH!” he finally said, standing up with a big smile. “I know!!”

“Okay tell let then!!” you replied, also standing up, smiling of impatience.

“I know an amazing club- I know you don’t really like it and all but listen to me first. So it’s a very unique club were you can play instrument, sing AND dance like a regular club. I’ve always wanted to go there with you. What do you think about it??”

You were a little concerned about it at first. You looked at the floor for a second, then him.

“Hmmm… Does it mean I have to sing to get in there? Cause I’m not a very good singer you know…”

Chanyeol laughed out loud and came next to you to hug you close.

“Aigoo, my sweet Y/N. You’re so cute and innocent I can’t handle that.”

“What are you talking about…?” you said, as you blushed and looked away.

“You don’t have to worry, singing is just an option. It’s only if you want!! And stop telling me you don’t sing well. I heard you when you were showering the other day, and you have a pretty good voice…”


He laughed again and kissed your forehead.

“Okay, let’s get prepared, now. I will pick you up in 30 minutes don’t be late!”

“30 MINUTES?? It’s too short to you want me do die??”

“Don’t wast your time and go!!” he laughed again and gently slapped your butt as you were running to the bathroom.

30 minutes later, you were already in the car, Chanyeol both riding you to the club.

“Ohh I’m excited…” he said with a big smile. You looked at him, smiling too.

“Are you going to sing?”

“Hm probably. I’ve “maybe” prepared something, if you know what I mean…~“

“Please just don’t embarrass me in front of people~“ 

Few minutes later, you were entering the club. People were already playing instruments, and singing while others were drinking or cheering their friends up on the scene. You could already tell you were going to love this night.

“You were right, this is so cool!!” you said, hugging your boyfriend.

“I know~ I can have good ideas sometimes…”

You both laughed and sat around a little table, not far away from the huge scene. After a drink, the group on the scene thanked the crowd and they were asking for a new singer. You looked at your boyfriend.

“Isn’t it your turn??” you asked.

“So now you want me to sing..?”

“Yeah. Cause it’s cool…”

“Alright alright alright…” he smiled and stood up. Everyone around him was now encouraging him and he looked at you “You’re going to be embarrassed, sweetheart~”

“…w-wait whAT?? Chanyeol don’t-”

But it was a little too late. You boyfriend took the guitar in his hands, sat on a little chair in front of the microphone and the scene and looked at your eyes, with a smile.

Even if you were so embarrassed, because of the way he looked at you, you couldn’t took your eyes of him. You cheeks were so red, now… And he started singing. You were surprised : you did not know this song at all. It was probably one of his new ballads… While the groups before were singing energetic songs, Chanyeol was hypnotizing everyone with is soft and powerful voice. He could’nt took his eyes of you, and you perfectly knew this song was about you. You couldn’t stop smiling and blushing, now. You could only hear his voice, only see his face, he was the only one here.

A moment later, you realized he was already standing up, greeting the crowd proudly. You also stood up, ran to him and hugged him, laughing proudly. The crowd were now screaming happily.

“It was wonderful!! You were amazing Channie hehe”

“Thank you my love~ But hmm… Did you realized the song was-”

“For me. Yeah I know… Thank you so much you’e too cute, my Channie. I don’t deserve a boyfriend like you-”

“Yah stop it and come here.”

He took your face in his large hands and kissed your lips lovingly, in front of everyone. You weren’t even shy or embarrassed anymore now. You were just enjoying every minutes of it. It was indeed a beautiful night.

Ta-dah! I have to admit it’s a little short haha but I hope you’ll like it anyway!! Thank you for the request, and I hope you’ll have a good dayyy

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On the first day of my birthday my true love gave to me my one real identity
On the second day of my birthday my true love gave to me two chocolate Doves
On the third day of my birthday my true love gave to me three French toast
On the fourth day of my birthday my true love gave to me four phone calls
On the fifth day of my birthday my true love gave to me five brass knuckles
On the sixth day of my birthday my true love gave to me six pick-up sticks
On the seventh day of my birthday my true love gave to me a seven course meal
On the eighth day of my birthday my true love gave to me eight cookies and milk
On the ninth day of my birthday my true love gave to me nine break dancers
On the tenth day of my birthday my true love gave to me ten leaping lizards
On the eleventh day of my birthday my true love gave to me eleven playful puppies
On the twelfth day of my birthday my true love gave to me twelve chicken drumsticks
On the thirteenth day of my birthday my true love gave to me thirteen reasons to sigh
On the fourteenth day of my birthday my true love gave to me fourteen favorite flowers
On the fifteenth day of my birthday my true love gave to me a fifteen fruit smoothie
On the sixteenth day of my birthday my true love gave to me sixteen candles
On the seventeenth day of my birthday my true love gave to me seventeen magazine
On the eighteenth day of my birthday my true love gave to me eighteen hot wheels
On the nineteenth day of my birthday my true love gave to me nineteen nifty nickels
On the twentieth day of my birthday my true love gave twenty scratch off tickets
On the twenty first day of my birthday my true love gave to me twenty-one palm pilots

(Hmm, 9 more….this song is too long)

Sorta like bottles y'all
Sitting up on a wall
Ninety-nine’s way too much
Thirty should be enough

My day, thirty days long
To play my birthday song
Many gifts come my way
September’s my birthday

Saimdang, Light's Diary (2017)

Upcoming Korean historical drama / movie (2016~2017)  # 03

█ Saimdang, Light’s Diary (2017, SBS)

  • Official English Title : Saimdang, Light’s Diary
  • Korean Title : 사임당, 빛의 일기 師任堂
  • Period :  Joseon Dynasty, 1504~1551
  • Director : Yoon Sang-Ho 윤상호 (Tamra, the Island 탐나는도다, The Story of the First King’s Four Gods 태왕사신기)
  • Writer : Park Eun-Ryeong 박은령 (Saving Mrs. Go Bong Shil 고봉실 아줌마 구하기 )
  • Cast : Lee Young-Ae 이영애, Song Seung-Heon 송승헌, Oh Yoon-Ah 오윤아
  • Genre : Romance
  • Air Date : January 18, 2017 (SBS)

Seo Ji-Yoon (played by Lee Young-Ae), the part-time lecturer majoring in Korean art history, happens to discover Lady Shin Saimdang’s diary in Italy. Ji-Yoon tries to solve its mystery, criss-crossing the past and the future, and finds the secret love between Lady Saimdang and Yi Gyeom (played by Song Seung-Heon).

Hmm, Yi Gyeom (played by Song Seung-Heon) is a fictional character created by this drama writer.

Shin Saimdang is the most famous Joseon period female painter and poet. ‘Shin (신 申)’ is her sir name, and 'Saimdang (사임당 師任堂)’ is her pen name. Her son, Yi I (이이 李珥), is regarded as one of the greatest Confucian scholars in Korean history.

South Korea’s 50,000 won bill bears her face on the front while her son’s face is on 5,000 won bill.

Teaser Trailer

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