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(they’re on a date!))

i dont know how or why i got here but thank you guys so much!!!

like OMFG just over 900 followers! 900!!! never did i ever think i would get this far on this art blog i remember getting my first 50 and nearly exploding.

Whether you followed my when all i have to give was pencil sketches wayyy back to now  i love and appreciate all of you, im so greatful to have so many amazing followers who give so much love and support i would die for you guys and honestly you are all the reason im still drawing today and the reason im going to keep going! 

i know this sounds cheesy af but i do love you guys you are all my friends no matter what. HAVE AN AWESOME DAY!!!!! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖


“I think there’s a so many versions of that… You know it’s not just one. There’re million ways to kick a ball. It’s trıcky, isn’t it. It’s tricky. Cause you always end up like there’s so many little holes you got filled up. Jesus!” - Jamie Dornan talking about his S&M research for FSOG

Cobys speech at Marineford. One of those moments when I always get a tear in my Eye and am like… Damn.. ur right boy.. :

That´s enough! We´re throwing people´s life away! Even though every single soldier has a family waiting for them to return! Even though we already accomplished our goal! We keep chasing pirates who don´t want to fight, drawing out a battle that should already be over…and abanding soldiers who could be saved if we treat their wounds now! And still we sacrafise more people!

What about the soldiers who will fall after this?! We are make them look like idiots !

Congrats on 16MIL!

YAAAY it has happened! You made it! WE made it! SO proud WOO

So, I haven’t got a chance to make an artwork for this milestone..sadly, so I thought I’d at least get some word out, even though I’m terrible at that…cuz enlgish and all that shit….oh well, gotta try. (warning: it’s late and I’m tired, might not make sense)

here we go:

I’ve been in this community from I think 2 mil, so I’ve seen a lot of stuff happen and I’m proud and happy to say, that 99% of it was the good kind of stuff. I’ve seen people starting to be more open, people interacting nicely and with respect in the comments and social media, people supporting each other when the world is being an absolute ass to them, seen a buch of people, basically strangers to each other, work on great projects for Jack, heck, I even got to be a part of at least 3 of those (which is an absolute blast to do) and just doing so many nice things and staying possitive. I’ve seen the reason why this is one of the nicest communities on the internet, and I’m happy to be a part of it.

I find myself happier when I watch Jack’s videos or scrolling through tumblr, or even drawing a fanart, everytime there’s something that makes me smile or even burst out laughing. And that’s important, beacause there are A LOT of people, who realy need or even rely on those things. Even smallest things can make a big change, a simple “I believe in you” is what matters

That’s also why I appreciate when Jack talk’s about serious things; depression, diseases, sexuality issues, all those things. Even when I personally don’t have problems with this stuff myself, I always appreaciate when it’s spoken of. There’s always something more to learn about it and hearing opinions is always good. I like listening to Jak talk from his heart, showing his support to people who need it from the other side of the screen, it’s just so heartwarming to see.

Idk where I’m going with this- I just want to say, that Jack, You are an amazing person and you deserve all you have for the hard work you’re doing, please, stay humble, caring and sweet, it’s what keeps us here to be the great community that we are <3

Love you forever~

#11 It’s Raining(Richonne 50 reasons to have sex challenge)

Dark, cold, and lost. Running through the empty streets trying to find a sign of hope.

“Michonne” Rick shouted as the rain continued to fall harder.

Rick got separated from Michonne while trying to make it back to Alexandria. They were surrounded by walkers all sides, closing in fast with no where to turn. Neither if the wanted to leave each other, he looked in her eyes and told her he would find her. They shared a quick kiss and ran their separate ways, killing their way through the hoard.

Stopping in the middle of the street he took a breath and tried to think of his next move. The only thing in his vision were a bunch of trees; the woods was his last bet. Walking through the wet grass his head brushed against a loose branch. Her scarf hung loosely from the edge, he questioned what could of happened. After tying it around his jean loop several walkers started coming towards him, reeking of rain and flesh. He shot the first one clean thorough the eyes, then his gun jammed. Fustrated he pried a thick branch from the ground. Out of no where a hand grabs Rick’s leg causing him to fall. He repeatedly bashes the walkers head against the tree. Then the growls stopped. He looks up and sees Michonne standing there.

“Looks like I found you” She said, giving him a small smile. He loved her sence of humor. She gladly helped him up and they embraced each other. It was cut short by a sudden clap of thunder.

“We gotta find some where to stay and fast” Rick said. Both of them ran in the opposite direction, slashing the walkers they encounter.

“Rick, there’s a cabin over there” She shouted.

They carefully approached the cabin and held their weapons tightly. As Rick tried to get the door open she looked through the window, not being able to see anything. He told her to stay close as he used his foot to kick the door open. After doing a brief check of the place they managed to board the door up an old dresser, rope, and wooden boards.

Once she disappears Rick grabs a match and lit the fireplace. There was a nice looking couch with something sticking out the bottom of it. After removing the cushions he seen that this couch had a pull out bed. Michonne came back down the stairs, only able to find one large towel and a blanket.

She met him by the fireplace and playfully tugged at his belt loop, thanking him for holding on to her scarf. Both of them carefully took off their clothes and placed them on a line, unfortunatley there were no other clothes found around the cabin. Rick grabbed the towel and helped her dry off, being gentle on her private area. She chuckled when he realized he’s been at that specific area a little too long. After she dried him off they laid the blanket out on the bed and settled in. She untied her dreads back and relaxed her head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat. Feeling his hand caress her back she knew it would be one of those nights.

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Touken has a love sence, a clear indication of romantic feelings(kanekis "I love her" and toukas I'm a fool for feeling happy that haise looked at me like that), shown mutual feelings, a wedding, a pregnancy and it all happened in canon. Drawn in the manga by the author. Feels good man. There's no doubt kaneki loves touka or that touka loves kaneki. There is no time skip "how did it happen?" Or "where does it show kanekis feelings?" It's all there in the manga.

kaneki’s “i love her” litrallee changed m’life :’)