love this sim


Katy: So that one time you brought him in and he was sparking all over the place–

Keith: Yeah.

Katy: Oh. Oh my god

“I was asked to provide proof that we all actually do like each other… this incredibly zoomed-in photo of us all laughing on a hill as Jack rides Finn like a horsie is the most significant “proof” I can find… make of this what you will.” (x)


Even Lance doesn’t completely understand his own existence lol

Taking a break from the angst to bring you the fluff!! I love this silly AU

rareweegee  asked:

Any SD pairings you support?

Oh, I only ‘ship the classics. Y’know, like:

Incredible Front-Butt Witch-Hunting Background Guy


Amazing Gourd-Shaped Mustachioed Hawaiian Tourist

Bubblegum-Amish-Beard Freddy


Weird Trumpet Dog That Appeared In One Laff-A-Lympics Episode In Exactly One Scene For Like 3 Seconds

And, most-importantly…

Horrifying-Melted-Candy-Bar Scooby


Horrifying-Melted-Candy-Bar Shaggy

Now, this is a dating simulator I want to see.


solid splendor wallpaper set

four different wallpapers, made with the grungy texture from city living AND without it (as shown in the second image from the top). there’s the basic wallpaper that has a white baseboard, another with the baseboard but also with a floral trim, a version with bricks, and last but not least some wainscoting from parenthood in both the ea white and navy (not pictured).

  • §4
  • base game compatible
  • 21 various eversims swatches


credit: eversims palettes and remisims: photoshop actions

Some facts about Robert!

…Small. whom I love very much

  • Likes pineapple on pizza
  • sits through the movie credits and thanks every crew member individually
  • Prefers Whiskey, but occasionally drinks fruity white wine because its “refreshing and delicious”. dont judge him (id never)
  • likes to whittle and has tons of little scars on his hands because of it (hence the enthusiasm for knives. also because knives are cool, i mean. come on)
  • Thinks Mothman is bullshit (the Dover Ghost is totally legit tho)
  • Has a dog called Betsy (a fearsome hound)

thank you for your attention

nattravn-stuff  asked:

Dream Daddy you sayyyy~ Would our "top trio" be ok? Robert A3, Mat C2 & Hugo B1?

teehee, done :D thanks buddy for asking them, it was real fun to draw them XD I have a hard time drawing expressions, that was a challenge XD