love this picture ugh


Jonah has that look, you know the ‘‘I’m trying to listen to you but you’re so beautiful’‘ look.

So I’m looking at Malec pictures and I shout, “Ugh I love my gays!” and there’s a moment of silence coming from the kitchen until I hear my mom groan and my grandma was like, “What’d she say?” and my mom was like, “she loves her gays.” and I’m sitting over here expecting for my grandma to break into a full blown homophobic rant until I hear her yell back, “Gays for days!”

I literally spit out my drink and she’s been chanting it now for the past 15 fucking minutes.


“You’ve been asking who’s been calling. My mom lives here. She’s been on me to stop by for dinner, so I’m stopping by, now here’s the plan: we go in, we eat, we out before the cheesecake. You got it? Look, you can stay in here if you want, that gives me a better excuse to leave early, or you can come inside and have yourself some free food. It’s your call… Shit, my sisters are here, too.” - 1x06 Return To Sender

LES MIS MODERN AU — broship aesthetics: jehan & cosette

braiding hair, bicycle baskets, tea and blankets in the sun, quirky vintage clothes and sifting through flea markets, berry juice on your fingertips, cloud-gazing and flower-smelling and appreciating the beauty in the world, holding fast to convictions, seeing a better future, window seats and quiet corners and soft fairy lights, reading classic novels aloud and taking turns to turn the page. (requested by @silver-soliloquy