love this shower

Heaven is a Place on Earth with You

billdipweek 2017 - Day Two: April Showers/May Flowers

Uhh they are dancing i think…. Well after today i will not draw people under the rain for…. A lot of time ahah Dipper is so gay dressed like that omg sorry Father for my sin.

look I made a meme. Has this been done already? Part of me says yes, but I couldn’t find one anywhere if it has…

Also huge shoutout to @majorfrustration who let me use some of her screencaps for this!

Concept: It’s season 3, no one becomes the black paladin because the black lion is out of commission for some reason, and the BP suit disappeared with Shiro.

Instead, Team Voltron focuses their efforts on getting Shiro back, which involves several somewhat perilous missions. During these missions each paladin gets to showcase their individual leadership traits and further develop as people.

dont worry shiro help is on the way


“I think life is just like a movie, and that you can be the director of your own life. Do you get what I mean?” 

                                       - Happy 20th Birthday, Even Bech Næsheim!


·· I’ll stop fighting once you’ve shattered my heart into a thousand pieces. ··
                                                                      - Happy Birthday Riley