love this psycho

Draw your fave character in your fave/outfit youre wearing right now.

I love that shirt sm I wish it fit me better.

Hey, while we’re at it, I have a slight issue with this?

Maybe this is an entirely semantic issue and I’m just being picky, but I don’t think Shou is necessarily “bad at being calm” like it says in his profile. 

To me, someone like Serizawa is bad at staying calm, but Shou? Shou seems to be usually very self assured and fairly good at reigning in his emotions. 

I mean… he looks pretty calm for somebody who’s got a sword at his neck????

I mean I guess it could refer to his generally energetic personality, but… Idk

Anyway… judging by the interesting decisions this boy makes over the course of the story, I think a better translation might have been something like “rash” or “impulsive”. Shou makes a number of risky decisions, seemingly on the fly or out of desperation (his crazy plans to provoke Mob’s emotions, trying to take on Touichiro by himself, also his freaking catchphrase “attack is the best defense”…) Anyway I don’t speak Japanese lol I might be wrong here 

I’m not critiquing anybody, the translator least of all… but I feel like perhaps the fandom’s view of him has been a little distorted by this particular character profile…. maybe that’s just my interpretation though. Hmm. 

With the new blessed MP100 image that just came out i couldnt help but notice some things

Mob is L I T E R A L L Y sitting on the edge. Ritsu move ya damn ass over and make room for your brother smh why u always gotta start stuff

Dimple are you tryna spill your fries? Because that’s how you spill your fries

Reigen. Are you eating that WITH A WHITE SHIRT??? Thats how accidents are made Im calling the police

Teru, in his attempt to join in on the conversation, is about 5 seconds from spilling his drink and thats a tragedy i dont wanna see happen


@fgtmgt I have seen quite a few very sweet and very cute things for 100% Love, but for me personally my mind definitely is stuck on the idea that it would really be 100% Awkward instead so viola! I’ve drawn them around the ages I draw them for And Nearly Letting Go because I’ll be damned if this doesn’t take them years. I finally did a kiss hahaha

Mob doesn’t actually know how he managed to teleport, he’s going to have a long way home. In the meantime, Teruki will be having a complete meltdown because obviously the experience was so bad Mob felt the need to r u n a w a y


*phone ringing*
Reigen: Mob? It’s rare for you to call me, what’s wrong?
Mob: I think I’m lost.
Reigen: What do you mean “lost”?
Mob: I don’t recognise where I am.
Reigen:… Okay. What can you see around you?
Mob: Cows.
Reigen: Cows?
Mob: Yes.
Reigen:What… Do you see anything else?
Mob:… Grass. And more cows.
Reigen: Mob, how pray tell did you get to be surrounded by cows in the middle of nowhere?
Mob: I… may have teleported here. But I don’t know how I did it. So I can’t get back.
Reigen: *wtfffffffffffff*

Happy early Valentine’s Day~ Kiss kiss